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New Layout. A more Sleek layout coming soon! Stay Tuned.

We added a PT Test Reminder Feature that will never let you forget and stay prepared for your Annual PT Test.

PT Reminder:

If you have not heard or been told yet, your PT Test date is your responsibility. Do not fear. We are happy to tell you we have come up with a great solution for you. With this feature we will now add the PT Test date to your Calendar for you as well as send you pop up messages 6 months, 3 months 1 month and 1 week prior to your test date. This will help keep you motivated and in shape. Why risk forgetting the date for your annual PT Test. Set your reminder and you will be all squared away.

This is an in app purchase and only needs to be purchased one time for lifetime access to the PT Reminder feature. Never forget your PT Test Date and get reminded to stay in shape!

EPR Bullet Tracker

Tracking your Bullets has never been easier. Simply select the category and ever the preset information and it will save it to your bullet database! We even added an email feature so you can email yourself your list of bullets when it comes time to submit for you EPR or Award Package!

This is an in app purchase and only needs to be purchased one time for lifetime access. Start keeping track of your work and involvement today!

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Hey Airman! Drop down and give me 20! Just kidding! However, if you’re like me, you do your pushups, sit-ups and 1.5-mile run and you wonder what your AF PT test score would be. Well, wonder no more because AF Tracker is going to hook you up with a FREE PT Calculator. Why pay a buck or more for something that you can figure out for free anyway? We promise that the PT Test Calculator will ALWAYS be a FREE feature. This App will provide you an easy way to know your score and see where you need to improve.
Eventually, AF Tracker will have some cool features to help you log your entire PT sessions, so you can keep a good record of all your training while you keep "Fit To Fight". HUA?

AF Tracker was made to help you in your AF Career and I hope that you can benefit from it your ENTIRE career. Whether you are just doing your 1st enlistment or in it for the long haul, I hope this app helps you out. Wanna know what will make this app better? Give me your feedback and let me know what other features can make this even more useful!

This product is currently based on AFI36-2905 (1 July 2010). This product is NOT officially/unofficially endorsed by the United States Air Force.

Customer Reviews

  • Nice Calculator but can be improved

    by AlphaVictor4

    Pros: The calculator is a nice tool have readily available for your or your subordinates tests. The email feature is nice as well for sending your scores to yourself or supervisor. The countdown date is ok as well. Quick links to AF Times top stories. Cons: The actual part that calculates your score as you scroll the wheel only adjusts in increments of .5, also you cannot read some of the times as the font is too large and it is shown as an ellipsis instead of the numbers. This calculator also does not take into account any exempt status you put into as part of your final score and credits you with a zero for the category. Stopwatch save feature does not appear to function corrrectly as it does not save into the history at all. (fix these issues and is easy a 5 star app.) This calculator is a quick and easy way to see where your scores rate with a few swipes. I suggst it for all AF members as the main feature (calculator) of it is free.

  • Bullet Tracker

    by Captain. Cam

    Good app, but wish I could view and edit my bullets after I save them...

  • XXX

    by YM69

    Really like the PT score part of the app but really wish the rest of it were working. When you going have it fully operational???

  • Worked for me!

    by Shancole96

    Great idea. It worked for me. Only complaints I see are folks on a profile.... Maybe you should get off your profile or get out the AF!!!! Profile riders only hurt us healthy folks who get off the couch and work out!

  • Great Idea

    by jesusdelgado30

    You guys have a great idea. Publish a timeline for the other tools. Also, I'm in an AFSC that has no SKT. WAPS score is calculated by doubling PFE. finish that bullet tracker. :)

  • Got what I needed

    by De Leon

    It doesn't highlight the gender so i was a little confused but I put my info and it gave me a calculation. Thanks for the app and looking forward for updates:)

  • Waps

    by Kilo Dutch

    Hurry up and get that waps updated and rockin... Appreciate the app, but seriously get the app UPDATED.

  • Good app

    by Mremm

    It's a good map over all tested my self the day before with it and it's pretty accurate

  • Great start

    by Smithsonite

    Can't wait for updates! Awesome so far!

  • So far, so good

    by Lovefoolash

    Would like to see more features!!

  • Great app!!!

    by Ootizzle

    Badass app. I want to shout it on a rooftop! Cant wait for more updates.

  • AF Tracker

    by Dnltorio

    Good app, great app after the rest of the features are added. I would double check the max push ups and sit ups the airspace recently changed the standards and I think yours are out of date.

  • Great Start!

    by Sandy*$

    Convenient and easy to use. Look forward to future upgrades! You're breaking a mold here, keep it up!

  • Latest update

    by AF NCO

    Your latest update cleared up the bugs I had noticed. Thanks for the update; keep up the good work. I look forward to you adding the additional features you have planned, i.e. WAPS calculator.

  • Must-have app!

    by MikeAppRater

    This is a great app. I appreciate that it didn't cost me a buck like the others. Two things that would make it better: I'd really like it if it could keep track of my dates/scores (maybe even on a graph) and while I agree that passing the fit test is excellent, it's somewhat misleading because 75-89.9 is "satisfactory" and only 90+ is "excellent" which also earns you the right to test only once/year. Maybe say "awesome" or "great job" instead. Overall, this is a great app and I look forward to the updates. BTW, it doesn't show up in a search for AF PT or AF fitness test calculator-only the paid ones do, so if you could make yours show up along side those you'd get a lot more downloads.

