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• Ability to resize and position your loaded photos
• Larger, easier to use markers
• Improved graphics

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Beauty Analyzer calculates a facial attractiveness score based on calculations similar to those used in the paper "Computation of a face attractiveness index based on neoclassical canons, symmetry, and golden ratios" by Schmid, Marx & Samal (2008). Beauty Analyser allows you to manually place each marker giving superior results than automatic face recognition methods used in other face reader apps.

NB: To the reviewer saying it is fake, please read the instructions; you actually have to do something - move the markers into position - for it to work. This is not an 'automatic' face reader app. It is an accurate golden ratio and symmetry calculator if you follow the instructions and gives a score between 70-100.


-Upload any face photo from your iphone camera roll
-Gives a facial beauty analysis score out of 100 based on the ratios of your facial features
-Gives detailed feedback about the proportions of your facial features.
-Place facial markers manually for improved accuracy
-This is not an entertainment face reader - although it is fun to use it provides genuine results based on scientifically tested rules


1. Upload a photo
Upload a photo from the iPhone camera roll of a face in portrait orientation. Photos in landscape orientation will be rotated to fit the screen. Make sure the face is shown looking straight ahead with the ears, chin and top of head visible. Tilted faces or photographs taken from the side will not work well.

2. Adjust overall marker position
On the top left of the screen is a button which toggles the face mask on and off. Before moving each marker, the arrows above and below this button can be used to move both the mask and all the markers up or down to help move the markers closer to the corresponding positions on your photo.

3. Move each marker
Tapping and holding one of the markers highlights it and displays four arrows on the screen. Move the marker from the face sketch mask to the corresponding facial feature on your photograph - i.e. if you tapped the maker on the top left ear of the face-mask, move it to the top left ear in your photo. You can move a marker either by dragging it or by tapping it and then using the arrows to refine the position. Repeat for each of the 17 blue markers. If your markers get mixed up, press the rest button and they will return to their original position

4. Reset if marker position is incorrect
Moving the markers from the mask to your photo can be a fiddly job - if any markers get mixed up in the process you can return all markers to their original positions by hitting the rest button.

5. Calculate results
Simply hit the calculate button to see the results. To make adjustments to the marker positions hit the back button. Hitting rest will return all the markers to their original start positions. For human faces a score between 70-100 should be expected. A score below 50 indicates that a marker has been misplaced. The rules used in Beauty Analyzer only apply to facial proportions, they do not take into consideration other things that can affect attractiveness such as make up, health or skin quality.


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