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Some Contents in this App:
How many reps do I need?
How many sets for muscle growth?
How many days a week should I workout?
What exercises should I be doing for muscle mass?
How much rest between sets?
Should I warm up?
Should I stretch between sets?
Should I workout at home or join a gym?
Do I need a fitness trainer?
What supplements do I need for muscle building?
There's a lot of talk about creatine, is it any good?
What type of protein powder is the best?
When should I take protein shakes?
Should I eat anything before bed?
How can I speed up recovery?
Should I wear a lifting belt?

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Customer Reviews

  • Hmm nope!

    by Lil ben rothlesburger

    Not a good app at all! I got it for free but why is it 19.99 wth this is a scam

  • Bad app

    by hieu-ocean

    It was free that's how I got it before, it's not worth $19,99 it really doesn't worth it. U can get all the infos u need off goolge .

  • Scam

    by ShardsOfOnyx

    This application is just an attempt by the developer to make money off of ad revenue. It is a factually flawed FAQ with a ridiculous background, no illustrations or images whatsoever, and ads everywhere and near the buttons.... It's not worth your time?

  • Fail...

    by 

    I didn't even get this app and I know it fails. Sorry but seriously, it deserves less than , but the lowest I can give is 

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