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Make losing weight suck so much less with CARROT Fit, the hilarious talking weight tracker.

** #1 in Health & Fitness! Featured by Apple, Good Morning America, USA Today, CNN, NY Daily News, The Daily Mail, The Drudge Report & more! **

CARROT is a sadistic AI construct with one simple goal: to transform your flabby carcass into a Grade A specimen of the human race. She will do whatever it takes – including threatening, inspiring, ridiculing, and bribing you – to make this happen.

You will lose weight – or else.

Step Right Up
CARROT Fit is the simplest weight tracker you will ever use. All you have to do is punch in your current weight, then sit back and let CARROT pass judgment upon you.

Claim Your Rewards
If you slough off those extra pounds, CARROT will reward you with fabulous prizes like workout tips, cat facts, and permission to watch your friend eat a bag of potato chips.

Track Your Awesomeness
Because math is hard, CARROT will do all the number-crunching for you. See how you’re coming along on a pretty graph, set a goal weight, and check your BMI.

WARNING: Gain Weight at Your Peril
If you blimp up, CARROT will be upset. When CARROT is upset, she gets mean. When CARROT gets mean, there is a 74.9% chance that she will make you cry.

And that's not all, there are more fitness modules - including the Deathmarch 5K and the 6-Minute Workout - coming in future updates!



- Record your weight up to once a day
- Match wits with a hilarious, fully-voiced AI companion
- Bond with your cute & cuddly meatbag avatar
- Earn rewards for sloughing off those extra pounds
- Set reminders so you’ll never forget a weigh-in
- Share your epic gains/losses with your friends
- Track your progress on a pretty graph
- Set a goal weight that you’ll likely never meet
- Check your BMI to determine if you’re still obese

Don't make CARROT angry. Download her now!


Have feedback? CARROT would love to hear from you!

Customer Reviews

  • AWESOME!!!!

    by GTave23

    The BEST weight lose app ever!!!

  • Must obey the CARROT

    by Madarua

    Honestly, I've already lost 3 pounds with this. Tough love FTW

  • good app. would like sync across devices.

    by Nahood

    I like this app. Funny and motivating. Only suggestion is I own multiple devices and I’d like it if my weight and logs synced across them via a web connection. Otherwise I have to enter on each device which is never going to happen.

  • I like it

    by ngasloop

    I wish there were more customizes available, but I do like this snarky little app.

  • She's Mean But Funny!!!!

    by Freida the Cat

    I love this app! I need to be accountable to someone, and the threat of being berated, keeps me honest all throughout the day! So far, so good!!!!

  • Awesome!

    by Joseph Brausam

    Just like all the carrot apps this one is great too. And it's only going to grow from here! (hopefully Carrot won't be mad at itself for it's own growth.)

  • Fun!

    by Leopardprintdaisy

    A fun app that keeps you on track....

  • Super fun app!

    by Lucia Benzor

    A fun friend to have on your weight loss journey :)

  • PH

    by Anynomoose

    I find this no more insulting than your average doctor. It does give u something to latch on to and think about while trying to shed pounds

  • Great app

    by Time= wasted

    Carrot is hilarious! I just wish there was more dialog and things to log in the app.

  • I own all CARROT apps and...

    by Mr. Shawn A

    ... This one is great too! The alarm app is a little too rigid and demanding, lack of customization. This one however is polished and bugless, does exactly what it advertises, and doesn't bog you down with features like calorie counting. Keeping carrot in a good mood is easy as checking your weight. Great for motivation; it's like having a person to talk to but that person never flakes on you... ...and is also a psycho robot.

  • App

    by Hibbing icy. V I. Kinol

    Good app

  • I ❤️ CARROT

    by Tracey Pearson

    Wonderful idea!!! I'll be wearing my

  • Great

    by CaliforniaHank

    This is a funny way to track weight loss. It's definitely for people with a sense of humor.

  • Fun, but how effective?

    by Trey & Peyton

    Enjoy using the app, but don't find it effective. If your goal is fun, then the rank would be around 4, but for any serious help with weight management, the rank is less than 2. That being said, there is strong potential that the company's design team will make needed improvements soon. Hope to increase score...

  • So fun

    by Sooooooo leeeeee

    I like her lol so far so good

  • Ironically motivating

    by Forcedgir

    It's of course harsh, but let's face it all girls are harsh on themselves it's just something to voice it out

  • Mistress CARROT Rules!

    by Lbapp(432

    I am so glad that CARROT can now help me to lose weight so that I can one day become a lean, got minion so that I can better serve her. She keeps me on track and doesn't let me get away with anything. Thank you Mistress!

  • Call me meatbag

    by principalbean

    It harasses me for gaining weight. Rewards me for touching my avatar. How can I lose?

  • Love it

    by Bama Mama

    I respond better to negative reinforcement, so this app is right up my alley. Can't wait for the updates and more features!

  • Meat bag?

    by Anniux21

    It doesn't help with workout ideas... That's the only reason I downloaded it :-( smh...

  • Good app

    by stephanie plue

    Helps keep you on track with the reminders

  • Funny

    by rulirojas

    This App is so funny no matter if you lose or gain some weight!

  • Love it

    by hwend

    A fun app that requires a good sense of humor and an attitude of being 100% responsible for your own life (weight loss). It tells you in straight and fun terms how you really did in your effort to get back to a healthy weight. And don't expect a pat on the back or badge for just showing up.

  • I like it

    by More Seasons

    This app makes "checking in" a lot more interesting.

  • LOVE this app!!

    by Sgreen063

    It is very accurate and hilarious! I can't wait to weight myself in the mornings now.

  • Great

    by Jessica Milliser

    Great app, i love it!

