29 Taiji Sword - 29 Form Chen Family Taiji Sword Health & Fitness App Review (iOS, Free)


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Seller: Lun Li

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29 Form Chen Family Taiji Sword is the most shortcut entry routine to learn Chen Family Swordsmanship. Based on the traditional Chen Family Sword, this form is designed elaborately and is made the prime part of Chen Family Sword. Being strong and firm in action as well as smooth in connection, this form only remains the unique feature of Chen Family Sword,but is easy to learn and master. Besides, the content and time duration of this form conform to the requirement of national competition. In one word, it's a simplified form of Chen Family Sword, which is easy to learn and convenient for competition.

This app adopts the three-dimensional teaching method of diagram, words and video. The authoritative are invited for technical performance and teaching demonstrations, guaranteeing the learners to gain the real technical method transmission.


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