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* Bug Fixes
* New Runners Challenge Added!

Merry Christmas Everyone!

Please check out our updated website and look out for a brand new updated version of the app coming in the new year :)

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This is the official www.30dayfitnesschallenges.com mobile application.


* All 20 of our fantastic 30 Day Fitness Challenges including details and challenge charts.
* NEW - Ability to check off challenge days when completed!
* NEW - Check off a day of your 30 Day Fitness Challenge and it will show on the home screen for easy access!
* All 29 of our easy to follow fitness exercise techniques.
* Simple and easy to use navigation.
* Super fast loading and viewing of pages.
* One off payment & free updates for life.
* No adverts - ever!


Our mobile application enables you to view and complete your 30 Day Fitness Challenge where ever you are, be it at the gym, the office or out in the park and there is no need for you to have mobile signal - so no excuses to miss a day!

The application is super fast and is advert free and always will be, so you can browse and get access to your daily challenge in record time and with no interruptions.


All updates to the app, no matter how big or small with always BE FREE, so you get life long access to constantly updated 30 Day Fitness Challenges without the worry of having to pay anything more down the line.

If you enjoy the new 30 Day Fitness Challenges app then please leave a review, we love to hear your thoughts.

Customer Reviews

  • Fine for starters

    by Poshathome

    This application is fine for starters. Instead of adding more challenges, the developers need to add features and functionality to the app. I would have been fine paying .99 for the app. The mere fact that I paid $3 for it is disappointing. I'd provide feedback, but doubt developers are interested in enhancing. They've already collected my money. #feelcheated #willmakethebestofit #reviewsmatter

  • Has potential

    by rosemj

    This is not a bad app, and has potential. I would find it more useful if it helped with counting - for example, a timer for planks. I agree with the last reviewer who suggested the ability to personalize a routine. There are several things I could suggest, but the developers say they are bringing out a whole new version early in the year, so I'll hold my comments until then. Ok so far - I'm using it.

  • Hopefully future updates to include

    by chrissyroth04

    This app is just ok. It doesn't really do anything that I couldn't just do myself by printing off the cart. I was hoping it would actually have a timer for challenges like the plank challenge, and a reminder feature that would keep reminding me to do the activity until I actually went in and checked off that I did it. Hopefully features that will be thought of for future updates.

  • More personal

    by Lauren0586

    This app is great with the check offs for your progress in the challenges, but it's a pain to get to your challenge. There should be a personalization factor where you can "add" a challenge you're currently doing and access it quickly instead of scrolling through the pages of challenges. Quicker access to the challenge makes completing the challenge less difficult.

  • New feature?

    by Illene.Chelsea

    I love the app! A cool feature that could be added is having a dashboard and adding the challenges you're doing to it!! It would then be much easier to access!

  • Needs Work

    by Matsie

    This is a great app insofar as it replicates the website but some additional more "app-like" features would really improve it. Currently, the app gives you your challenge options, lets you tick off whether you've done that day's exercise & describes each of the exercises and that's about it. It would be really helpful to have reminders that you can set. Every evening when I come home from work a reminder to do 50 push-ups and 75 mountain climbers would be really useful. It would also be useful if I could set the opening page the app opens with. If I have a challenge I am working on, I'd generally like to go straight to that. Although the above mentioned reminders may resolve that. Great app. Thanks for helping me get fit again!

  • App Sharing/social interaction

    by JSquires5/13

    I wish there were a way to share this with your friends and compete in the same challenge with friends. Use your friends to help motivate you!

  • Helping me focus

    by Hat1010

    I'm enjoying this app as it's keeping me on track and focused on relatively simple exercises that I don't need a trainer to learn how to do. I wish that I could "favorite" particular challenges so that the ones I'm working on show up on a home screen or an accessible spot. -- thanks for the update and the home screen that shows your current challenges!

  • Great Potential

    by Mommyteemarie

    I love the possibilities this app has. Unfortunately it's not there yet. I love that all the challenges are in one place and each individual challenge can be checked off as it's completed. However, it is definitely lacking a few things: reminders to complete the days activity, holding open the current challenge without having to go through all other challenges first and even a timer for the challenge requiring timed intervals. Time for an update, please!

  • Straightforward tracker

    by Chicago1160

    I like to check things off so this is a helpful way to do that. Please add "Run a mile a day" challenge so I can track my progress on that too!

  • So far so good...

    by Amberle Bullard

    For the most part I like this app. However, for the price I was expecting a little more. I would really like it if there was a way to save the challenges you plan on taking to a home screen or favorites list. Also, the option to have a scheduled reminder would be awesome! Looking forward to improvements :)

  • Could be much better.

    by Ali9571

    I got this app because I thought it would be a great way to try some challenges and keep track of my progress. While the app does have lots of ideas for different challenges, there is no way to keep track of what you've done and where you are in the challenge. It would be great to have at least a check box for each day to help keep yourself accountable.

