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Join the more than 28 million people who are using RunKeeper to turn their phone into a personal trainer in their pocket! Track your runs, walks, bike rides, hikes, and more using the GPS in your iPhone.

Track your fitness activities and have fun doing it
- See detailed stats around your pace, distance, and time.
- Get stats, progress, and coaching through your headphones with built-in audio cues.
- Listen and control your music while you work out.
- Measure your heart rate with many available sensors.
- Take pictures along the way to share and save while you go.

Measure your performance over time
- View a detailed history of your activities to see how you are doing.
- Get notified when you hit new personal bests and milestones.
- Measure your progress against your goals and targets.
- Follow detailed plans to help you achieve specific fitness objectives.
- Turn any activity into a route to do again later.

Share with friends
- Post your activities, achievements and plans to Facebook, Twitter and your friends on
- Let supporters watch LIVE maps of your workouts and races as you go (must subscribe to RunKeeper Elite).

Get a broader picture of your health at
- Integrate your activity data with more than 70 other apps and services including MyFitnessPal, Lose It, Fitbit, Withings, Garmin and many more, to get deeper insight into your overall health.

Note: Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.

Customer Reviews

  • Back to being great.

    by Common sense:)

    They fixed the sync. Back to being a 5 star app!

  • Great app one caveat

    by gadi

    This is a great app to help keep track of physical activity. Only caveat - you can't input your max heart rate which makes any heart zone training useless.

  • My RunKeeper

    by Frank_.J Garcia

    This has really help me push myself!! Love this app! Lots of my friends have started to use this app after they seen what it's done for me!

  • Runkeeper

    by TBKSFA

    Very motivating.

  • Why can't I share?

    by Poop-Stank

    Once I save an activity, it won't let me share on social media anymore. I want people to know I worked out! Otherwise it rocks, 3 stars will change to 4 if they let me share saved activities.


    by Anthony C. Ricci III

    I've had runkeeper so long, I paid $9.99 for it (remember that?). highly recommended you can do everything with it. if you're a beginner, jogger, or marathoner, this app needs to be on your phone!!

  • A great app!

    by Car214

    This app is great in helping me in getting motivated and assisting with tracking my running progress.

  • Excelente.

    by MarcosNoel

    Tem todas as informações que eu preciso em tempo real. Um excelente companheiro de atividades.

  • Loving It

    by SpitzName2010

    Update: 2014-02 Joint CharityMiles which supports great causes and gives me an add'l incentive to get going ;-) Would be nice if app's were integrated. Also a weather tracker for temp and humidity would be a nice add on in Runkeeper to store for each run. Overall loving it and became Elite app member to support further development. Keep up the good job! Update: Still loving App. Found "Mobile Shoe Tracker" app that sync's directly with Runkeeper. Using it for 10 month and 100+ runs. One improvement could be a zoom function when showing the route and run during tracking. Currently the view reset every time a new data point is tracked, making it very hard to see the route and follow it. I had many runs in completely new areas, which I mapped first and then tried to follow the route as I went. Old Review: Nice App. Motivates me and keeps me engaged with running friends. Would be nice to have a gear tracker, e. g. for Sneakers, to monitor wear and tear. Frequent updates make the app better every time.

  • Great App

    by birderic

    This app helps keep me healthy and active. The insights motivate me to do more. It's awesome watching the pounds just "melt off!"

  • I love this app

    by Sam-I-am-not

    Very handy. I like being able to track not only how far, but where I go also.

  • Great app

    by mutemike

    This app beats out imapmyride and trailguru.

  • LOVE IT!

    by Terraame

    It's the best! I can use it anywhere, even with no wifi or phone service!

  • Good app!

    by Jdcep

    Good app. Only question relates to calories burnt calculations (seems high?) as compared to Runtastic which I also use. Do enjoy this app very much and its record keeping functionality is very helpful. Would recommend it.

  • Simplemente genial

    by Kokeariel

    Es una muy buena aplicación para correr , debería integrar algunas funciones mas en la versión gratuita como por ejemplo las powersong

  • Great App!

    by cjh30043

    The more I use this app, with all of its powerful options, the more I want to keep using it for more and more fitness related tracking and logging activities. Is there a way to add P90X workouts to the long list of preloaded log options?

  • Bring back Total Distance!!

    by Happy camper 75

    Please BRING BACK TOTAL DISTANCE!!! I like that I can easily review my past runs and track my progress. It was better with total distance listed. I don't use the share with friends feature. I would like to be able to change the sound cues during a workout.

  • Great tool!

    by Mister_Madhatter

    Great tracking tool for workouts.

