Diet & Exercise Assistant Health & Fitness App Review (iOS, $9.99)


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Seller: Greg Karklins

-Amazing performance improvements when using the charts, graphs and tables. All graphs display instantaneously.
- You can now delete a single day of data or specify a range of days to delete. Deleting old data is extremely easy with this powerful utility.
- You can now password protect your user data so only you can view or edit it.
- Diet & Exercise Assistant now saves your user data when you close each screen.
- Fixed all reported bugs.

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For over 10 years Diet & Exercise Assistant has been the leading diet and fitness software for mobile devices. Now you can have a personal dietitian for a fraction of the cost. Learn what to eat and how much to eat as you track your nutrition and exercise. You can start losing losing weight by getting Diet & Exercise Assistant today.

Basic Features:
- Begin by inputting your personal information and weight loss goals.
- Select a diet plan or customize your own plan to match your doctor's advice.
- Customizable to match any of the popular diet programs today.

Automatic Nutrient Calculations:
- By analyzing your personal information, your daily food budget and nutrient targets are automatically calculated for you.
- For more accurate calorie calculations you can specify your activity level while at work.
- You can override the automatic calculations and enter your own food budget and nutrient targets.

Fancy Logbook:
- Use the Logbook everyday to input the foods you eat and the exercises you perform.
- The logbook will automatically total your calorie intake, exercise output, and compare the totals to your goals.
- Use the Daily Journal to take notes during the day to help you understand the situations where you want to over eat.
- If you have a blood pressure device you and input, track and graph your blood pressure.
- Learn how to take body measurements and track your new body as your diet plan starts working.
- If you input body measurements your percent body fat is automatically calculated for you.

Large & Configurable Databases:
- Select food items from a large database containing more than 20,000 food items.
- Included in the databases are food items from hundreds of popular restaurants.
- Select from over 200 exercises and over 100 sports.
- Instantaneously search the food and exercise databases to find the items you are looking for.
- The databases are completely configurable. Add, edit, or delete any food or exercise item you wish.
- Create your own favorites folder and put all the foods you typically eat in your own group and categories.

Meal & Food List:
- As you eat insert, edit, or delete food items from the meal list.
- Copy and paste a single food item or complete meal from one day to another.
- Easily create your own recipes from a list of food items and add them to the database.

Exercise & Sports List:
- After you exercise insert, edit, or delete exercise items from the exercise list.
- Copy and paste one or more exercise items from one day to another.
- Input the minutes you spend exercising and the calories you burned while exercising is automatically calculated for you.

Power Features:
- Use the graphical Daily Weight Chart to compare your current and target weight to what is considered normal, overweight, or obese.
- Use the graphical Historical Weight Chart to plot your weight over a period of time.
- Use the Nutrient Summary Tables to summarize all days and to compare how well you did in relation to your daily food budget.
- Use the new bar graphs to visually show your data over a period of one week or one month. Change the date to view any month you wish.
- On all charts and graphs a green color or icon will represent a day where you stayed on track, a red icon or color will represent a day were you missed your goals.

Graphs Available:
- Calorie and Other Nutrient Graphs
- Calories per Meal Graphs (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Snack)
- Exercise Graph
- Blood Pressure Graph
- Body Measurement Graph
- Body Fat Graph

Units of Measure:
- English (lbs - inches) and Metric (kg - centimeters) units
- Pinch, teaspoon, tablespoon, cup, pint, quart, fluid ounces, liters, ounce, pound, grams, etc.

- Track calories, carbohydrates, protein, fiber, total fat, and saturated fat.

Customer Reviews

  • The Best There Is!

    by Tess8888

    The very best for tracking what you eat...makes the WW Point Plus system look inadequate and unscientific. If you honestly track your food with this app you WILL lose weight!

  • There are better and cheaper apps

    by jonogu

    I used this app for some months. Worked fine. Now i use Myfitnesspal for free. Better!

