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Now you can develop a sexy stomach and abs without the hassle of an expensive gym membership. Learn to build tone and definition in your midsection with only 10 minutes every other day using iSitups.

iSitups is a an exercise training program designed to help you achieve the goal of increasing your max reps of non-stop sit-ups. The entire course is designed to be completed in 8 weeks, but can vary based on the progression of the participant.

Each workout gets progressively harder and ends with a "max rep" set where you attempt to do as many consecutive sit-ups as possible. There are a total of 5 progress tests to measure your progress.

Workouts are intended to be done every other day, a total of three times a week. A recommended schedule would be to workout Monday, Wedensday and Friday.

iSitups requires no additional exercise equipment and is perfect for those who travel for business and are often away from a gym! iSitups works for either sex, whether you want six packs abs or a toned sexy stomach.

Having trouble staying motivated while working out? The best feature of iSitups is the advanced charting capabilities. Now you will look forward to beating your personal best with the positive feedback loop provided by our motivational graphing feature. Every day you work out you are presented with the fun goal of trying to advance your graph further upwards. Working out is now fun and exciting thanks to iSitups! TRY IT NOW AND SEE FOR YOURSELF!!!

Customer Reviews

  • Great app

    by 1 football fan

    Great app all they could do to improve this app is to challenge u with more situps

  • Stop complaining!

    by Proguitargod

    Look, it's situps, that's it. If you guys with the bad reviews are looking for something exciting with guns and lasers, go buy a TD or something. I think this app is great and you guys did a great job!

  • Feel the Burn!

    by Mobius Trip

    Great way to make situps fun! Great app!

  • Awsome!

    by HObObROs

    This is a really great app and will tell u how many situps to do and will gradually get harder and helps alot! THANKS!

  • Hey it works

    by Jon Foreman fan#1

    Alright so if you can already do like sixty sit-ups straight this app won't help but anything below works. Just stick with it, if your adventurous don't follow their schedule and just do one a day like me... When you finish it you'll be satisfied... I'm halfway through and now have a four pack lol. Also if you want follow the same workout pattern for pushups or whatever else you do. Modify it so it works for you!

  • If you can do more than 2 situps, this program won't help you

    by Why can't i post this without coming up with a nickname? Dumb.

    Disappointed with this app (and the ipushup). The way it sounds, you test yourself by doing a max number of situps, and the app provides a work-out to follow to increase them. In theory, that sounds good - but the app is basically built for somebody who can only do a couple situps to start. The problem is that it is a cookie cutter approach. If you enter a maximum of 1 situp, maximum of 50 situps, or a maximum of 100 situps as your starting point, you get the same workout - one set of 4 situps, one set of 6 situps, one set of 4 situps, and then your last set is to max out again, which should be "at least 6." Again, it's probably great if you can only do one or two situps, otherwise, it does nothing.

  • Not worth it!

    by Needs Abs

    It is not helpful and you cant reset it.

  • I expected more...

    by Indie...oh yeah!

    I bought this app after having used the 200 sit-ups app for several weeks. I thought it would be a better product than the 200 sit-ups since it was by the maker of iPush-ups. However after doing over 90 crunches for the initial test, it still had me doing sets of 4 situps for day one. I switched back to 200 sit-ups right away.

  • Poor

    by conutCrazy

    Poor app. Very little to offer.

  • Not worth it

    by blackmate

    Just records your number of pushups. Deleted it afer a day.

  • by Luvlylatina

    This needs an upgrade I don't like the idea of only doing 4 sit ups when I know I can do more. Really dissapointing I wish they would change this.

  • terrible

    by just nothing

    i didnt like this app cuz it is just situps but it is sooooooooo complicated and it just tells u 2 do situps just 4 or just 6

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