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Update for iPhone 5.

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Food Diary is a journal for keeping track of what you eat and what exercises you do every day. It adds up all your calories for the day, and taking into account your basal metabolic rate shows you whether you're above or below your caloric intake target for the day.

• Calorie counting.
• Foods and Exercises.
• Built-in presets.
• Create your own custom presets.
• Photo attachments.
• Basal metabolic rate (BMR) calculation.
• Body mass index (BMI) calculation.
• Weight tracking.
• Chart progress over several days.
• Optimized for iOS 4 and Retina Display.
• Metric (kg/cm) and English (lb./ft.) units.

Made in NYC.

Customer Reviews

  • Helpful software

    by Mikexls

    I am using this software daily. I have diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and am overweight. The Food Diary Calorie Counter is helping me to face reality with how many calories and what I consume daily. This is the beginning of being able to control what, when, and how much I eat and drink. I can already see a correlation between my caloric intake and blood glucose reading. Since I began keeping record of everything I consume, I have lost six pounds. Thank you for this very helpful software.

  • BMR – nice and simple

    by 7lbs_away

    This is a great app once you get your head around Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR). The app gives you your BMI, which tells you where you fall between skinny to obese. Initially I was looking for a program just to count calories, and was a little upset that I couldn’t get a running total on how many calories I consumed during the day, but the tradeoff to my surprise is, this app gives you better information in how many calories you can eat at any given point in the day to stay within your BMR goal. I got more than I expected.

  • Keeps me honest

    by ChipsGalore

    All you have to do enter the calories and try to stick under the number and you lose weight, simple and elegant

  • Exactly what I was looking for!

    by Zamdog

    This is perfect for my goal of tracking calories. It is quick, easy to use, and lets you enter calories manually. If you do use the lookup feature, it is efficient and doesn't have millions of useless entries. The "Custom" feature lets you define foods you normally eat for quick access. Every operation is very intuitive and efficient. I love the running 24-hour calorie count and the chart showing consumption per day. The only thing I miss is something that tells me how many I have consumed (and how many are allowed based on the goal) for the current day, i.e. since midnight or something. I need to know how much I can eat for dinner based on what I ate all day. It's a fairly simple calculation to do manually, but if the app had that it would be absolutely perfect. I give it 5 stars anyway because it is so helpful and I use it all day every day. To Felt Tip Inc.: Well done! I hope you implement my suggestion in a future update.

  • incredibly useful

    by monica40

    Thanks to this app, I am counting calories for the first time in my life and it is almost fun! With the custom presets it's very easy to enter calories of various foods I commonly eat. I love how the target calorie number adjusts based on how active you are/how much you weigh/etc. The only reason I didn't give it 5 stars is it's kind of hard to edit the custom presets and I often have to reenter to set the time if I am entering stuff a while after I ate it. But overall it is incredibly helpful -- I've lost four pounds in three weeks thanks to this app and I'm MUCH more aware of my food intake. Great buy.

  • Ok

    by Danielles7

    Basic but ok tool. Bug with height is fixed.

  • very basic

    by ksaathomas

    This is a very basic tool. It will not look up foods caloric values so don't buy it unless you are wanting to read the calories right off the labels of everything you eat. would be perfect if you could search for foods. I was disappointed in this app considering the price. I am the most impressed with Lose It and that one is FREE!!!

  • I'm otherwise a fan of stuff FeltTip makes...

    by kurious_kevin

    ....but a diet app that doesn't sync with a desktop version is worthless. Dumped it for another one that has this major feature.

  • Weak.

    by Living Comfort Eagle

    Doesn't have any presets for a sandwich or a chocolate bar.

  • Not what I had in mind

    by artcee1

    App would not change date automatically--just kept a 24 hr increment. I wanted cal count by date.

  • Can't enter your own calorie amounts

    by FeliciasNH

    You have to choose the calories for your custom foods based on 20 calorie increments. That's too broad of a span. Would be better if you could just free form enter the calories for your custom food.

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