  • Some Parts okay

    by mrmarket5210

    I have been using this software on other platforms for a while. The software is good for tracking. It says it is iPad combatable, but it really is not. It is one of those "2x" applications - not designed for the iPad. It also does not sync with the PC software or between the iPhone and iPad.

  • Diet and Exercise Assistant

    by 2fastskier

    This is a very easy to use and comprehensive App. I have used it for years on a Palm and am excited to have it available for the iPad.

  • Realistic Walking Speeds Needed - Still Waiting for Desktop App

    by CSK2555

    Almost a great app, but please consider three updates: 1) Provide more realistic and variable speeds (2 to 5 mph in half-mile increments) in the exercise database for Walking on the treadmill, similar to how it's set-up for Running on the treadmill . The app currently calculates the calories for "Walking - Treadmill" (no speed specified) to be equivalent to "Running - Treadmill -5.0 mph". 2) Offer desktop version compatability with the iPhone app. I loved the two previous DEA applications which synchronized with a desktop application, that I faithfully used since August 1992 on my Palm products. It was nice to have an alternative entry method to just the handheld. I have been less than faithful since buying the iPhone version in May 2010. The desktop version also allowed me to export my calorie and exercise history to an Excel spreadsheet for posterity. Now, one of the "features' of your iPhone version is to delete old data to improve performance. Fine, but all that data is lost. It is motivating to see my progress over time, when viewing long-term data. This leads to my third suggestion. 3) It might provide greater motivation if the user could visualize more than just the current month’s weight loss on charts and graphs. I am encouraged by how far I’ve come, and know that my weight loss can continue at a safe, reasonable pace. You yourself advocate slow and steady, but it doesn't translate well in a one month graph. Consider having the user specify start/end dates. Thank you.

  • Program needs upgrade; not worth $10

    by alborgmd

    I've used this program since my use of Palm handhelds, when it used to cost $25. Although the interface has improved slightly, the content hasn't been upgraded significantly in over 2 years. There are no foods from the likes of Chipolte or Baja Fresh! There is no food search feature either. Lose It! not only is nearly flawless, with full restaurant menus but also has grocery foods. Incredibly, it's FREE!

  • Needs a Desktop version with sync

    by hadtomakeupaname

    Even my lowly old Palm Pilot had a desktop sync. The iphone program works well and is very complete but I find myself loosing interest after a week or two because it is tedious to enter all the data on the phone. A desktop application would help a lot. Come on Keyoe, if you can do it for Palm you can do it for iphone, unless of course Mr. Jobs objects to having someone else's stuff enter into his sacred little machine.

  • This app works great!

    by Frauenbier

    Love the app! Just wanted to make a few suggestions that would make the app perfect! 1. Ability to use times of meals. 2. Ability to have multiple snacks. 3. Ability to change food categories ie: mayo is under butter & creams I would change it to oils & dressings. Looking forward to updates.

  • My fav diet tracking app, but...

    by Lynn.J

    It needs to include the time the foods are eaten. • To be able to track cravings, so as to be able to avoid them or estimate reasons for them. • track possible under or over-eating tendancies. • track time lapse since last food/drink consumption. (this would help prevent emotional eating) • to track individual meals and snacks! • need to be able to track sodium.

  • This app is okay but too pricey

    by Price master

    I have used this app for 6 years on my treo. I loved it. This iPhone version is a better version than the treo bit isn't quite as good as some of it's competition. One big improvement would be to add the time a meal is eaten. Many people eat 5-6 meals a day. It would be nice to track as meals. I don't snack. Please upgrade this app so we can feel we are getting our moneys worth

  • Excellent

    by LAMike1970

    I agree with the other 5 star reviews. The application is extremely easy-to-use and has all of the features as advertised. I don't understand some of the other reviews as complaints about missing features is not true at all. For example, the application does remember the last food selected, it does have a recipe feature, you can copy and paste a whole meal. You can copy and paste an entire day all 4 measl for that matter. Their are summary tables showing daily totals and comparing the totals to daily goals. The application even shows a red or gree icon to let you know when you are over budget. Summary tables are available for calories per day, calories per meal, carbs per day, carbs per meal, etc. etc. You can had a favorites category. You can add a favorites category for breakfast, lunch, dinner, or snack. You are not limited you can have a favorites category and structure the database anyway you wish. These are the power features and this is the reason I highly recommend this application. My final opinion comes from the fact that the diet plans included in the applicaiton work!

