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The Nike+ Running App tracks your runs and helps you reach your goals -- whether it’s running your first race, or setting a new personal record. From first-time runners to marathon veterans, you'll get the measurement and motivation you need to run farther and faster than ever before. Welcome to the world’s greatest running community.

Whether you’re looking to take on your first 5K or smash your marathon PR, Nike+ Coach gives you training programs, coaching expertise and daily workouts to get you race ready.

Stay on track, no matter where you are. On the trail, treadmill, or streets, your iPhone’s GPS and accelerometer accurately track your distance, pace and time. You can also track your metrics at every mile with in-run audio feedback.

Share your runs and let your friends keep you going with cheers along the way. Show off your Nike+ level color and amp things up with a PowerSong at the press of a button.

Nothing's as motivating as a little friendly competition. Compete with your friends for the top leaderboard spot, or go toe-to-toe against them in a Nike+ Challenge. Just set a distance. Invite your friends. And race to the finish.

Show off your run with a thousand words. Take photos before, during and after your run. Customize them with your route, metrics, and of course, a swoosh.

Customer Reviews

  • I Love the Nike App

    by Mebkdb

    I run solely for health reasons and the app is Perfect for me. I'm an indoor runner and I have had nothing but great experiences with.

  • by Madipain3258

    I am 12 years old and I got this app and it has CHANGED EVERYTHING. I run at least 8-10 miles every day and have already entered my first half MARATHON. All my friends and I compare each other, it's like a competition. I am super athletic

  • OK except for music interface

    by BenFisher

    This app does not play well with the podcast app. I have the Nike+ music setting set to "Now Playing" and it always changes it. Usually to what was last playing when I had it plugged into my car stereo. I always have to pause my run right at the start to get back to what I want to listen to. The power song function also needs work. I have several power songs loaded. It should play more than one. instead in only plays the first one in the list, on loop.

  • Great motivator

    by Candy muncher 12

    This is a great app. It's fun to compare yourself to your Facebook friends. This has kept me running for more than a year now.

  • Good

    by bando12

    Pretty awesome

  • Love!!!

    by Nikita Harmon

    My fiancé and I are always challenging each other to go farther and motivate to run!! Love this app. Love gps feature. **added update** since I purchased this app 2 years ago, this app keeps evolving into easier to use interfaces and better tracking. They brought back the "coach" program that is much easier to use. I'm using it now to track my half marathon training. It's so easy and all around much better!

  • Sweet!

    by Askeptik

    Tried several apps. This one is easy to navigate. Played my music with minimal interruption. Great training modules. Requires no thinking. Just press start and go!

  • Amazing

    by willover

    Has everything u need without puttin out the Benjamin's and hamiltons

  • Distances

    by Luckyluke84

    Does not give accurate distances

  • Pretty good

    by Eliza Lucas 62828262

    It can give you more than you actually ran, but in order for you to have an accurate reading you have to keep an steady arm pump. Other than than that it is awesome. I love this app and it keeps me active!

  • Great for what I need

    by jpalmer99

    Probably more technical apps out there but this one works great and keeps me interested in running.

  • Ya!

    by Snooker chuck

    Awesome app

  • Best Running App Ever!!!

    by Phillyphill04

    Best App to run with. I use almost everyday. It's very motivating and keeps me on track. The calendar reminders don't work well but it's the least of my worries. I recommended this app for running above all others!!!!

  • Good

    by kealii01

    I like it

  • Was great till recently

    by FLbeginner

    I've been using this app for 2yrs but recently it's been pausing runs for no reason and with no verbal notes. VERY frustrating to come to the end if a run and find it has not been counted AND then have no way to correct it. HELP NIKE. Also it would be great to have Coach actually talk and coach during the run. Otherwise it's pretty useless.

  • Beginner

    by Dpantera

    I'm just starting out as a runner after being diagnosed with diabetes. So far, I like it, altough I haven't used all its features yet.

  • Doesn't add up!

    by mochibol

    I've used this app for 3 years and it's been great. Lately, it records all my runs but the miles don't add up correctly for the month. Please fix this.

  • Love it!

    by Beetlebailey1983

    I love that it talks to me and gives me random work outs so does the Nike training club I love that one too

  • by whatttt?

    perfect. tracks my time & miles ran and lets me know when i've completed a mile. best running app i've used.

  • Fix Please

    by Eltoro22

    For some reason you can no longer edit indoor runs for accurate mileage on the latest update. Other than that I love the app.

