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NEW Fitbit app now features MobileTrack which offers basic Fitbit activity tracking directly using your iPhone 5s. This app connects with Fitbit’s line of activity trackers and Aria Smart Scale to get access to all your stats on-the-go.


•TRACK ACTIVITY: Accurately track your all-day activity including steps taken, distance traveled, calories burned, active minutes, and more using your Fitbit tracker. With MobileTrack, iPhone 5s users can now experience the power and accuracy of Fitbit right on your smartphone using the M7 coprocessor to track your basic activity.
•SYNC WIRELESSLY: Fitbit trackers continuously sync your stats with your iPhone 4S and later to give you real-time access to your progress without plugging in.
•SET GOALS: Set goals, view progress, and track your trends with easy-to-read charts and graphs.
•LOG FOOD / WEIGHT / SLEEP: Log food, water, weight, sleep, and workouts to get the full picture of your health. Connect wirelessly to a Fitbit Aria Smart Scale to seamlessly track your weight.
•STAY MOTIVATED: Challenge, track, and share your stats with family and friends. Leaderboards, notifications, and badges help you reach your goals faster.

Learn more about Fitbit activity trackers, smart scale, and services at

Customer Reviews

  • Great app

    by Cmlrc

    Overall I am happy with this app, does everything I want it to. The only thing I'd like to see added is a bar code scanner to make adding food easier.

  • Fit4Use

    by blue_sue

    The FitBit app works well with all of my gadgets. Everything synchs up; so no matter if I'm by the iPad or phone or PC, I can retrieve my stats or enter my sleep or food. One of the drawbacks people may notice is the pedometer measures 10k steps at 4.7 miles regardless of length of your stride. Another is the food / calorie tracker could be a tad more comprehensive. Finally, this seems like the most complete package out there and I can't wait until someone on their team figures out it would be a great idea to add heart rate monitoring.

  • Me encanta

    by Carlos Arenas

    Fit es muy bueno y lo utilizo en todo momento

  • I give Fitbit 5 Stars!

    by Jay_O'Conner

    I love my Fitbit Force. I learn new things about the technology and myself everyday. I know this will enhance my experience down the road. Also, I have NOT had issues with the band/clasp - like I read about before purchasing it - which is another major plus.

  • Fantastic but needs a few tweaks

    by Kaniac 2220

    I purchased my Fitbit to track my sleeping habits, my steps & to monitor my calorie intake. It is great for my steps and sleep, however, the food portion is a little more difficult. I would like to see a barcode scanner added to the app to make logging your food even easier. I made a butter and jelly sandwich and I had to make a separate entry for each item. Help me if I make a sandwich with more than 5 ingredients. It would take forever to list all of the ingredients in the app.

  • Fitbit <3

    by DaMiTJaNeT

    Great way to change my way of life.

  • The best activity tracker, period.

    by bfishadow

    I should give a five star but I can't find the monthly step view screen which I need desperately :(

  • This is one fantastic app!!!

    by robx1

    I use it every day with my Fitbit force and it works just fantastic!!! Can't wait for notification update!!!!

  • Nice app like the monitoring!

    by Rose McGinnis

    Like that I think about my activity level

  • Love it

    by Monkey's Gal

    Keeps track of everything and syncs well. No problems

  • I like it but..

    by Emily Beutel

    I like the steps and sleep tracking (pretty cool). Adding food takes way too long and the calories are high when doing a search. Something as simple as olive oil and plain turkey breast was way off. I am looking forward to improvements. Customer service was very nice and was quick to respond. Too bad my iPad is too old for fitbit app.

  • Lovin' my Fitbit Force

    by Watching my Calories

    Great app. Working on learning all the features, but definitely love it so far! Nothing like seeing that calorie count jump to make you put down that donut!

  • Integrates with MFP

    by DC in BG

    I love the fact that my new Fitbit Force app integrates with MY Fitness Pall app. Enter food in MFP and it syncs with Fitbit. Together they provide a complete picture of how I'm doing. Love it!

  • Love this App!!!!!

    by KitCat501

    I love this app so much!!!

  • Motivate!

    by Rnpiggy13

    This keeps me on target with steps. I don't use it to track food so for me it works great!