  • Awesome APP

    by ArmyGrl60

    The GPS tracker is very accurate; so are my posted times in comparison to using a stopwatch. I also like the feature to manually add training events, i.e. elliptical or stationary bike. One improvement...can you add a feature so that if I am running or hiking with a load, say 40lbs, I can input the added weight? Can the calorie count be calculated based off the additional load?

  • Love this ap!

    by Mandave

    The only issue I have is that the distance isn't always right, but only by a small amount. It's a great way to keep track of your workouts, though.

  • Shuts my phone down

    by mead1978

    The older versions always sucked my battery and then randomly shut my phone off and made it look like my battery was dead. Really hoping this is fixed in the new version as it's a pretty good app.

  • Does not make sense

    by Constantinezh

    It makes no sense that I download the app and then it tell me I should rest today!

  • Used to be better and not worth it to upgrade!

    by Cassandra Clara

    Great app for the basic version but definitely not worth it to pay for the elite upgrade. I upgraded hoping to find the overall total distance which was recently removed and it's not even available now with this version or the one you pay for. Seems so basic...they really should bring that back and add more features for what the upgrade costs per month. This will definitely be a one time thing since I wasn't impressed...5 stars for the basic version but 1 for the elite.

  • Best App

    by fzah1

    This is the best app on my iPhone! It keeps me motivated and is easy to use.

  • User friendly

    by momoflove

    Great app. Easy to use and share only if you want. Motivates me to challenge myself.

  • Run keeper

    by Bobby Ashburn

    Awesome App!!

  • Wonderful App

    by Evolving excellence

    This app is stellar and useful. However the all time distance disappeared. Please bring this feature back it was most useful

  • Total Miles

    by Migs1213

    Just updated the app and my total miles are gone! Bring them back or I'll have to look for a new app! Will not be renewing my elite membership! :(

  • Motivator

    by MrH4mpton

    It's great, I'm constantly trying to set new personal bests.

  • Keeps me running!

    by SmileGuy

    Great easy to use. Love loading up my podcasts and going for a walk.

  • Total mileage

    by Red rocket 10-4

    Bring back the column that shows total mileage....I'm lost without it!!!!

  • Really like this app

    by Davidsonjack2012

    Great app that helps me keep track of my workouts. Love that it syncs up with sleep cycle.

  • Awesomely motivational

    by Btopes

    Before Run Keeper, I would track my run times but never my route or the progress that I had made. Now, having an app that inspires me to get out running more, as well as gives me motivational feedback on my performance, I run up to 5 times a week. Run keeper definitely keeps me moving and working harder towards my fitness goals.

  • Awesome

    by Will Cihla

    You could not have made this any better great job

  • Great running app

    by Jeff Keltner

    I love using Run Keeper! It has helped me understand my running style and improve substantially. Data is a huge help!

  • Simple & Versatile

    by Robert Hohmann

    This is a great tracking ap! Pairs with my heart rate monitor, and My Fitness Pal everything works together to keep me aligned with my goals - love it!

  • The best app!!!

    by Wilfred j

    Este app es el mejor!!!

  • AutoPause Freaking Out Several Times a Minute

    by hackerz33

    In v. 4.3.1 released this week on my iPhone5s IOS7 the AutoPause feature is pausing and resuming several times a minute when I am continuously moving. New bug. Please fix.

  • Love this app

    by KTempleton

    Such a great help to become and stay and athlete!

  • I Love This App!!!

    by Brundige

    One of the main reasons I am inspired and encouraged to run is this app!

  • Disappointed w upgrade

    by 5am7am runnah

    NEED to bring back totally distance!!! that is a must. The update is bad without this!

  • Runkeeper is a keeper ❤️

    by Chap Chap (Darlington)

    Because of this app I have found myself more motivated and achieving goals I thought were impossible. Great app

  • Simply perfect

    by Femaluba

    Love this app! Simple, user friendly. fun!

  • Great alternative to basic pedometer!

    by Geoffar67

    Have been using this app for quite a while and really like it. I had been using a simple pedometer, very basic, but this app offers so much more. I walk a lot doing my job, so I like to see just how far I actually do walk. I just discovered the option to have it automatically start/stop when you're walking 15 min + without having to manually start/stop it; pretty cool! And I love all the other options, tho listening to music on the job will be a no-no, it's great to have that option at other times.

  • My go-to fitness app

    by bikerhikergirl

    Love Runkeeper. Thank you. Please expand your list of activities to include snowshoeing :-)

  • Great app

    by daniezo

    One of the best app's

  • Great app

    by daniezo

    One of the best app's

  • Missing link for Jawbone UP

    by RVA410

    This is the perfect motivating addition to my up and my walking/running. If it were 40 years ago, I would be buying their coaching adders. Today, I am my closest competitor. If I can overcome my years of knee wear, I'll again be on my toes and training with Runkeeper. Until then it is the perfect tracker and monitor reporting to my UP program. Next week I'll connect a heart monitor to my iPhone and complete the system. If only I could have had this when I began running in 1968. WOW!!!