  • Sorry

    by KariVA01

    It was another app the Nike iPod one

  • No longer accurate

    by aryarovira

    Since the latest update, the app is no longer accurate. I have been using it on the treadmill and the app says I ran 4.01 miles, while the treadmill says I have ran 3.5 miles. Also the power songs playlist is buggy with iTunes Match. I know Nike can do a better job

  • Notes disappear

    by Bigredrobot

    What's the point of taking notes if the disappear? I annotate all my runs but a week later upon review 30% have nothing. Also, the app attempts to login to fb as soon as a run ends. Then fails because I don't use fb. It then takes me back to the run progress screen where the slider is at right, I have to slide it back left then right again to end while not taping to close to the lock circle or it locks and unlocks the workout. Super stupid and frustrating.

  • Completely Frustrated

    by Smamyers

    I've been using Nike Running the last couple years and have loved it. I've used this for all of my outside runs to track my training. The last couple of the app has been terrible! My mileage is way off on my time tested routes. Really? Come on...Gonna need to find something new when the weather finally breaks!

  • Music problems

    by Terraluvsdavid

    I loved this app until the music issues started. It pauses my workout after every power song, and it always plays the first song on my power song list. Fix that, and you'll get 5 stars.

  • Great App, when it works, horrible when it crashes!

    by J0512

    App is great when it works but it crashes ALL the time, sometimes I wonder if it's even worth using it. I'm sure the mileage, pace, etc is all wrong- I don't really trust it, but when it works I truly love it. Here's hoping that they will do something about the crashing!

  • Overrated Crap!

    by Bertamescudi

    Doesnt keep an accurate count of miles ive ran,pauses without warning and there is no way to end a run! This should be a good app because its Nike but its really not. Im deleting it. Wish I could rate it 0 stars,thats what it deserves!

  • Coach is worthless, miscounts mileage

    by Patrick Regan

    The coach program is one size fits all. Zero customization doesn't allow you to balance your running with cross-training. It needs a major overhaul to, at the very least, allow runners to program runs to fit their schedule. Additional features, such as a target time, would be ideal. The app is still unreliable tracking mileage.


    by dirtychemist

    Training for another half marathon using the Personal record coach. It tells me to run intervals in the plan but when I run I do not hear 'now run faster' when it wants me to run a Fartlek or .75 mile faster pace or three miles at increasing speeds for each mile. It just tells me distance. Yes I have all the notifications turned on. It's annoying because you have to think more about what interval your on or how far you're supposed to go than just focusing on running. Please improve this and coordinate the scheduled runs/intervals with notifications.

  • Need calibration for treadmill

    by Got the runz

    I Love the Nike+ GPS watch but got the app for winter treadmill runs and have not figured out how to calibrate for indoors. The app mileage is off by close to a mile from my treadmill.

  • Battery Drain

    by Timothy Keogh

    I like this app, but recently it has started draining my battery each time I use it. I can start a run with 75-80% battery life, and at the end of a 3 mile run my battery is totally drained. Sometimes it happens after 1-2miles. I hate to get rid of this app, but I need my phone on during long runs and can't afford not to have battery power. Please fix this or help me understand what is happening with my phone.

  • Excellent tracking app

    by KatieT13

    I use this app quite frequently on my runs, especially when forced indoors on a treadmill since it will still track my pace and distance. I've been using the coach feature and found it helps keep me in track and focused. My only suggestion would be to allow me to choose my rest day.

  • 6 month - 20lb

    by Andywitt

    Thanks for the motivation!

  • Nike+


    This is a great app! Keeps me motivated!

  • Music issue!

    by DLauhon

    Everything on the app is great! The only bad thing is that it somehow adds my iCloud music into my phone and it glitches because I cannot delete it. It is a weird glitch and it is annoying. Fix please! I don't want my old songs!!

  • Email option

    by Russman1

    Please add a feature to be able to send data to yourself via email at a time if choosing, such as directly after run.

  • Nearly a year

    by MFScheer

    I have been using the Nike running ap for almost one year and I can't run without it. I just crossed the 1000 km mark and the screen color changed to blue. Cool. Got an annual review from Nike on Jan. 1 that I did not expect. Very nice. Bought a Nike GPS watch to avoid losing portions of my run when my iPhone battery would die. The feedback during and after is great and they keep improving! Now I have to download an ap to display the pic I took during my run today. Highly recommended.

  • Running buddy

    by Hazardouse

    Tells you stats as you run and plays your music! =) keeps your stats and pushes you to go further.

