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The Crunch Mobile app has been redesigned to focus on the needs of our members who are on-the-go. Find a gym, manage favorites, send a friend a guest pass, reserve and cancel classes plus book your bike. It’s just that simple.

If you are having trouble downloading or accessing this new version – please contact us at

Customer Reviews

  • Passbook integration needed

    by Ben-dizzy

    The app is fine. All I care about is the check-in piece (One less thing on my keychain). But passbook integration would make it more useful.

  • Good start... Improve tho

    by Notation84

    The features and stats in this app is great, that is if they were all working. I can never be able to reserve a class at my local gym.

  • Fix the issue

    by Armando<3

    I haven't been able to see my workout process! It won't load please fix it!

  • Better, but still needs improvements

    by 2XYmomma

    Nice to check in with the app, however my original barcode key fob broke. My new one has a different number and I'm unable to update my barcode in the app. I sent feedback/request for assistance which was forwarded to the gym (understandably, they weren't able to help me). Guess it's back to using my key fob to check in. The class reservation option would be great if all locations use it (mine doesn't). A great addition to the app would be account management. Being able to update payment methods or check your account would be handy.

  • Progress tab

    by crunch NYC

    Please update the progress tab. It's stalled and not accurate. Love this to be able to check in and view progress if it was working correctly.

  • Needs updating!

    by Kai v

    It's a great app! Very useful but currently needs updating!! Please update!!! Thank you!!

  • Adjustments

    by arcast0120

    The app works well except it would be nice to have the brightness go up automatically when checking in just like Passbook does. Sometimes the scanners can't sign me in using my phone because the screen is too dim.

  • Select Your Bike

    by Nyc1981!

    Best update so far!

  • hoping

    by johnw7979

    will there be anything like being able to track your calories or food you eat?

  • Passbook support

    by davedavey

    Pretty solid app. Class Finder is great to use on the go. But I'd really love to see this app Passbook enabled with location services. Would make check-in so much easier!

  • Very convenient!

    by Sabray11

    I use it daily. Works great and Icrunch helps me track my progress.

  • Passbook

    by AndrewSeligman

    Make it so I can add my barcode to check in to passbook!

  • Integrate with calendar .ics for iphone

    by shankie baby

    The updated version of the app works great for checking in and reserving classes. Please add the functionality to add the class as an event/appointment in your calendar for iPhone. This will help members remember to go and not risk being penalized for not attending.

  • Great re-vamp!

    by Sam941bklyn

    Crunch app developers did a great job re-designing this. I love being able to click one button and sign up for my fave classes.

  • Sooooo much better!

    by DVC90

    This app will probably the most used app on my phone if it keeps up this caliber of performance.

  • Thank You!!!!

    by AmandaMarie819

    Finally!! It's a miracle!! Thank you fixing the app! It works great and I am able to sign in as well as sign up and cancel classes through my phone. Perfect!


    by 02karen

    It's the best gym ever!!:) Awesome app & totally love using it.^_^

  • Huge improvement

    by Egnyegny

    Great app now. Easy to reserve classes and to look at schedules.

  • Congrats Crunch!

    by 2cute2careXO

    Super user friendly. Not only can I find local classes via the app, but I can reserve them now as well? Sign me up, literally! Also, that 'workout progress' feature is my new motivator. Good job Crunch.

  • LOVE the new app

    by fitest99

    this new app works great! I can do all things Crunch easily from my phone. Love that I can book (or cancel) classes on the go!

  • Please add new gym

    by Funny times4527

    I signed up for the gym last week (Tustin) it's not open yet (not till mid march) but I am going to other locations in the mean time. I would like to start using the app please

  • La Verne?

    by ZaagiTravel

    When will the La Verne location be added?! Can't use the app until it is...

  • App is better, but...

    by rosandyreel

    I would like to be able to check my crunch account via the App - like billing, etc. You currently have to go to the full website to do that, and there is no option to go to the full site via the mobile version.

  • Ok, but not the most useful app around

    by San Fran Kiwi

    Useful to check in without the key card, so that's helpful but the "progress" option data is not refreshing when the page is opened so that's useless. When it was refreshing it wasn't accurate anyway.

  • Doesn't work

    by Favouritka

    Constantly crashes. Data download takes forever. Please fix the problem

  • Bike reservations

    by Crunch sf

    Fix the problem. For SF crunch gyms, bike reservation doesn't show up when you reserve for spin classes

  • Crunch snappy

    by Eharmonot!!!