  • Great. Super.... 5 star

    by iLoveiPhoneApps

    This program is absolutely fantastic - for once I am able to track my food decisions as I make them -- no more remembering - it is so successful that I have lost a lot of weight and I am finally hopeful on making my goal. - Can't rave enough about it - already have 5 of my friends using is as well and they are saying the same thing - give it a try - be honest with your tracking and you just can't go wrong.

  • Personal Dietician

    by Sandy Evans

    I know there's only one weight loss strategy that works: calories IN must be less than calories OUT. Forget fads and complicated programs like Atkins. This program helps you lose weight in the easiest, most straightforward way possible. Best of all, this program doesn't judge you: if you choose to spend your calories on a nice glass of wine or a rich dessert, the program doesn't chastise you. You can feel free to make your own choices and eat what suits you, as long as you don't exceed your caloric intake. I like the fact the program constantly updates to tell you how many calories you have remaining in your food day. That allows you to make your own choices regarding food intake and also to time your eating so you don't feel deprived and binge at the end of the day. I give this program 5 stars!

  • You will lose weight!

    by karkgj

    I have been using this product for several months now and have lost a good deal of weight already. The reason I am dieting is because of high blood pressure, and this product allows me to track my BP in addition to calories in and out. Tracking what you eat and watching what you eat is the key to success. You need to be able to see where you sand in relation to the goals, the summary table immediately gives you a summary for the day. The historical weight chart is excellent for seeing real progress as the weight comes off.

  • Fabulous

    by MinnesotaDave

    This is the most feature rich diet & fitness software I have found. I use it everyday and I am impressed with the quality and functionality. I have customized the software to match my doctors diet plan. I log what I eat and I log the exercise I perform. Diet & Exercise Assistant nicely summarizes where I stand in relation to my goals. I am confident that I will lose the weight I want. I highly recommend this program.

  • SImply Wonderful

    by IndianaMike98

    This application is wonderful! I used to honestly wonder why I wasn't loosing weight. I workout 4-5 times a week and consider myself a healthy eater. What I was doing wrong was estimating my calorie intake and I obviously didn't realize how many calories I actually consumed. Well, this program does it for me. For the first time in a long time I am seeing my weight go down! I have tried dieting all my life and have been pretty much unsuccessful until I found Diet & Exercise Assistant. I have never found any issues with the application it functions 100% as advertised and the most important thing is it really, really works!

  • Loses data

    by Riche10

    Would be 5 but loses data after input. Don't buy until fixed.Company had me reload and it worked for a while. Now bug is back.

  • It works!

    by dizbizz

    I've used this app for over 3 years...first on a Treo and now on the iPhone. It takes committment, just like making lifestyle changes and incorporating exercise in your daily activities. If you're committed, this app will work and give you all the information you need to keep it working. If you're not committed...don't spend the money. This app is NOT for you. Find yourself a froufrou app that will make you feel warm and fuzzy.

  • V 1.4

    by Tripos

    If you still note dropped items in food log as I have, you may try this. Copy all add food items and recipies on a sheet of papper then deleat the app. Reinstall app and re enter all your added food items and recipies. This seem to remove the bugs. I believe that installing the up dates over the buggy old app keep the dropout occuring. This seems especially so if the food data base was customize under the old buggy app. Now I give the app a 5.

  • Best in class!

    by karksam

    I have tried many of the diet programs and this one is by far the best. No other application gives you as much information about dieting and nutrition. No other application can match the charts and graphs. The nutrient summary tables are exceptional, they tell me exactly where I stand in relation to my goals. If I keep my food intake inside the recommended targets, the weight comes off! This application is fabulous.