  • Funny!

    by Person35789


  • b!tch with attitude

    by c_l

    LOVE HER!!! I actually look forward to weighing in to see what she has to say.

  • Fun way to track weight

    by Mr.gatton

    Works perfectly as advertised!

  • Effective and Amusing

    by ZXtrme

    From the choice words in the app, the text in the reminder, the minion you can select, or even the silliness of what happens each time you press on your minion to electrocute...this app is entertaining. At the same time it was the final push to make me aware of my weight issue and has encouraged me to eat until no longer hungry and do a little exercise (nothing fancy). Bottom line is that I have seen a slow progression in losing weight. It is helping me to achieve my goal.

  • Great app if you have a sense of humor

    by Scootykitten

    If you can't handle sarcasm the carrot apps aren't for you, but if you have a sense of humor it's great. Really, we all need to stop being so serious! Wish it had a few more features, but I look forward to logging my weight each day to see what carrot will do!!

  • Love it

    by Mswae

    Even turn my volume on to experience the scorn fully.

  • Excellent

    by ORUG@

    i love it,the App is for gamers an i love the challenge.

  • Hilarious

    by "B*tches Be Like"

    Trying to get my fat wifey to download this also. Love it. Hopefully there is a calorie and exercise tracker, I just bought it today. Very clever. Glad I caught the news story about this app. :)

  • CARROT is my idol

    by Lea Nass

    Quirky & odd, yes - but it works for me!

  • Love love love

    by Krysia24

    I love it! I have all the carrot apps and love them all. It's fun. The personality is hilarious and it keeps me going. Definitely helpful to have your phone yell at you like a boot camp instructor if you slack.

  • Loving this app

    by Charm Herrington

    I especially love killing the aviator lol. I feel more motivated to actual get up off my butt and get the weight off!! Give it five stars!!

  • Drill instructor kind if attitude!

    by JackiSwartz

    Love that it does yell at you if you gain wait, and encourages you when you loose it. It needs to be even more harsh, and tell you things even through out the day like hey fatty go for a walk. Could do something like it recognizes eventually your daily eating times so eventually maybe an hour before those times it says put down the fattening food you lard and eat a salad or apple. Idk just some more ideas. Love it so far trying out the alarm clock next :)

  • Love!

    by Wloveolikee

    I love carrot, having something or someone to be accountable to makes me stick to my plan so much more!

  • Funny

    by kbeecat

    Okay so to those who are upset with how the app treats you when you don't lose obviously have no idea about the Carrot apps and how they work. And the app expects you to put in what you actually weigh not some stupidly small weight. And for your goal weight to have some common sense. (Sorry Carrot Overlord coming out.) Deal. I've gained and lost and find this app amusing. Worth it to me.

  • I love CARROT

    by JessAnna86

    I love the CARROT task manager and was pleased to hear about the weight loss app. It is as humorous and harsh as ever (which I love), however it's not very helpful for weight loss. I love to see more options like working with the task manager to have workout reminders and goals.

  • great app!

    by Katie Gillis

    Hilarious fitness app. Avoid this if you get easily butthurt and overreact over stupid things. Get it now of you actually have a sense of humor. :-)

  • Love!

    by Legendofmusic

    This app is amazing! If it could shock me for gaining weight that would be even better!

  • Should be an option for weight increase

    by BobVanceVanceRefrigeration

    I'm a healthy guy who is using this app to track my targeted weight gain, as I am working out. It'd be nice if there was a way to reverse the app where it rewards you for gaining weight, as my goal is to increase my weight via extra muscle mass. Regardless, this app is hilarious. 5 stars.

  • She's the best way ever!

    by CorbearS

    Like many of us the end of the day we have to look in the mirror and decide how we choose to see ourselves. This app has given me more "ammo" in my "I look awesome" corner. Since starting with this app I'm down more weight than without it in the same time frame. It's nice being held accountable, supported and praised. AWESOME APP!

  • Froze up on 2nd screen. Useless

    by Tybee Island

    Can't use it. It froze on the second screen where I am to enter weight. Useless!

  • Great program, has helped me motivate.

    by Randyatsea

    It's great having Siri pass judgement. I make sure she has nothing bad to say. Nice graphing too.

  • Carrot is tops!!

    by Amanda_Ray

    Quick and simple. Actually look forward to recording my weight and seeing what Carrot has to say about it-good or bad!

  • love this app

    by Bluerugswag

    didn't even wanna write this review. just wanted to get carrot's mood up

  • Sorry this is just dumb

    by @expore360

    Lots of great ways to spend $2 -- this app is not one of them. Definitely a cute design, and you will chuckle out of it — but it won’t give you a whole lot more than that.

  • Amusing but

    by SillyDieter

    ... would like an option for the goal to me maintenance. Love the Carrot apps, though. Just discovered them. Make more.

  • Love the alarm clock.

    by NatServ

    Can't wait to try this!

  • Carrot is awesome!

    by Pixlkat

    I have been a carrot fan for a while and she doesn't disappoint again. My avatar was even exercising yesterday.

  • CARROT is the best!

    by akrabu139

    She told me to rate her, so I did. Five stars! Don't zap me now? Please??

  • So cute!

    by atoria627

    Hope it will help me to lose weight ; )

  • Great little app

    by Apppepe

    Great execution, fun to use.

  • Awesome and Hilarious

    by Charlie Stronghorn

    Seriously the funniest app I've ever downloaded. It's actually working too. It's worth the money just for the laughs. Everyone complaining about it- did you read the description??

  • Amazing!

    by IAmShoeLocked

    Over the course of three days I lost two pounds already! I also feel that it is a humorous and fun experience!

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