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Added 10 new poses!

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3D Yoga Anatomy is a tool for students and teachers that ventures beyond the basic shapes of the poses, illustrating the effective forces that bring these poses to life.


• 40 essential poses with variations

• 360º view of all poses!

• Instructions for entering and deepening the poses

• Illustrates muscle actions

Some of the concepts discussed include: “Foundation”, “How long to stay in Asanas?”, “Flexibility vs. Range of Motion”, “Synergy”, as well as “Safety” and much more. A dedicated section of the app deals with deep muscles such as the Iliopsoas and the Rhomboids.

learn more at: yogaanatomyapp.com
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Customer Reviews

  • Yoganatomy

    by Oceania Girl

    This app is very detailed, wonderfully made. I wish they had more poses but overall a great app!

  • Great app for yoga geeks

    by Pocketrocket007

    Please add plough pose

  • Best yoga app there is!

    by Etdorf

    Add more poses quickly please

  • Great

    by Thebeach77

    This 3D anatomy app is a wonderful and much needed addition to my yoga training library. It breaks down each pose structure with the muscle group and gives Sanskrit & English names. The illustrations are helpful also. Great source.

  • Nice yoga reference ap

    by Tatyana1979

    I needed an ap that would show details of which muscles each yoga pose hits. 3d yoga is great for that. I also find good value in the way you can fluently turn the posing character to see exactly how things should be held.. Such as whether or not my head should be up or down, or if my hands should be inward facing or outward. Very insightful. Glad I purchased this ap.

  • Disappointing

    by KbpigKilr

    Great display of muscles used. Not worth the $3.99 I paid for it. 20 poses, most fairly difficult.

  • Love the anatomical aspect

    by Nyccheeto

    Having recently had back surgery I'm focused on specific muscles. The anatomical view of each posture is a great visual aid to help me be aware of which muscles come in to play with each posture.

  • Nice app! Definitely worth it!

    by Minva

    I really like this app, id really it to include all asanas.

  • Fantastic.

    by Monkey110

    I have never written a review because most apps are just ok. This is a fantastic application. As a yoga teacher it is exactly what I have been looking for. This app seems to be in its early stages and is already such a gem! Can't wait to see what is in store for this.

  • Great idea

    by pete list fan

    I find this indispensable and hope to see more poses added soon!

  • Decent

    by Ninjacoog

    The app does a good job of explaining which muscles are used and how, the 3D models are clunky and hard to manipulate though. Also, only some of the muscles are actually shown.

  • Good app but lacks postures

    by James_74

    This is a good app and the muscles color codes are helpful. However, it lacks many postures.

  • Neat app

    by Lorrie555

    Good animation

  • Impressive app!!

    by Namono

    A wonderful reference tool, although all the fundamental asanas are there, more could be included...

  • Stretching companion.

    by Franny.says.

    This app is a great way of seeing which muscles are being stretched. [obviously] but it really helps to pick which pose[s] is best to work on.

  • Disappointed

    by purpledahlia

    Has potential but very limited number of poses. Would not purchase again.

  • beautiful, look forward to more poses

    by Tigruuuuu

    There's a limited number of poses, more for advanced students or teachers. It would also be nice to be able to select a muscle and see poses involving it. I'll update to five stars with the addition of more poses. The app does render limited poses there are quite nicely, with the ability to rotate the figure horizontally (vertically would show more, as would deeper muscle indicators). Don't take your Anatomy of Yoga book out of your bag, this won't come close to a comprehensive summary.

  • Not enough poses

    by Yogaannie123

    Very cool app just not enough poses for the $$.

  • Beautiful View!

    by jessolopogus

    These are beautiful visuals of the musculature! I plan to use this to help my dance students better understand the anatomy of their muscles. As always, I wish there was a good picture of the psoas! Students have a hard time visualizing this muscle and I have a hard time showing it to them! But what is on this app is very useful!

  • Good app!

    by Sittingdoe

    Simply stated and helpful for people who don't think beyond the skin. Not overly detailed, but works for a quick review.

