Brain Rules by John Medina - Best-Selling Book, Inkling Interactive Edition with Audiobook Health & Fitness App Review (iOS, $14.99)


Languages: English

Seller: Inkling Systems, Inc.

* iOS 7 support
* Performance and stability fixes
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Would we be more productive if offices had nap rooms and meetings were held during walks? Find out this and more in the bestselling Brain Rules by John Medina for iPad, iPhone, PC & Mac on Inkling. Watch 34 videos, tap through slideshows, and use tutorials to reinforce what you’ve learned.

In addition to everything from the print edition of this best-selling book, the Inkling version includes even more features for mastering Medina’s insights. Exclusive to Inkling, there’s a built-in audiobook. Tap on the audio widget at the beginning of each section, and listen to of the author himself read it aloud. Plus, as a universal app, you pay one price to get the book on all of your devices.

Top features on iPad, iPhone, PC & Mac:

* Built-in Audiobook: On the go? The Inkling version includes a built-in audiobook with more than seven hours of recordings of the the author himself reading each chapter.
* Watch Videos: See the Rules in action when you watch one of 34 videos that are embedded in the relevant chapters and in a special "Videos" chapter at the end.
* Slideshow: Like flashcards built into your book, tap through a Slideshow of all the Rules to double-check that you've got them down.
* Tutorials: Review each Rule with a summary tutorial, not found in print. Just tap on the link to watch the video and reinforce what you've read.
* Search: Need to find something quickly? Search anything, and Inkling looks through the whole book—as well as Google and Wikipedia.
* Notebook for bookmarks and highlights: Make highlights, and bookmark anything, including recipes. It’s all saved to your notebook that lives inside your book for easy reference.

Bonus feature on iPad, iPad mini, PC & Mac:
* Notes: It’s easy to make notes anywhere in the book that can even include web links. All notes are also saved to your guide’s searchable and personalized notebook.


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