  • About Nike+ Running

    by Adam Hadjispyrou

    It's Good For Loosing Wait And Good To Check About Your Speed And I Can Do High Scores With My Friends

  • Good app

    by dre559

    Good app when using on outdoor run but on treadmill seems to drop off a lot, but all-in-all still dig the app.

  • Awesome App

    by Dari isles

    I love this application.

  • Terrible

    by Tam Tran

    Does not sync my work outs. I quit using it sometime last year cus of that issue and recently downloaded again to see if that issue was resolved and the answer to that is a resounding NO.

  • 5K Coach

    by Picture taking momma

    I started using this app to train for my first 5K. I've really enjoyed using the app and have found it quite easy and accurate to use. It would be really nice though if you had an option to set your audio cues for every two minutes because when training using the Coach, they tell you to run/walk in two minute intervals. I've been using RunKeeper instead for this reason and just using the Nike Coach as a guide. Another suggestion would be the option to have some flexibility to alter the dates you do your run in the Coach. I started a program, but got sick for a week and had to take time off from the program, but now I can't use this app for my runs because I am a week behind and it logs my runs on the wrong days for the program. So, again I use RunKeeper to keep track of my distance and just use this app to Mark As Done that I did my run, where I'd really like to just use one app. Also, I can't get my Nike Running app to sync with my Mike Training Club app :(

  • Bugs please fix

    by Elizabeth Wiggins

    APP works great. Bugs need to be fixed. Mileage isn't accurate and trophies are not either. Today I lost 80 miles and nike fuel from my total. Please fix bugs

  • Love This App

    by Cee;s

    This is great for tracking your run with minutes per mile, pace etc. I use it everyday!

  • Good app overall

    by AESJ22

    I like the record-keeping, music selection, run/distance/time variables and interface capabilities. Makes runs more enjoyable. Not a lot of fiddling required during runs.

  • Awesome!!!

    by Taylor McDowell

    My favorite app in the whole world!!!

  • Coach mode needs work.

    by Roydon Johnson

    I'm using coach mode. Here is what we need to fix. If I miss a workout, I should be able to go back and complete that workout. I should have the option to adjust the goal completion date and/or future dates for my workouts. Besides that......I like the app

  • WAS a great app, with minor flaws

    by Old Man Gout

    Up until the Dec 2013 update, this app was pretty fun and useful (though I would have loved to see an “individual milage time" rather than "average mile time”). But since that Dec update (and the January one, too), I have had quite some aggravating bugs pop up. The most egregious one is with the music function - sometimes it stops after two songs and just will not start up again and when activating the Power Song will ALWAYS go to the first one on the list. If you’re allowed to put multiple songs on the power song list, why does it always replay the same one over and over? I really did enjoy this app, but now that I keep having music issues, may have to jump to another. OH, and it used to automatically post to FB and would allow cheers - now it seems that I have to post the start and then post the finish each time…..of course this one could just be something wrong with my settings.

  • Serious bugs

    by Nomock_

    The app pretty cool, I like design, but I would like to see it working properly. The distance seems not accurate. During the run I tried to add photo and app crashed, when I restarted it showed me 3 times more miles then I ran. I’m thinking about choosing another more reliable app

  • Nike +

    by dainell freeman

    This An Awesome App & I Truly❤Luv-It!!

  • Won't even open

    by Cccabral

    App won't open. Just crashes. Waste of money!

  • What's the hoopla about, app barely functional to share

    by ian4ian

    Wasn't thrilled with the app. Switched from MapMyRun, which was buggy recently, but Nike+ is is even more woeful. Just sits idle and won't share to Facebook. Lousy functionality. Bill give it one more time.

  • Made me a runner again

    by Grouponimus

    Enough said.

  • Excellent app but

    by Seeb Family

    Two issues that seem to plague this app version after version- Not very often but sometimes the GPS screws up (I can run a 2 min mile) and I can adjust it to the correct distance or delete that run; and it screws up Pandora even if I adjust the settings. These issues will get fixed and then rear their ugly head again. Frustrating.

  • Add more features please.

    by Reccie Canonigo

    Need to show elevation gain within the app please :) Also... Can you add a feature to quickly tab between miles and kilometers.

  • Won't open

    by Relly23!