  • An abandoned product

    by caljay2

    Two stars overall! I agree with the four and five star reviews on function of the core capabilities. Would give zero stars due to lack of sync to a desktop version (which Keyoe does have (a very nice one actually)). Would give zero stars for lack of any upgrades since 2010. Come on, apps are a fast moving technology field. Take advantage of the iPad screen size (app only supports the 2x screen sizing). Make the desktop version work on OSx as well as Windows platforms. Embrace the cloud to so users share their data between their multiple iOS devices and desktop (perhaps even a web based) versions. Like many other reviewers I have had good experiences with earlier versions of this program. Specifically before the iOS versions. Earlier desktop and mobile device versions would sync the databases so I could work on either platform depending on where I was. It doesn't make sense to use the desktop version anymore as I am mostly away from my computer and entering via the iPad. I used to add new recipes to the food database and even whole meals. Not anymore. So, why the two stars if I like the core of this program? Going to the title of the post, I take this as an abandoned program. I don't think anyone is minding the store! An application that has last been updated a few years ago is not comforting. Why doesn't the developer just sell the application rights to someone who cares!

  • Poor Food List

    by Betsy00

    I used to love this app on the Palm in the days before Diet apps were popular, but there is really no excuse for not updating it so that it will search the Web for nutritional info. I still admire that it tracks more things than many others and provides more ways for the user to input and takes data in more categories. But it is a ripoff to charge $10 today for an app that can't use the Web and makes me work so hard to journal in foods that are very standard.

  • There isn't even a 1/3 portion in the choices

    by Aye1123

    I used this application back in the old days of the Palm Pilot. I lost weight then and really found this very good to use for the PDA. I have an iphone now and wanted to continue logging on a food journal. This would have been great but for a lack of product support for the iOS. Last update was 2010?!?! Please, you have paying customers here. It's not as if this is for free, and really it's not cheap either compared to the other apps on the store. You should really listen to feedback, otherwise how will you improve? For inputting food choices, it's inconvenient that you only have 1/2, 1/4, 3/4 food portion choices. Where is the 1/3? What if I eat only 1/3 of the portion. It's so incomplete, it doesn't even have a search function. And come up with a bar code scanner too. Your product is just so outdated and you need to come up with updates. Otherwise, sell it for a lower price. Or pull it out from the store. I only bought it bec I thought it would be like the Palm format and there is no free version that you can download first and test to see if you like it.

  • Waste of 10 dollars

    by Hoolahay2012

    I did not like any thing about this app.!!!!!

  • Not iPad-Worthy

    by UncaDonald

    Don't bother with this one! It is NOT iPad friendly, especially for the price. There are other apps that do the simple task of working in landscape mode while providing the same or better diet/exercise tracking. The Palm version was the best; this version is a waste.

  • Serious shortcomings

    by Gator-1

    I used this on the Palm Treo for years and this verson does not measure up. It does not sync with the desktop program. And, it requires too many keystrokes to enter data. Some of the entries are counter intuitive (like 'back' to enter). Further, I don't know anyway to back up one's data, particularly added foods and recipes. To make matters worse, customer support is awful. I wrote them 3 times about the same issue over the last couple of months and there has been no response. Now, it has crashed for the second time losing all of my data including added foods, recipes. I am looking for an alternative. I will not reenter all of this for the third time. Don't waste your money on this.

  • Not worth the money!!

    by Nwfoxflyer

    I bought this app thinking that wow it must be really good since its so expense, mistake number one. This app is a big disappointment not designed for the iPad, and not very flexible for the way real life demands. After spending $20 on this app I found the SparkPeople app they have both iPod and iPad versions. Much more flexible, better reports, web-based support and back-up, and it's FREE! Don't waste your money on this app. Nice try but missing the mark.