  • Nice Upgrade

    by Kevin Fowler

    I just upgraded to the Fitbit Force today. I already like it. My previous version was a little fragile but served me well. One too many trips through the washer did it in. The wrist band will take care of that. The app is easy to use. Yay!

  • FitBit

    by BarbstheWalker

    I absolutely love my FitBit. I walk every day and it is very accurate on how many steps and especially the total mileage. I wear it all day and would be lost without it. I can't praise the functionality enough of the FitBit - everyone should own one!

  • Awesome device!

    by Wallace ZMA

    This little tool is great. With the Force paired with my iPhone, I am keeping much better tabs on my physical activity and eating habits. Knowing how I sleep at night is good too. I'm watching what I do before bed time more and changing my pre-bedtime habits. It's helping me sleep better.

  • Love it so far

    by Linda Baker

    Love it so far

  • H-bomb

    by Heather "H-bomb"Clark

    Got til august to lose 20lbs, can't wait to see my progress!

  • Limited functionality

    by Htown H

    This is about the app, not the bracelet. As far as I can figure out this is purely a dashboard. All manual data entry such as foods consumed and specific exercises (e.g. Weight lifting) must be entered with calories burned via a computer. The data that is presented is well designed and presented.

  • Great app

    by Lcdlax1234

    Great app! Have had no problems using it. Easy to use and great product!

  • Fitbit One

    by Bluedntattood

    Love it! This is by far the best fitness tracking device I have ever owned. I am motivated to beat my own accomplishments on a daily basis. It won't get you in shape or make healthy eating choices, but it is in my opinion, an effective informational and motivational tool. Thanks Fitbit!

  • Disappointed

    by dukesdad1

    The app is not very useful, and not user friendly. Basically ok if you want to know what your tracker is recording but with a force and most other devices it is easily read on the device. Should have made the iOS app so that goals could be changed. L

  • Solid!

    by Tatertot1969

    So far so good! Love the App and the Fitbit Force! Easy to navigate!

  • Good app

    by Bl7020

    Works good so far

  • So cool

    by Littleelvis

    I received the product yesterday and I love it so far. Track everyone in one app. There are no monthly fees. Can't wait to see how healthy I am a couple months from now.

  • Fitbit

    by ciscoBP

    Great app

  • Pretty neat!

    by Miguel De Dios

    Overall a pretty neat app, the main tab is great about showing you steps, miles, calories burned etc. The only thing I didn't like was the Friends tab, had trouble finding friends I know have Fitbits via my contacts and Facebook. Improvements should be made here.

  • so far so good......

    by So Cal Flyer

    the app is very user friendly. It sinks easily with my iPhone. I'm still getting used to having the Force on my wrist rather than using the iPhone but once I get it calibrated it will be great. My only complaint is that the dongle is too wide to have both mine and my wife's plugged in to my MacBook at the same time. It would be nice if the dongle could be programmed to sync with more than one Fitbit so I wonldn't need separate ones.

  • Great but room for improvement

    by 1969LDM

    So far so good. Loving my new fitbit and all the info the app provides. However, when logging food, it would be awesome to be able to scan barcodes.

  • Help full

    by thunder27_98

    Very helpful app

  • Please update!!

    by nicole.marie0102

    I wish the app had more of the features that the website has. I can't search through food like I can on the computer, and it really needs a barcode scanner!! I would like to be able to solely use this app instead of using this and MyFitnessPal.

  • Give Fitbit a go

    by Ice Bat

    Fitbit is a solid and unobtrusive tracker and the software provides the right level of ‘incentive’ to keep you inspired. The app does exactly what you’d expect, and interface is elegant and intuitive. If you want more in-depth data, the website Dashboard is superb. The only challenge I’ve had is that Fitbit has a very limited food database when compared to apps like Lose It, etc.

  • Major Issues

    by Jdog3501

    App is crashing and unable to input food, sleep, activity, or sync with online database.

  • Easy and awesome

    by OG Son

    I started using this app about a week ago and I love it so far! It is so easy since it automatically syncs to my device I can track my calories burned and what I intake in no time at all. I also have some friends on the app so it is a good motivation to see others up and moving.