    No longer lists all the classes available throughout the day. Should remember my fav gym or gyms. This is a moderately expensive gym and should have an app that is useful.

  • Still Doesn't Work - Useless

    by sfcristina

    I'm not able to log onto my iCrunch account. The App doesn't recognize my email address or even my membership barcode. At this point, all I want to do is see the class schedule and it won't even let me do that. It's ridículous. The mobile website isn't much better.

  • Class Schedule?

    by JacnJay

    I downloaded this app so that I can easily check the class schedule. Just tried browsing for a class in my city and it's coming up "no results found". Tried scrolling through different dates!

  • Error

    by Mdcosta911

    Cannot find member account. Three versions in a row. Yes I'm using the correct info. Reverse back to no login required please.

  • Missing home gym location?

    by Othellokitty

    Where is the Beaverton location in your list of home gyms? Just signed up for an account. No home gym and now it won't let me log in. Please fix.

  • Can't even log in?

    by Girl98076

    I can't even log in! Would be great if this app actually worked, I get no error message either. Just nothing happens when I click login.

  • Great...WHEN IT WORKS!

    by gomike13

    Would be a great app if it worked consistently. Caused me to lose my reservation privileges after trying unsuccessfully to cancel a class.

  • App not working

    by Robhk

    Would be good if the app actually worked.

  • new app 4.0

    by cb9252

    Love the new app - really glad to be able to make class reservations and check in with my phone.

  • Doesn't work!

    by Ashstella

    App could be great if it worked! It wouldn't even let me make an account.

  • You got it right w/ v4.0

    by agazapo

    Just updated to v4.0. Kudos crunch. You got it right. Give props to your developer and or agency who made this. The check in feature and progress sold me. If you added weight progress that would be ideal. Great job guys keep it up.

  • Horrible

    by Fanitabaker

    Doesn't work! Please get a new developer!

  • Broken

    by Pb45627

    I never write reviews, but hoping that all the one star reviews will help motivate the developer to produce an that actually lets you set up an account and log in. C'mon guys, it's 2013. This isn't rocket science.

  • Awful - Utter Garbage and a Waste of Time

    by NYC Music Fan

    Their old app was buggy and just did not work. (I think I was actually able to sign in to the gym with my phone exactly once -- out of dozens of attempts). The first revised app " solved" these issues by not offering any real functionality in the first place. This newest " update" made the app completely unusable. Now I can't even sign in. I get that Crunch is a "budget" gym and that's fine. It has the basics and that is enough for me. But if they are going to bother with an app at all -- which is part of a company's public face and image -- it ought to work and it should offer real functionality. This app does neither. Whoever is developing this app for Crunch needs to be fired immediately.

  • Missing key functionality

    by KFRicci

    This is nice if you only want to find a class schedule. Wish it had the login with you membership info to scan at the gym, as well as access to the reservation system that Crunch had online. Update: 3/22/2013 Thank you for fixing the app!!!! Love being able to reserve classes from here!

  • From bad to worse

    by No clever name

    Updated the crunch app and now it won't even open! I didn't think it was possible for this app to be worse. I restarted my phone and even deleted the app, downloaded and reinstalled and it still didn't open. How could this not be tested before releasing to the public? The App Store needs to allow zero star ratings

  • Needs improvement

    by Katherine Brenzo

    Would be better if you could reserve classes through the app

  • No good!

    by CharlesGibb

    Just useless. Cannot monitor progress, check in, or reserve anything... Need to fix it!

  • Trash

    by The 1 and only Bot

    This app us awful! Develop an app that is more user friendly and can be used to reserve classes and check-in. You can do better!

  • Ug

    by tklsb

    Can't save location/ant preferences, can't reserve classes, can't see class descriptions.

  • So so stupid.

    by Peter Kriss

    Can't save favorites. Can't even "go back" to previous menu. Can't reserve classes. Can't see full class schedules. No class descriptions. THIS IS A WASTE OF TIME CRUNCH!!! FIGURE IT OUT!!!


    by cmcshops

    I don't want to waste more time on this. ZERO STARS

  • Crunch app

    by sykery

    Useless !!

  • Great gym, miserable useless app

    by ajayinthelife

    You can't log in, you can't reserve classes. The only thing you can do is view class schedules but it doesn't even remember which gym you go to, so you have to enter that manually every single time. Totally and utterly useless. Please, Crunch, fix this miserable excuse for an app.

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