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Easy World Capitals!

Can you name all the countries in the world? How about their capitals?

Want to take a quiz and find out? Bet you don't know some of them!

Browse through this cool FREE app and quickly learn the names of all the countries in the world and their capitals!

Use this app to quiz someone and see how much they know!

App Features:

✓ Save your favorite World Capitals!
✓ Share your favorite World Capitals via Email!
✓ SMS your favorite World Capitals!
✓ Paste your favorite World Capitals into Facebook, Twitter, or Safari via copy/paste function!


Customer Reviews

  • I like it

    by Nouriture

    This app is simple which is perfect for my children. The colors are fun and lively. We homeschool and it is a daily part of our review since it is a good reminder of what they are learning. It is true there are no maps but this is for speed of recollection not learning all there is to know. Another review said that it is no better than flash cards but I have to disagree. Children will more willingly do work on the IPad then with plain flash cards. My kids used to complain when it was flash card time, now they do their reviews without being asked. That makes this app great in my eyes. The only thing I would like to see improve is have some kind of way to search the countries you want to put in your favorites. As my children learn the capitals I put them in favorites so they can practice them everyday on their own. With this version, every time I want to add a new capital I have to go through all the countries of the world until it randomly comes up. Needless to say it can take a while. Even with this inconvenience we still love it and use it daily. Thank you for offering it free.

  • Its good

    by WheelenF

    Very nice

  • Piece of junk

    by Stick in the wall

    I got this app to study for a test and it is HORRIBLE. It has NO map and you can't even organize by continent. It was a waste of my precious study time.

  • What if

    by Ml12345100

    What if you do know it and you want to put it in how would able to

  • Useless

    by Elizabeth King-Mock

    I agree with the folks who had trouble giving it a whole star - junk! No quiz, no map, no better than flash cards! Deleting this useless app.

  • Horrible

    by Hannahighpoint

    Other reviews nailed it, no map, no quiz, changes colors pf backgrounds which is weird. Just delete.

  • Boring

    by hec yah!!!

    This is so boring I mean you press a button that tells you the answer or you press a different button if you don't know the answer you press a different button and you cant lock in your answer I thought it was a waist of time good thing it's free

  • Easy World Capitals ... Boring

    by Guinea girl 99

    Accurate? Probably. Boring? Definitely. At least show the location of the capital on a world map! Worst than flashcards because more is expected. Good thing it's free.

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