    This is why I don't update apps. It was fine until the update

  • Good app. One suggestion.

    by MarcusIsFunny

    This is a great app to track your runs and share with friends. I honestly wouldn't run as much (possibly at all) without it. Although everyonce in a while my GPS messed up. One time it said I did a 5k in 12 minutes. I wish! If there was a way to remove that run, I'd be happy because it's skewing my records. But that hardly takes away from the overall experience. :) Also the new version has changed my overall mileage from 1001 miles to 1018 miles to 950 miles. Next version should fix that or I'll be switching to a new app.

  • WeekendRunner

    by Kaw A Bangga

    Great running companion!

  • Happy walker

    by Walking OR RN

    There is no way I walked 8 miles in an hour! I don't like having my workout time announced very loud - even when I'm on mute- every 5 minutes! Please fix or can I get my money back?

  • Very good

    by Hakooma mattata

    I like it

  • Nike+ Customer Support

    by Mistee1914

    You guys are awesome! Thanks Nicholas!

  • Fix the bugs

    by Birligerant

    Love this app but what's the point of creating a powersongs list if it pauses the run after one song OR if I skip to the next one since it refuses to mix up that list?! The leaderboard has seems funky too..just started back up after a layoff and it said I had run 10 miles already. Would recommend this app..just maybe wait for the next version

  • Awesome

    by katyperryperry perry

    Best app ever

  • Buggy and could change a few things

    by ZeroFail

    Even with voice feedback OFF I still get feedback. Also could add the ability to choose multiple running locations after run (road & beach).

  • Good and could be better

    by deyrich

    Love lots of the features but it glitches up sometimes. Also wish maps made online would direct you while running with the app on

  • Love it, love it, love it!!!

    by runnernnl

    Great app! In favorite app!

  • A phenomenal app, however...

    by Ed.So

    Love this app and always have, however, the only thing I would like to see improved is the photosharing. When you upload a picture to the app, it reduces the quality of the pic significantly; this making the end picture that is being shared to the social media platform of your choice reduced in image quality. Otherwise the app is great, fix this picture quality reduction soon!

  • New version is buggy.

    by Matt360

    I've been using this app for years now and have had mostly positive experiences with it. However, recently my distance measured clock is way off, and it's been happening regularly. If I go check each individual run they will be listed correctly, but the weekly and monthly run tallies are way off. Just tonight I ran 5k and it listed me as running 10. I hope a fix comes soon.

  • Recent problems but used to be great

    by ),6

    I loved this app & have been using it for years. In recent months however the GPS no longer works and therefore it logs space incorrectly. Please fix this Nike!

  • Leaderboard is different than activity totals.

    by Superduper Cooper

    Love this app! It's motivating and a great way to compete and improve. But I'm frustrated by the difference in the recorded distance on the leaderboard And the activity log. Please please please fix!

  • Nike + Running

    by D. Hill

    This is one of if not the best exercise tracking application in the iTunes Store. Users can use Nike + Running to run on any type of terrain including city streets for city dwellers, wooded trails for those who might reside in rural areas and exercise equipment such as treadmills for those who workout in the gym or in the house. The app works to track all types of performance data metrics including route, distance, time, pace, splits and now with the latest upgrade Nike's own performance measurement Nike Fuel. This addition is a boon to those who use Nike Fuel in their regular workouts. The app's social features involves set cheers for runners who connect their data to Facebook and Path and receive likes, smiles or comments. I would like to see more social network services added to bring something unique to the table. One can only imagine how Twitter could be incorporated. The menu interface is sleek and designed well in allowing for easy navigation and customization. The running data interface loads quickly and allows for tweaks for almost every aspect of the experience. Users can set preferences for the type of run you want, the location, playback of music in relation to your running and interruptions like from phone calls, and device screen orientation. Users can shop the Nike online store and purchase gear for your daily running bringing the app full circle. For those who are loyalists of Apple, Nike and workout on a regular basis there is no reason not to have this application.

  • Very Impressed

    by MPcyptx

    Very Surprised on how accurate

  • Pretty good

    by Saggio1

    Great way to find an extra motivation to go running very day with "challenges" and "leaderboard". Haven't tried the new features yet (that came out recently) but wish this App could take into account altitude, altitude gains and terrain to make runs more fairly comparable between friends.

  • Awesome

    by Asdftrewyyyyyyyyyy


  • Hated Running Until Nike+

    by Bridgye

    + Map with trail and colors to indicate speed + Running with friends features + Nike Coach + Built in music player

  • Very nice.

    by Zeebo101

    Good app to keep you motivated. Liking the coach feature and the reminders in the app. I would like to see some integration of the nike watch though. Like a second screen that tells you your pace or intervals while you use the phones app.