  • Needs iPhone 4G update

    by greenbranch

    This product worked great with iPhone 3 and iPod Touch. But now that i have an iPhone 4G, it has some bugs. I can't get past the entering personal information stage. When you enter your start date and weight, and then try to enter the target date, it changes the "start date" to the same day as the "target date". Then it will not permit you to go beyond that - it says "Invalid Data - You must input your personal information and weight goals before nutrient targets can be calculated." I'm sure that this is something you're working on, but it would be appreciated if you'd come out with the iPhone 4G fix. Thanks.

  • Way overpriced

    by Ripoff10

    Loseit it easier to use, free, and has all the relevant functions. I really feel like a sucker for assuming this was going to be so much better just because it's ridiculously overpriced.

  • terrible

    by max7777777

    Do not waist your money. Not different than a free version from different company.

  • Missing something...

    by pooberri

    This application works exactly as advertised, and I have not noticed any bugs. I don't care for toggling between the menus- for the graphs, food, exercises etc. but that is personal opinion. Finally, the search option doesn't work as well as it could due to the food title abbreviations (i.e. chlte for chocolate). Still seems clumsy to me, but the graphs and ability to customize make it worth the money. I'd give five stars for a more intuitive interface!!

  • Needs favorite foods function

    by random.nickname

    Give this app a favorite foods function and the ability to create custom food items! Other than that it's good. Down the road it will also be great when the desktop companion is released with support for the iPhone.

  • Almost the complete package!

    by mrakaaka

    Great app...However I agree with many of the other reviews...It NEEDS a DAILY weight interface...all of us who need a daily motivater like to see a current weight graph! So..I hope the author will add the weight interface and help us all reach our goals! I will be looking forward to the upgrade! Add that...this will be the BEST weight tracker app available!

  • Pretty good, could use some tweaks...

    by mooncelt

    I used the Palm/Windows Desktop interface before switching to iPhone. The iPhone version is much more stable than the Palm one. It would be nice to have a Desktop interface for iPhone so that you could take reports on diet/exercise/blood pressure to the doctor. The Palm/Windows Desktop version was nice because it synced with the handheld, so that you could enter by computer or handheld. One thing the Desktop had was a count of glasses of water - that would be a nice addition to the iPhone on the Logbook would be to count water ounces consumed. Adding/Editing foods is really easy, and you can add your own Categories of food items, which is very nice. I especially like the way you can offset your RMR calorie budget by exercising - the Exercise interface is very nice. Would be nicer if it had a way to log individual weight lifting sets/reps, but that's pretty much outside the scope of this app. Recommended!

  • Glad it

    by Vassilis 444

    I had this app on my Treo and loved it. Happy that it is now on iPhone. I hope they will improve it. I liked the progress charts of my weight, the goal vs. actual every day on the different groups of nutrients, the breakdown of calories among various meals and the ability to create caloric value recipes. Still the philosophy of this App is right on--weight, weight goals, exercise, eating and metabolism all tied together. I hope Keyoe will make improvements. Also, I am a bit confused about the MOVE button on the upper right hand corner. Why is it there? I have lost several entries because of that and I am still trying to figure out the reason. I will seek help on their website.. December 28, 2009 I am now reviewing version 1.2. Although I still like the application, there is a bug: Data vanishes. Not consistently, but it does. I cannot find patterns as to when this happens. I would appreciate some response from KEYOE INC. about this. It mars the reputation of an otherwise great program!!

  • Not Quite

    by marcusdg

    After using the Palm version for several years with good success I was excited to see the iPhone version. After buying I have to say I am disappointed. No desktop sync, cumbersome navigation for food input, and limited database of food and excercise. I ended up using the very popular free app and I love it! My recommendation is save your $10 and go with L___ I_.

  • Great app, but needs some work

    by Sharper101

    I have been an avid user of this app on the Palm for several years. In general, this version is good, but there are some things from the Palm version that I would really like to see added here. 1) Synchronize with the desktop 2) Bring back the "Favorites" folder to store recipes and favorite foods 3) Allow me to assign my own units (cups, item, tsp, etc.) to a recipe 4) When I add a second food to a meal, keep the meal designation from the last item I added rather than defaulting to the meal closest to the time I added the item. Thanks for adding "Yoga" to the list of activities.