  • Ur app

    by Latoyua

    Great, Spectacular, exciting, did I say great. Loved this app and willing and ready for the new updates. Looking forward to a waps in app update. Thanks for the hard work. Good luck!!!!

  • Great App

    by Xc130Jetmech

    Great app. Gave one of the squadron members a PT test yesterday, and with a few swipes of my fingers I was able to tell him his score!!! I can't wait to see what else u have in store for the future!!!

  • Useful Calculator

    by Tenchan4

    I like how I can check my score on the same device I'm listening to my music on. Also looking forward to the future updates. Note to the creator, you misused the word detrimental. Detriment is a bad thing.

  • App In Need Of An Update

    by RadioactivClown

    PT cal works so so but crashes every time for date countdown. There's better ways to figure out PT score.

  • Innaccurate

    by BBStacker2001

    Hate the in ap purchases. PT calculator way off. Even if you did excellent in 3 components but say, got 0 pushups, you'd officially fail but this ap rates you at excellent just because u got over 75 points. Countdown crashes the ap. stop watch only tracks elapsed time, not laps.

  • Outdated

    by [*KP*]


  • Outdated

    by Stooop1234

    Old pt scoresheets from pre2010.

  • Not good.

    by Eubank93

    This app was very poorly constructed. It doesn't have any labelings and it doesn't update Every time you adjust the meters.

  • Bad

    by Jeff O'Hern

    Doesn't calculate for exempt portions.

  • Don't do it

    by j. furly

    Points are not reflective of current score sheets. Inaccurate PT calc.

  • Works OK

    by Limegrntaln

    Scrolling to adjust the numbers and everything works. You get the number set and then it doesn't update correctly. I had to move the waste measurement back 2 inches then forward to what I was measured as before it updated. That's definitely a bug. Thought I got an 87 and I actually got a 77.

  • Constantly Crashes on iPad

    by mi_buddy

    I can't give a fair evaluation, because the app crashes. I am using a iPad. So maybe that is the problem.

  • Calculator Doesn't Work

    by klubes10

    PT calculator doesn't work for those on exemptions.

  • Version 2.0

    by Sprocket (formerly of VA, now Germany)

    PT calculator would be more useful if it took into account those on profiles. Yes, I hear everyone saying "Get off your profile"...however, the fact remains, there are folks who may have to test while on a profile....say someone like me who has a torn rotator cuff and have surgery scheduled. I'm on a profile...I will be on a profile for 6 months...I have a test in a few months, and then hope to be off the profile. Meanwhile, there is this app that doesn't work...

  • Horrible!

    by UH1FE

    Worthless don't waste your time!

  • Where's the rest of the app??!!???

    by Bad2

    Please complete the update on this app. It's useless and shows a lack of integrity to promise the updates for such a long period of time. A service member in my unit would receive a very low EPR/OPR for such a lack of integrity. DONT MAKE PROMISES YOU CAN'T KEEP.

  • Not Worth Your Time!

    by Vitofly

    The Update is slow to arrive & overall the app is useless. Don't waste your time.

  • Good idea.....poor execution

    by AngieinNJ

    Should have had whole app either ready at once or added each different tracker as an update. Also, like others said....doesnt take into account exemptions or the 1 mile walk with heart and age and height (VO2 max).

  • worthless

    by thadragyn2002

    The PT calc was the only thing that worked, and saying it worked is a stretch. It doesn't calculate for exemptions and doesn't have a walk test calculator

  • Bad app

    by 1980sidlllllll

    This ap is not accurate if you are exempt in any area. Not impressed.

  • An App in great need of work

    by valkerie17

    This app promises to be fantastic with some more work put into it. The only feature that works as of today, is the PT score program and it does not even calculate it correctly. So unless it fixes the formulas and adds more features you would be better off with "U.S. Air Force PT Score" which oddly enough was written by a security Forces guy. I think this program is just someones project in learning Xcode and process of posting into itunes. But I would like to see where they go with it in the future.

  • False advertisement

    by Stax158

    I always preview apps before I buy/install. Glad I didn't pay for this cuz I would have mad since only one of the 4 icons work. I'll be waiting for updates though because this looks like it could be a great app....more stars may follow in the future updates :)

  • Nice Try

    by Flyinrob

    Thanks for the effort. The calculator needs work though. It doesn't always come up with the right score, and says pass when it's a fail at times. I know this is new, and I'll be looking for updates.

  • Doesn't calculate right

    by jay&sher

    I plugged in my number from my last PT test. The numbers were WAY off. I like this app and the potential future it appears to have. But it needs some tweaking.

  • Doesn't calculate correct score

    by Zaxx81

    If you have exemptions it doesn't calculate the correct score. For example (27.5" ac, 58 sit-ups, ex push-ups, ex run) shows fail. But it is a pass.

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