  • Not worth it

    by Cchiulli

    I like that it has the challenges to choose from but even the check mark box doesn't work well. So disappointed definitely not worth 2.99.

  • Ehh

    by Lilshap84

    This app has a lot of potential but the fact you don't have much personalization is a hassle. It be great to be able to schedule on a colander, get notification reminders as well as adding favorites. If it had all this it be worth the price.

  • Needs Work to Justify Price

    by Rollin Rubber

    This app is ok at best and deserves no more than $.99 in my opinion. Lacking features that should be integrated would include: —Timer for timed challenges —“Pin” challenges you’re engaged in to home screen —Push reminders —Invite a friend (challenge a friend) —Social sharing —Search for exercises These would be easily added features, so hopefully a couple of quick updates and this could justify the cost of the app. Disappointing in its current form. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to go through 3 pages of other exercises to get to my plank challenge.

  • DON'T BUY!

    by lmnorris91

    This app is not challenging if you are looking for motivational fitness and crap for being $2.99.

  • Do not pay for this app

    by FishnNick

    Spend the ten cents to print the challenges off of their website and put on your fridge. It is extremely limited in what it can do.

  • Nearly useless

    by vanni-nessi

    This app doesn't achieve anything that I couldn't do on the website. There is no timers for exercises like planks, and no options for reminders. It's simply a list that you check off every day.

  • For Girls

    by Dannspd

    If you're a guy save your money. This a girls app, the challenges are way too easy and I could do one whole challenge in a workout session. Creators need to add harder degrees of difficulty to appeal to men.

  • Okay but needs more to be worth it.

    by MeliciousK

    The challenges themselves are very nice and detailed but I was hoping to have an easier way to see what day you are on or maybe some reminders or calendar interaction. Please add some alerts or calendar reminders and this would be great. Not worth the 2.99$ I spent when I could have just downloaded the charts from the internet and marked them off myself. Please let me know when you update it. Thanks and have a great day.

  • Ok :/

    by Michelle Maddaluna

    I was expecting more for having to pay for it. There should be a place to save your current challenges and show your progress. A reminder for it would also be helpful. A running challenge like a 5k type challenge would be nice too. Maybe a video or better descriptions for some of the workouts would be nice too, some of the descriptions are not good at all.

  • Women app

    by Jasim eisa

    I thought this app was good but it is only for women and it is not as nice as you think it is

  • Why buy the app?

    by HJN237

    I was excited for this app and thought it would be a great way to keep me on track for the plank challenge but I was sorely disappointed. For $2.99 I would expect AT THE LEAST I could choose the challenge I wanted to do rather than having to scroll to it every time. I also expected to be able to give myself a start date to help me keep me from missing days and thinking I had either already done it or doing it twice. Finally, for an app focused on daily challenges an optional notification to do the challenge should be a no brainer. Make some additions and maybe I won’t feel ripped off paying $2.99 for this!

  • It's just checkboxes

    by Jsun1310

    No features to justify even paying $0.99 not to mention $2.99

  • Not worth it.

    by mtngirl6

    Great idea but leaves a lot to be desired. It's basically a pamphlet with no interactive qualities ie the ability to record your progress. Great in theory poor in execution. Not worth it.

  • Not worth it.

    by Docreight

    There is potential here. However as of current there is no functionality to this application.

  • It's ok

    by JulieP412

    I know this is a new app but so far, it's only info - there isn't any function to it yet. I would like to see it be able to give reminders each day (because if I don't see it, I forget to do the exercise) ad am looking forward to the update when the user will be able to check off that a day is complete.

  • Not worth the money

    by Greeah

    Wish this app actually kept track of my progress, either within the app or by exporting the schedule into my calendar. Unfortunately, this app is no different than the website.

  • Lame

    by Lucynethl

    It doesn't show you how to do anything. It gives names, but no description or photo... Waste of money.

  • Charts unreadable

    by Delonshank25

    All the charts are unreadable! Also you are unable to enlarge them!! I need a refund or issue an update to fix the problem

  • Plank challenge

    by Bizy8

    App looks well made however you can't pinch and zoom to see text that is written too small. The "full screen" pictures of challenges are illegible on a iPhone 5 with the latest iOS 7x. Can't rotate the app either.

  • Not worth the money

    by Gee--Gee--

    The app doesn't even contain a progress calendar. For $3 you'd think you'd get more info and features than what's on their website.

  • Really

    by RbL7FB

    I paid for this. It is nothing more than a calendar with writing in it. No reminders, no tracking of days completed. I want my money back!

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