  • My favorite, most used app.

    by RodP007

    I have been using Runkeeper since 2009. My favorite app by far. I have trained, run half marathons, a full marathon, road biked, mt biked, hiked and adventure raced with it. Now that more devices are on the platform it keeps getting better. If I get in NYC Marathon this year, I will use it there too. Keep it up Runkeeper team!

  • Great app!!

    by BC1130

    Great app for running. I highly recommend this app.

  • Great App

    by 1234Awesome99

    Great app! Helpful to new runners especially solo runners who need something talking to them keeping them positive!

  • GREAT app...but 2 changes

    by Fun111djdjdjd

    I love this app for running, helps track time, distance, speed, tells you when your work out is complete, has training schedules that tell you exactly what you need to do on which day, gives you tips, when running intervals it tells you when the next interval has started, etc. It's great, but... I have two complaints (if there's a way to do either of these, someone tell me!) 1) there should be a way to skip the warm up, some days I do a warm up on my own and it just makes the run unnecessarily longer, even if it is only 5 min. 2) I have chosen a training program for a 5k. I'm trying to get better at running faster, but it's really hard to track because warm up and cool down effect the average pace per mile. Also, if I choose a 2 mile run, I need to remember what the distance of my warm up was so I know how much farther I actually have to go. For example, if I warm up for 5 min and don't remember how far I went, then I won't know exactly when my 2 miles will be up. At least for me, I like to know when I'm almost done so I can push myself even more at the end. There should be separate columns that separate what you did during warm up, the actual run and cool down with a total at the end. I would really love to see what my time, distance and average pace per mile was JUST for my run. Ok, I want to see it for my warm up and cool down as well, just separately :) Granted, I've only been using this app for a month and am no expert, but those would be my only changes. I still LOVE the app and recommend it despite my personal issues with it :)

  • Love it

    by Genericity

    Love it

  • Totally decent.

    by Lpoulso

    It helps keep you motivated. Been using it for about 4 months. The GPS has been off twice, but that's out of at least 100ish runs. I would recommend it.

  • As good as it gets

    by BadNuzJr

    Runkeeper is such a great app. GPS is fantastic and when it faults you just edit the route online. Great reports and graphics. Elite is worth every penny so don't cheap out.

  • The only running device you need

    by Allahscubasteve

    I've used this app for years. It is better than any GPS watch I've run with. It's accurate, diagnostics are available immediately and its design is so beautiful and clean.

  • Excellent!

    by Boopdizzle

    Best running app I have tried. Love the way the entire app is laid out, ability to set goals, and how it stores all of your activity. Highly recommend!

  • Awesome app

    by MSchrank

    Really hits the spot for those who want to know the details of their outdoor efforts.

  • Exact features I want and Quick!

    by Manhattan Beach Joe

    I love the audible pace reminders and comparisons to my history. Google map tracking too. And it automagically drops summary into MyFitnessPal. Perfect!

  • Best app for multiple activities

    by Bruinner

    I primarily run, but want to track my workouts in other activities, too. Run keeper lets me track cycling, spinning, rowing and hiking in one place. Also has great training programs. 4 stars for occasional app crashes.

  • Keeps getting better

    by Eowyn99

    I have been using this app for a few years and is so reliable. I run half marathons and 10Ks and this app has helped me to keep a record of my miles per week and pace. I love it.

  • Good, but need a few fixes

    by MoreMackle

    It's incredibly hard to add friends, my contact list never shows up even after I allow RunKeeper access. It has glitches sometimes, will crash, won't let you edit workouts, won't refresh history, etc. I love this app, but with some improvements it could be AMAZING! Keep it up

  • Very useful!!

    by Frodie21002

    I use this app every time I run.

  • Love this app

    by Kustang619

    Great running app! Must go Elite! Lots of extras!

  • Great Run App

    by JDBECCO

    Perfect for use while running.

  • The most accurate pedometer by far!

    by Sobriquet31

    + it works with pact app

  • Great App

    by jeffhayes6

    Great all around app! Love the cues, love the ease of use this app offers!

  • Great for beginner and intermediate runners!

    by Chuck-onion

    This app has been amazing for tracking my progress as I intensify my running. Any problems I'm having likely have to do with my phone which badly needs to be upgraded!

  • Inexpensive Alternative to a GPS Watch

    by Ebethtoo

    I considered a number of options to track my training. I finally decided to try this app and Bluetooth headphones instead of a GPS watch. The combo cost me under $70 and has been working perfectly for my 4-5 runs/week. The audio cues are great and the GPS seems to be pretty accurate. I would love to see the ability to upload your own training plan.