  • Fitbit Force

    by LeeJ2472

    It would be perfect if it had a heart rate monitor. I would also like more detail on the sleep option like some of the competitors have ( REM sleep, etc...). Other than that I have no complaints, so far so good!

  • Not as advertised

    by Leo Bova

    This product needs some work - nice idea, but the sync doesn't always work, the scale app doesn't sync, and the sleep function stopped working after one week. I wish I had waited to see if they could have worked the bugs out before I bought.

  • Language unmatched

    by iGun benifits me 5 dollars!

    My iPhone is a 5C from Japan. And I have set all the language and location relative settings to Chinese/China. (My itunes account is an U.S) Still, this app works on my iPhone well, only in japanese. Why? Is there any way to change it to English?

  • I really wish it worked correctly.

    by Jrock2281 

    Great concept. When it turn it on in the morning to record food I've eaten, it is stuck on yesterday, but it says "today". You need more quality app developers...this isn't that hard.

  • Love the app!

    by susiechoitz

    Can't wait for the improved update

  • I love my fitbit

    by Reluctant fitness buff

    I love my fitbit

  • Calories in vs calories out

    by Anna888

    I use it in conjunction with myfitnesspal which records what I eat. The two apps sync up to track calories in vs calories out. Great tool to keep me in line! At the end of the day, I can check in to see if I can afford that piece of chocolate. :)

  • Works great

    by Cromspop

    Other than sometimes it does not seem to sync...cld be user error works great!! I like the dashboard and that u can keep track with friends if u want. List of foods is really good! I rarely have an issue finding what I ate or plan to eat not listed and it's not difficult to add something.

  • :(

    by GriselFunes30

    Having a hard time with sync!

  • Where did my food go

    by Red-Tex

    I like this app but I am trying to log the food I am eating and it disappears or moves to a different day.

  • So far so good!!

    by LindosVan

    I started using this app with the Fitbit Flex bracelet yesterday and it works great!! It also synchronizes seamlessly with My Fitness Pal and sends me cute encouraging messages as I hit my daily goals.

  • So far, so good!

    by Ropesmith

    I do like fit it so far. I am still learning things about it but that makes it interesting. I would suggest its use to family and friends. Much better than my old pedometer.

  • Conceptually Cool, but Labor intensive

    by Fingerpix

    Nice looking, functional ap I downloaded since I bought the Aria scale. Updates accurately, but if someone is inclined to train, I'd rather spend the extra 20 minutes working out rather than logging all the data. For some people logging data may be their obsession, but I'd say 'Just Do It'.

  • Good app

    by Nlee1985

    Overall good app!!

  • Simply awesome

    by Laxbob8

    Dashboard is great and food plans are a great way to really analyze what you eat!

  • Useful but needs some work

    by SCN nurse

    I LOVE my FitBit and the app for the most part is fine but I use another app to log my foods (lose it) since it is way too cumbersome to log foods into this app! Recommend checking out the other app mentioned for a great and easy way to log foods!

  • Great App! Would like to add weight goal

    by rob8campbell

    I have had the FitBit Force and this app for 2 days now and love it. What seems to be surprisingly missing is a weight goal. An ability to enter a target weight and then track against it. If that could be added, it would be awesome.

  • Loved it.....until!!!! Smh

    by Unbreakable Twin

    Loved it til I lost it. 100$ gone in less then a month I wore the smallest one. When I recieved mine in the mail. I didn't think the grey clasp was stable but in my research I didn't see where there were too many complaints referencing this so here's mine. Although I loved it I will not be replacing it. It could get pricing. Sorry fitbit.

  • Great app!

    by christinaf2

    Very cool and easy to use!

  • Fitbit Force

    by Lchines

    Easy to set up and easy to use. I love it so far!

  • Fitbit Force

    by Lchines

    Easy to set up and easy to use. I love it so far!

  • On Track!

    by Simply CB

    For first time in a long time, I find I want to record food, weight and work toward exercise goals. After only a month, I lost my wristband running in and out of several several stores, gloves off and on, etc. I continued to record my food even without syncing capability but so missed the sleep log and daily step record that I had to order replacement. Am right on track with my weight loss goals of 1# a week!! First time I've been able to do this with so little effort. Just wish there was a safety catch on the wristband for if/when it accidentally comes undone. Even still, am big fan and love sharing how helpful this truly is!