  • Likes the iPhone version

    by Old Palm User

    Used the Palm version, had some adjustments at first, but with newest update, it is great. Ability to copy and paste has really shortened my entry of data. Keep up the improvements.

  • I really needed this.

    by LuvsHorror

    So helpful, I never kept track of fat and calories before. Started this Sat and have already lost one pound. Hoping to lose 55 by next August.

  • Almost complete

    by rica2009

    Definitely improved but still not as complete as the palm version. Needs the % to tell you how much carbs, protein and fat you're eating. I strive for 40/30/30 and doing the calculations is always time consuming. Hopefully they'll add this soon as well as the desktop to sync.

  • great

    by colbert is god

    took me alittle while to get used to but now I am loving it. Very useful

  • I love this app!

    by My Text Life

    Easy to use, good data base. I especially like having the journal to keep notes. Definately worth the $9.99. 

  • Excellent

    by crisdin

    Have been using this on my Palm Pilot for years. I'm thrilled to have it on my iTouch. I am diabetic so calorie, fat and carb control is crucial to me. This program is wonderful.

  • Great stand alone app, but where's the sync to desktop?!!

    by ReneReviews

    This was a great app on Palm and has transfered over well to iPhone. It is a 5 star app as a stand alone iPhone diet & exercise application but for those of us who found the sync to the desktop app important, the iPhone version falls short. I hope Keyoe is working on this. If the sync features is enabled in future versions, this will definateyly be a 5 star app in all respects.

  • I love this app

    by Burritocover

    This is the greatest app I have. It makes it really easy to keep track of calories. It has a million foods and it makes it really easy to track them because you can select the portion by selecting how many ounces or half an item etc. The best thing is you can just log everything right away because you always have your phone. The charts are helpful but I wish there was a way that it would total the calories short of your goal you are maybe weekly instead of just daily. Overall it's awsome and very helpful and really motivates you. Worth the money for sure.

  • Top App

    by lady_foxx

    I used this app on my Palm and TREO devices for ages. It has both extensive food and exercise databases so that you can keep track of everything you eat and do. These databases are customizable so that you can add your items if you wish, including combinations of foods, say that you put together for your favorite sandwich, or develop your own exercises. It is the top Nutrition & Fitness app on Handango. The only reason that it gets a 4-star is that is it a little more difficult to navigate than the Palm versions.

  • Keyoe Rocks

    by MNBigDog

    I used this program 4 years ago and it was a great help in my loss of 200 pounds. Since then I have gained some of the weight back and have decided to get back on the diet routine, and I am very impressed. The new versions is incredible!!! This program is the reason I bought my iTouch!!!

  • Closer but still short of palm version

    by Wajoco

    I've used the palm version for years. This latest upgrade is much improved, but it's still missing a few essential pieces that have been part of the palm version for a couple of years. It needs a daily weight graph to help people stay motivated. The exercise database is too small. The most popular free app has a ton more. A custom food/recipe function is also missing. It also should sync to my desktop version of the software. My rating will be a 5 once these upgrades are made.

  • There is a very large bug in this diet

    by Anti-Luddite

    I've encountered this with version 1.0, 1.1 and 1.2. Data vanishes. There are times, intermittently, when you enter a meal, exit the program, come back and the just entered meal is gone. I know what you're thinking: User error. Nope. There's a bug. The graphics are slow also. I expected more from these guys. It's a good program. It should be great.

  • Diet & Exercise Asst.

    by Zampponi

    Just updated to version 1.2. It is such a pleasure to do business with a company that really listens to their customers. This is a great app. that just needs one more small tweak. It needs a weight chart that tracks day to day weight changes and displays weekly and monthly progress. That is the best motivation to keep one on tract. I highly recommend this any one serious about controling their weight. Over the years it is the only thing that has ever really worked for me. More than worth the cost. If they add the weight charts I would even pay for the upgrade its that good.

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