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• Fixed compatibility issue with iOS 6
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Moms In Motion Premium provides a total body workout and maintenance program designed specifically for the unique needs of women, especially moms, whether you are a beginner wanting to get fit after child birth, a seasoned veteran in the world of fitness, or an athlete wanting to improve your performance in sport.

Moms In Motion Premium was designed by a group of Personal Trainers, and turns your IPhone into your very own Personal Coach, leading you step-by-step through each exercise with audio and visual instruction. You get a dynamic close-up video of each exercise, along with expert tips and verbal cueing to insure that you are doing each movement correctly and effectively.

Moms In Motion Premium was created for a home based program or to be taken with you to the gym – just follow each circuit of exercises one by one. Simple, fast, effective and proven – it’s like hiring your own Trainer to coach you through your total body workout.

Our Premium App provides the following:
1 – Self Massage / Foam Rolling Sequence
1 – Stretching Progression
5 Distinct Levels of Prep Exercises and Total Body Workouts progressing from Base to Elite
1 – Base Prep
1 – Base Workout with Cardio Intervals
1 – Beginner Prep
1 – Beginner Workout with Cardio Intervals
1 – Intermediate Prep
1 – Intermediate Workout with Cardio Intervals
1 – Advanced Prep
1 – Advanced Workout with Cardio Intervals
1 – Elite Prep
1 – Elite Workout with Cardio Intervals

The Self Massage / Foam Rolling Sequence shows you exactly how to use a foam roller and massage stick to address the most common areas for muscle tightness and trigger points. Our Self Massage Sequence will minimize the risk of injury, aid recovery from your workouts, and maximize performance.

The Stretching Progression covers all the major muscles of the body and teaches you exactly how to stretch safely and effectively. Our Stretching Progression is designed as a cool down after your workout to improve flexibility, reduce the risk injury and enhance recovery.

Each specific level of Prep is a series of warm up exercises, movement patterns and dynamic stretches to prepare the body for the Workout. The Prep also serves as a proper warm up before any type of sport or endurance activity to maximize performance and minimize the risk of injury.

Each level of Workout is a comprehensive circuit program designed to build the foundation for optimal fitness, injury prevention and peak performance. Each contains 3 rounds of 3-5 exercises per round and can be completed in 45 - 60 minutes. Cardio intervals are included in each round of each Workout to maximize cardiovascular fitness and keep your heart rate elevated throughout the workout.

Moms In Motion Workouts are:
Movement Based, Comprehensive, Total Body and Functional.
Designed by Personal Trainers specifically for women, especially moms.
Intended to improve fitness, minimize risk of injury, and maximize performance.
Circuit Style, moving you from one exercise to the next with no rest.
Challenging, Safe and Balanced.
A safe and effective progression of warm up exercises and total body workouts designed for each level of fitness from Base to Beginner to Intermediate to Advanced to Elite.
Efficient, Effective and Fast!

Moms In Motion Premium with FitMap Motion (R)
With Moms In Motion Premium powered by FitMap, you get a comprehensive fitness program with step-by-step instructions and individual close-ups of each exercise. 

Learning exercises is visual.  Every FitMap Powered workout Map and Individual Close Up (R) is demonstrated using a unique design process called FitMap Motion (R) - visually stimulating, sharp, crisp HD graphics with floating imagery in near 3-D layering.  Along with easy to understand audio and graphic tips, FitMap Motion (R) captures the biomechanical nuances of every exercise. 


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