  • More friend features for app

    by AprilK2010

    I want to use my friends daily steps to compete/ motivate me throughout the day but you can only see their cumulative/ lifetime steps on the iPhone app. Would prefer to see their daily steps. It's not convenient to go online to check.

  • Amazing

    by Janna023

    Love it!

  • Great App

    by Ashley Murrell

    This app is user-friendly and convenient! I love it.

  • Easy to use

    by *dirty*

    The only thing I might say is it would be nice if the steps while on an elliptical could be counted and if there were a scanner to log food. Otherwise, it's very easy to navigate and use, and the data it gathers is helpful and motivating! I love my Fitbit and the app makes using it that much easier.

  • Working 4 Me

    by TommieT

    I am coming off an injury that has kept me from exercising intensely for months, and the resulting weight needs to come off. Fitbit helps me establish a goal and then tracks me toward that goal. It also sends me messages of encouragement. I LOVE it!.

  • Fitbit

    by Smcak

    I just love it. I use the caloric in/out, water, sleep, weight, and exercise. It's super easy to set up--and, I'm not a computer person. I love, love, love that it syncs with my fitness plan.

  • Somewhat easy to use

    by WVUchic2000

    Would be better if a full instruction booklet were available as well as more food brands in the food log.

  • Great App

    by ryanjones94

    Takes a bit of time to sync with the tracker, but overall it's fabulous. I love the calorie counter, the water intake and the calorie burner. Really keeps me focused on being healthy

  • Awesome!

    by ColtsFan65

    So happy with the app!!! Easy to use and love I can track everything on it!

  • Great! Want sleep support!

    by rdeleon774

    Fitbit please add auto sleep support of some kind without having the actual fitbit and by using the m7 processor. I will pay an in app purchase for the sleep feature.

  • Just needs a scanner

    by RJ0131

    Awesome app but it really needs a bar code scanner for food items. Takes awhile to type and search for a specific food item. A pain when creating your own on the go. Would be nice to be able to scan an item and enter serving size information.


    by Hammer2041

    I love this device. I find myself getting more steps each day. I'm pushing myself harder than I would without it. I do wish it would record my gym activity like the stationary bike and the elliptical.

  • FitBit App

    by CarGuy46

    A three day user and find it helpful, easy to use and sync with FitBit Force. Shared with a visiting friend and she bought two. Sleep monitoring and activity level is very helpful and encourages higher activity.

  • Food log plus...

    by LadyMathea

    I'm currently using the app without a device just as a food log, and I'm liking it so far. There's room for improvement, though. I find it difficult to log foods that are homemade, so I mostly just kind of guess at how much of each ingredient is in the portion I'm eating. It's not the least bit accurate, I'm sure. Another feature that I would love to see is just a little notes section for each day. I'd like a place to journal my thoughts with regards to food or whether I'm feeling energetic or icky on a particular day. It would be nice to be able to sync up that kind of information with what I'm eating.

  • Love it!

    by Terecia

    Does way more than I thought it would and is so easy to use!

  • Awesome

    by mikul78

    Amazing device

  • Great App

    by Kbueb

    Love love love it!!!

  • Love it.

    by Bleubook

    I love the integration with myfitnesspal.

  • Fitbit

    by agnathra

    So far I am really loving this app! With Bluetooth on it is constantly receiving info from the fitbit!!!

  • Works Great

    by Per4mnce

    I really like the iPhone interface and wireless synching. This app makes my fitbit easy to use and useful.

  • Great app

    by Ten Yard Stare

    I love this app. It makes it so convenient to check anything with the FitBit. It does make it easier than having to sync with your computer just to check on how many steps, calories burned, and miles walked.

  • "Thanks to Fitbit"

    by Steelworker7898

    I was given a Fitbit a year ago. It was one of the best gifts I have ever received. The fitbit has been instrumental in helping me gain better health. I was close to being prescribed insulin. Since I have been working out with my fitbit I have my diabetes under control. I also have lost 35lbs. I have enjoyed my fitbit. Takes just a "Little Bit" to help you get fit!!!!