  • I LOVE it!

    by weird weird

    ⬆⬆⬆ that says it all!!!

  • There are better running apps than this...

    by iAmTBr

    Ok, I'm a runner and I've tried my share of apps and I must say even though Nike owns the marketing of its product RunMeter is the better running app. Power song function is great link to Nike+ is great. But, it doesn't have simple mpm breakdown (whomp whomp) Really?! I only need the average between all these miles? C'mon son. Then sometimes it will sync correctly and sometimes it won't. If you're going to integrate your apps syncing them to each other and to the site shouldn't constantly be an issue.

  • Great for feedback how I walk well.

    by Big mouth kor

    Good tool for maintaining keep walk target well. Give good numerical achievement result and motivation to keep it..

  • Just Do It

    by curryswag

    It's like social media for runners. I love how I can note details about every run I take and do challenges with friends. If only I could get $$ instead of NikeFuel...that would be real motivation!

  • Nike+

    by ahelton5

    I have been using this App for awhile now. I love it. It is everything I want/need in a running App.

  • Apple PodCast App issues

    by tnksle5

    I listen to podcast through the Apple Podcast App and use Nike + when running but since the latest update I am no longer able to listen to podcast. The old workaround where you could set Nike + to “listen to now playing” no longer works either. Please add podcast functionality to your Nike + app.

  • Super

    by Mankaryan


  • Great App!

    by BoricuaCEO1

    Keeps you focused on your goals! Plus you can get your friends involved, but near and far!

  • Logged runs between IP and Sports Watch

    by FlyMamaL

    I've been using this app for 4 years and has been good this far. The only issue or bug I am noticing now is the incorrect miles logged when uploading from this app and the Nike Sports Watch. It's not showing on the main page, only on the user activity page. Please fix.

  • Great overall. Needs cadence counter

    by OffAndRunning

    Please please please give us cadence counter. I need it for the Nike Sportwatch GPS too. It would mean a ton to so many of us!!

  • Very good motivator

    by Dtely1

    This is a very good running app. The website integration offers even more features and keeps up the motivation. The customer support for issues is excellent and updates are regular and helpful. This app just keeps getting better.

  • Not working after update

    by Melo_Reillo

    Recently updated and the app no longer keeps up with the amount of miles I actually run. It states I only ran 6 miles this month I've ran more. This issue is in terms of the leaderboard. It does keep track of my runs but there are not correct on the leaderboard

  • Help!

    by Lizzy Turner

    I am a new user to this app and I wanted to know how do I start a challenge without having friends on Nike +. I am not sure what to click after I've set my distance/ start date etc. Please help, thank you!

  • The absolute best!!!

    by DivinelyMe

    I love love love this app. I started off hating running and now I'm an avid runner :)

  • Indoor run???

    by DanR1971

    While I like a lot about this app, it's not obvious to me how the indoor running works. I was expecting it to let me enter the mileage from my treadmill but it tracked .03 miles when I ran 1.58.

  • Not accurate for treadmills

    by Nina13185

    This app is great if you are running outdoors, but not when you are running on the treadmill. On the treadmill, the app overestimates the distance you run. For example, if you run 0.6 miles on the treadmill, the app will log it as 1 mile. Other than this error, the app is pretty good.

  • Leaderboard Woes

    by MarcuLloyd

    I use to love this app, but it has now become a frustrating tool. The leaderboard does not display the correct mileage run. It either records it or it doesn't. PLEASE FIX!

  • Love it

    by Jenygrl85

    Love it! I have never felt so motivated until I started using this app! I really recommend:)

  • great minus one thing

    by Cm277

    I love this app. It's awesome. However I do have one complaint which is that it only lets you listen to music from your library. I'm aware you can turn the setting off but I wish I could listen to pandora or another music app instead.

  • Love this app

    by Yankeemomblue

    Love this app, but this month my totals are all off. If I add up all the runs in the app for Jan '13, it adds up to 101.52, but the main home screen shows only 54.0. One day it showed triple the amount for me. This is a little irritating. Please fix!!!

  • Worse update..


    It pauses randomly and also pauses after every mile ran. The mile and calorie count is not accurate. It works horrible inside my gym when working out. Need another working update ASAP!!

  • Nike app

    by Ginie

    Love it! Keeps me in check to keep going.

  • Like it

    by Bradley Lemoine

    Need to be able to track miles on multiple pairs of shoes not just a single pair.

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