  • Great app.

    by Marcelo Santa Rita

    Love this app. Could improve a little bit.

  • A must have for your everyday training

    by DrEnKeL

    Great app to have for your training especially for my runs and bike rides.

  • Best running app

    by Bella1091

    Love this app. GPS is great, it logs your history, different activities, has plans if you want to do marathon or half, save routes, and sets goals. This app features so many things. Awesome!!

  • My favorite app

    by todd2143

    Use this app to track all my Elite status. Well worth it. Let me delete old training plans please...

  • Highly recommended!!!

    by H O B

    I started with RK in Aug 2012. Its ease of functionality and option to sync with other apps has kept me going strong and staying strong.

  • Good app

    by Gabriela Arriaza

    Very good app I love this app keeps me going

  • Best running app

    by Julianna Marie

    I've been using this app for almost a year. It is very accurate. The training plans are great. It has kept me on track and so far I have lost 17 pounds. Highly recommend it!

  • Great app

    by Thiderem

    Use it every time I work out.

  • Love it!!!

    by MsDimples2u

    It's great for tracking my walks and indoor exercise activity!

  • The best app on my phone!

    by TonyTonyReally

    Now I don't run without my iPhone ! And that has been true since one year ago!

  • Super App!!!!

    by Staceywly

    Best app EVER!!!!! I was able to lose 90lbs from January 1, 2013 to January 1, 2014! Only using this app and the "my fitness pal" app

  • Awesome app!!

    by RenoMusic

    Great app for training. Would love the possibility of interfacing the data from my Suunto tc6 to pull heart rate info.

  • Love this app

    by Ksmith858

    I use this app for all of my runs. I've had it for a couple years now. I used it to train for my half marathons and the breast cancer 3 day walk. On rare occasions the GPS will teach wrong and say I ran 9 miles when it was only 5.5, so I have to delete that entry and manually enter it. Unfortunately I don't always know the exact mileage if I'm on a new route. Overall I'm very satisfied!

  • Great!

    by BonFacts

    Fantastic for helping you to do your routines the right way in terms of distance, pace and time, while listening to music. Your route is recorded for review or future use. You can concentrate in the important things while it manages the rest. Not the best for building a plan, but you can get one from many other sources (Gipis for instance).

  • The Best

    by JamesJiraff

    I have been using this app for years and love it.


    by 22ronin

    Really like this app.would have given 4 stars,except that "paddling"as activity is not included. please,please add PADDLING (ERG,canoe,outrigger,dragonboat)to your list of activities.

  • Run Keeper

    by P439

    This app rocks!!!!! It has everything you need in a running app... Highly recommend this app...

  • Great app

    by Karin lynn

    Love that it syncs with Pact and my fitness pal.

  • Love it!

    by LVtoRUn

    It helps you set, make and keep goals! It has awesome training programs to help increase distance and time.

  • Absolutely great app

    by Adam Smith

    Look no further... absolutely fantastic app and make sure to get the Elite subscription.

  • Best App I Own.

    by Pinkvikchick

    Gives you everything you want to know and MORE. Hands down best running app EVER.

  • Good, but not quite there yet

    by jorgiee valdez

    Love the app but I can't help but notice I only get notified every other time, notifications are always on and sound is to, thank you! I've also noticed there is no way to manually import or add a routine you would have done off the app when my phone or iPod is dead 5 stars when I can add my own off app run or make my own routine

  • Best exercise GPS

    by Dubblepun

    Run keeper is a must have for anyone who walks, runs, bikes for exercise. It runs great in background so you can still listen to music/use phone while it's logging your run. It tracks pace, distance, location, split charts, maps, calories, goals. It really does it all! Love Runkeeper!!!

  • Good

    by Kals2991


  • Love The App

    by Buck Nasty

    This is one of the best walk/run apps I've found. Highly recommended. It works great with my heart rate monitor as well.

  • Best Running App

    by Amber Curry

    I've tried several other running apps & this one is the best. Great GPS tracking & I live the training programs!!

  • Useful app and system for exercise logging

    by amanzed

    Runkeeper is a handy tool for logging my exercise with my 2 dogs. I like its integration with Withings body scale too.

  • Great app

    by Sooners2451

    This app really is great. Being able to track all your runs and compare and challenge friends is a great motivator.. Would recommend.

  • Nice app

    by Vbabu626

    Nice app. Works well.

  • Reliable motivator!

    by jwsully

    Does what it should - pretty reliable and always a motivator when trying to outdo ones best! Sometimes mileage is off when running route takes you under ground, under bridges, etc. but thus app is always on when I run! Works with my Fitbit and My Fitness Pal...great trio!


    by Runner8772490

    The best.

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