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Fixed a nasty little bug that caused the app to crash when editing workouts.

Thanks so much to all our loyal users who've waited so patiently for this update!

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Seems too simple right? Well put it this way. You know you need to stop eating junk and exercise regularly. Then why can't you do it? Why is it so hard? Why do you always fail?

No motivation. Motivation is the secret ingredient. Motivation is the SINGLE thing that will make you stick to your diet & workouts when you feel like giving in, when your world is falling down. If you want to lose fat or gain muscle - you NEED motivation.

That's what this app is for.

As well as showing you the RIGHT exercises and how to do them, it gives you something WAY more important.

It gives you MOTIVATION.

"This app talks to you. It's like having your own Personal Trainer in your pocket - making you sure you get fit, stay fit & never quit."

Join the MILLIONS of users of my Fitness apps and get RESULTS with the #1 Health & Fitness app in several countries.

WOMEN: You will lose that stubborn tummy fat and get a tight sexy stomach. Tighten & tone your arms, thighs, butt and legs FAST. Gain loads of energy, feel super confident, and HAVE FUN doing it.

MEN: You'll lose your belly fat and carve out ripped six pack abs FAST. Pack muscle on your shoulders, chest, back, biceps, triceps, forearms, quads and calves. Look and feel like a boss.

Don't pay over $50 / hour for a Personal Trainer. That would quickly add up to THOUSANDS of dollars. You don't need to pay that much. This app works. Our users are seeing REAL results and you can too.


If you are not going to do the workouts - DON'T download this app. If you think it's too expensive - DON'T download this app. Go and download a game.

But if you're serious about making some BIG changes, if the body of your dreams is worth it, if you're willing to DO THE WORK - then let's get started right now!

I'm not going to lie to you. This is NOT a free ticket to getting the body of a god/goddess. BUT If you're consistent with the workouts found in THIS app, AND you eat right...

You will achieve success beyond your dreams.


- 700 fat burning exercises with steps & animations
- 320 body-shaping workouts for all fitness levels
- Gorgeous illustrations & step-by-steps
- Design your OWN custom workouts
- A Personal Trainer in your pocket
- The most comprehensive Fitness app in the App Store
- MOTIVATION to get fit, and STAY fit

This app actually TALKS you through your workouts, showing you what to do, counting out your reps and motivating you along the way! It's so easy and fun to use.


1) Open up Body Workouts Pro daily

2) Choose a workout depending on your experience

3) Press the 'Play' button (top-right) & the app will TALK you through the workout - giving you encouragement and motivation as you go!

"When workouts are this fun, you'll actually do them. That's the key difference. That's why this app is working so well."

Download Body Workouts Pro now and make the decision to get your dream body - no matter what.

See you on the inside! - Mike

Customer Reviews

  • Custom Rhythm never adjusts in workout

    by Princejron

    Can we get an update that fixes the custom rhythm to update with work out. When I change the rhythm to slowest or fastest it doesn't change in workout, please ....thank u

  • Shouting down?

    by Great make!

    I love this app it really is great and helps me keep my mind on my form and not my reps!!!! But recently it has randomly closed on me in the middle of workouts :/. Once it is fixed it'll be the best

  • Great App!

    by mollz045

    I love this app! I used the stand alone workouts but now have this one! The only situation I have is I'm in the middle of a workout and the app seems to freeze up and then closes out. It's kind of annoying to go back in try finish.

  • Won't open!

    by Makaynerd

    Every time I try to open it up it exits me right out! I have an iPad. Would give it 5 stars otherwise

  • Would like to give five...but

    by Kfkjfljyr

    I got the stand alone exercise apps as they came out and use them. This app, which consolidates them all (and adds some more [fit ball, jump rope, resistance bands]), is great. And there are some problems. First, I count a total of 39 workouts that are in the stand alone apps which have failed to make it over to Body Workouts Pro. About four each in: Barbell, Butt, Cardio, Core, Dumbbell, Gym, Back & Neck, Chest, Hips & Thighs and Kettlebell. That's kind of annoying and it seems like a simple fix. Second, the previous reviewer will appreciate this, Body Workouts Pro actually did add new leg exercises! But two problems occurred. First, while you could see the new exercises on the exercise list (Himalayan Mountain Climbers was one) they were never incorporated into workouts. Second, after the update, the new leg exercises vanished from the exercise list. Please bring the back! And create workouts using them!

  • Really great.

    by Zombiefy

    Nice app, I have lost 5 pounds in a month. Please add more leg workouts.

  • Can't create Custom Workouts

    by Def89

    All the app will let me do is name the workout. Will not let me add exercises to the workout. I bought this mainly to create custom workouts. I'll re-rate this if someone can tell me how to add exercises to my workouts.

  • Great in concept

    by Jellybeanbellini

    Workouts are great. Wish we could play music in the background though. And we could change the speed of pre-set workouts.

  • Crashes

    by Ducttape534

    It'd be nice if the app didn't crash every time I create a new workout schedule. It keeps crashing until I delete everything.

  • No Sound.... :-(

    by Messi.jr.10

    It says that this app speaks and encourages... But it was not! There are pictures and descriptions... That's it!!!

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