  • Too few poses to be useful

    by skumagai

    Good potential to be a useful app, but currently only supports a few poses; not very useful for me. I would like money back if possible.

  • Less than useful.

    by Tburt78

    The app has a few of the basic poses, but very little useful information. Not worth the money! Worst $1.99 I've so far in the App Store.

  • Limited

    by Susan7739

    I was at first really excited about this app, but then pretty disappointed once I opened it. What it does, it does well -- showing the muscles in the body in a particular yoga asana. But it shows only a very limited number of poses, and only 3 or 4 muscles are identified in each of those views, even though you can spin the image 360. There seems to be no other way to interact with the app. This is an inspired idea, but a very limited execution in the app. Too bad.

  • Nice app

    by carrie hitchcock

    Good general info for major muscle groups used in poses. Also a nice reference for proper form.

  • Ok

    by shadthebeliever

    Cool app but not terribly informative and not many poses.

  • Anatomy/yoga

    by Bebet21

    Wonderful app! Used it to identify which muscles I was stretching during my yoga stretches.

  • Not real excited

    by Anna Tomey

    Small print. not very helpful . needs depth .

  • Happy

    by Top o' the mornin' to ya both.

    Love the app

  • Pretty cool

    by dpt-frosh

    Accurate and thorough....cool beans!

  • Helpful

    by Bframz

    Informative and helpful

  • great illustrations, too few asanas

    by surferanton

    The 3D illustrations are well-defined and the explanation of which mm are stretching and which contracting great. I expected there to be more than 15-20 poses listed, though!

  • Clear and insightful

    by Scriches

    I just downloaded this app 48 hours ago, and have spent perhaps an hour using it. The images are clear and are a very good representation of each yoga pose. I am an amateur yogi and appreciate the understanding that the images give me. Developers: please continue adding poses, and maybe in the future some of the more common mudras. Thank you.

  • Fabulous

    by NOLAdani


  • Great


    The simplicity of this product is fantastic!

  • Great apps!

    by Gretchenroxxors

    More poses please!! Love the app!

  • Very Helpful App

    by BJJGrapple

    This app is good for learning the major muscle groups working during some poses. It would be great if it had more poses!

  • Good app

    by ZmikeyG

    I like.

  • Good for focus, bad for studying anatomy

    by Start Shouting

    Wanting to brush up on anatomy and focus that knowledge in a practical way is why I bought this app... and it's okay for that. It really only shows muscle groups that are stretching and contracting in the diagram. It does have a menu that lists the individual muscles more specifically but I had to get out my anatomy textbook to remember which muscles are part of which groups. However if you just want an app that shows generally which muscles should be your focus for stretching and contracting in some of the most practiced yoga poses this app may be great for you (although the library of poses is relatively small).

  • Great

    by Narfca

    Great app, but need more poses! More poses please!

  • Lacking

    by Ryn Read

    Not very many poses. And I would like to see all the muscles being used. Not just a few. No way to learn the other muscles if they aren't shown. A list of names is only useful if we know where the corresponding muscle is.

  • Awesome!

    by GGShakti

    Very helpful!!

  • Love this app!

    by valerie somervell

    Great app!

  • Love, but

    by YogiAnnie

    Please add more poses! Love the Sanskrit and views. Just want to see more!

  • Hardly any poses!!

    by shoshig

    Cool but not worth it!

  • Yoga

    by Tim1144

    Super awesome. Love it. Can't wait for more poses to be added! Great job guys

  • More poses

    by Savvy678758876

    This app would be worth the $$ if there were more that 15 poses. A bit disappointing.

  • Amazing

    by David Zki

    Worth every penny to understand what muscles are in use during the yoga.

  • Nifty

    by G status yo

    Pretty cool app just wanted to start doing some morning stretches

  • Great App

    by Maria's iTunes/Apps

    YogaAnatomy is great. It helps you achieve more efficient results and it is very user friendly. App shows exactly which muscles are being used and its wonderful 3-D images shows user the correct form; which is very helpful.

  • Great App

    by April 1974

    This app is very good

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