  • Do you even read these

    by Imbxjx

    First off do you realize jawbone is way ahead of your app. The barcode scanner is something that I personally can't believe u don't have. It's incredibly difficult to find an item without it. Second to find friends is nearly impossible. I had to go though friends of friends to find people that I am friends with on Facebook. Personally jawbone is the way to go I should have bought it instead.

  • Fit bit

    by S553

    Love it

  • Love the app

    by Erob27

    The app is easy to use and I love my fitbit tracker and scale. I'd highly recommend to anyone, especially one who loves data!

  • Great accountability tool!!!

    by Takemout

    This app is fantastic!! Gives valuable data and helps to keep you motivated and on track. I would like to see abit better food reporting tool to track daily activity.

  • Love it

    by Nadaned

    I have both the Flex and the One. The Flex is my favorite and would be 5 stars if I didn't have to reset it occasionally. It loses it's ability to show progress in the light patterns or randomly stops occasionally.

  • Love it! Fun and easy!!

    by Lesliesitz

    Layout is intuitive. Synching is seamless.. Only thing keeping it from 5 star is the too small food data base. All of my packaged food comes from trader joes and there is about no tj food in database. Love love everything else!

  • Great app

    by CynthiaM.

    Great app to track a workout

  • Works great!

    by Try11

    This app does what it says, pretty simple and easy to do. I like seeing the sleep pattern and i find it easy to log my food. it took a little bit to learn how to set the thing to sleep but it's easy now. Nice feature to have the alarm , it is gentle and wakes me up gently.

  • Motivational

    by CatholicMom

    Easy to use.

  • Love it!

    by J3nnababy

    I've had my fitbit for nearly one year and this app makes it that much better. I can easily track my daily steps, calories and goals.

  • Just started using the app

    by Pubfranc

    Usually use my desktop computer, but like the ease of sending encouragement messages or taunts to Fitbit users in my circle of friends. It will also be useful for updating my steps when I don't have access to my desktop.

  • Needs a few quirks fixed

    by Bryanajo_M

    It takes FOREVER to sync with my fitbit flex, but is accurate when it does sync. Needs a more user friendly surface, it is hard to find all the stats you are looking for without digging!

  • Great App!!

    by AAntone

    This app is amazing. Love all the tracking capability. So awesome that it syncs with My Fitness Pal. I can log all my food and exercise there and it automatically transfers over. Very happy!

  • Used to be perfect but now…

    by Kataang

    Since updating my fitbit doesn't register on the app half the time or says I have steps but erases them later. I can't even figure out if I'm achieving my goals. Please fix this!!!

  • Like it.

    by Anyilp

    Like other users have said, I like it but the food list is too short. Please expand and add a bar code scanner option. Thanks.

  • Fitbit zip

    by Jazzercise1981

    After reading the reviews for the more expensive FitBit bracelet I decided I'd try the Zip with a smaller $ investment. Overall I am pleased with the sync and the small size. I can't say I am totally confident about the numbers it is recording for activity, steps, etc. But I think it's close enough. I don't use the food part and I don't have any friends that are using yet but that would be fun.

  • Shemanskia

    by Msbibs

    This app is great! The only thing that would make it a 5 star would be if you could add in calories from your own recipes, not just what is on your app.

  • Fitbit has really helped me

    by One who loves God and America

    Love the Bluetooth update between my force and the app. It has definitely given me the inspiration to continue on my health program. So far have not had any problems! Great app!

  • Good if it would work

    by Not so thrilled with this one

    The app worked well for a couple of days, but now crashes every time it's opened. Please fix this.

  • 40-something

    by Mearsjm

    Wearing the Force has really raised my awareness and increased my activity levels. I love the silent alarm feature, and have several set throughout the day to remind me to get up from the desk job and take a walk. Side benefit: I'm seeing my coworkers more. I wish there was a way to use the device to track things like glasses of water as I don't carry a phone with me a lot of the time. I agree with some other users that the app could use more foods, a scanner, and a more convenient interface, but it's still pretty decent. I'd love if it had heart rate/pulse monitors, etc., but for the price, it's very good. 4 stars.

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