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We fixed that awful bug that made the app crash when editing & opening edited workouts.

Thanks to all our loyal users for waiting patiently while we worked on this fix!

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The #1 App To Lose Belly Fat (Used By Millions)

MEN: Lose your belly fat and carve out ripped six pack abs.

WOMEN: Lose your stubborn tummy fat and get a tight, sexy stomach.

This unique app TALKS you through all the right exercises to lose belly fat.

***** "I did not really believe these workouts would really work, with it's unorthodox methods that I never see anyone do at the gym. But then I gave these ones a whirl and my abs are on fire! Normal machine crunches are a thing of the past! I highly recommend this app!"


- Easy abdominal exercises with steps & animations
- Pre-set workouts with 4 difficulty levels
- Design your own custom workouts
- Your own personal e-trainer (via email)
- In-app trainer voice!


1) Open up Ab Workouts

2) Choose a workout depending on your experience

3) Press the 'Play' button & the app will TALK you through the workout - giving you encouragement as you go!

Join the MILLIONS of people who use this app to lose belly fat!

P.S. Did you download it yet? It's 100% free and will help you lose belly fat and get a flat stomach.

Customer Reviews

  • Plzz explain

    by Michael _24 r

    Idk what you guess are talking about 40$ books and a video my app works fine I've used it fir about 41/2 weeks bow and I've lost 15 pounds and my stomach got flatter. And abs are coming in

  • Love it!

    by Bvb's wife

    Nobody should hate on this app. I love it, especially boot camp. I would recommend this to my friends.

  • Im lost

    by RKO

    So im i gonna have abs or just a woking for nothing

  • ي سلام وش هالفن

    by عضلات


  • Updated version WAY BETTER

    by BChojna

    You now have a choice to watch the videos or just skip them and get to the dozen or so ab exercises + more. The exercises come with great pictures and detailed explanations of each step, or you can check out one of their tailor made workouts including the ab exercises. They've made them really easy to understand and do. There's also a fit club and a social place to post pics of your progress @ meet others on their way to hard abs. Most importantly...Try it out now because there is no longer a 20 minute wait to get to the "core" of the app. Get it? :P *facepalm*

  • by Chammiechoo

    This is actually a great app, I didn't even watch the video I just clicked out of it and I didn't need to watch it was that simple -.- I can't believe most people didnt do that so ya when the video thing opens up (I didn't watch it) but don't watch it there should be a black "X" on the upper left corner , click it then it will open up the app and if it comes up again just keep clicking out (: it will save 20 minutes of your life lol

  • Amazing app!

    by Track Star333

    Gives you nice workouts! And the visual representation is pretty cool too...the promotional video did pop up when I opened the app, but I simply exited out of it to get to the exercises.

  • Great app!

    by Idisusufvudfhhstekvjfyatejcys

    I am in love with this app! I downloaded it and even after the first workout, I felt a difference! After about 4 weeks my abs looked great! I use this app almost every day and it works wonders! I love that the app allows you to edit your own workouts so once your muscles start building, you can add to the workouts! The only issue was that there was occasional crashing; nothing too bad, however. If you really want a toned midsection, this app is perfect!

  • Great workout

    by Healingricky

    STOP HATING! Ignore that video in the beginning go straight to the workout. You can modify the workout to the way you like it. It's a good app, just ignore that dumb video, and that word chillax. I use this every other day and I'm almost crying at the end. It's a good app. Good job

  • It does work!

    by Philliephanpat

    This app isn't bs. Skip the stupid video and do the workouts. It works! I enjoy it cause it kept me going and built confidence to keep doing it because I felt it working! Stop being jackasses and actually do the workouts


    by Hdkrdhd

    It crashes in the middle of my workout and it messes everything up. So please fix this.

  • Great variety

    by Whitesworld

    This gave my a wide range of workouts that I didn't think of using before and gives a step by step of how it is to be done. Love it!!

  • Good (here's a tip)

    by Blogger 12345

    I'f you don't what to watch all 20 minutes of nothing just to use the app just watch the first 30 seconds then wind to the last 30 seconds then it will let you use it. Great app got 6 pack in 4 weeks

  • Great workouts

    by catch1792

    The video was pointless but you can just fast forward through it the workouts can be really challenging and it is a great app

  • Video

    by hrltxs

    I just clicked on the "X" on the upper left hand corner twice and I was able to bypass the video.

  • Really Works!

    by lily143w

    Wow! I was doubtful, but this actually works! Don't watch the video, but the workouts actually help build a stronger core / stomach, and my six pack is on the way.

  • Idiots

    by Yes it's me!

    Everyone that is complaining about how you wasted 20 minutes watching the video, you should all feel DUMB because you could have easily forwarded the video to the end

  • Great!

    by Rohitbensehgal

    Many people are saying its bad but if you pay enough as a little attention you can close out of the video in the beginning... And start working out, it is very good and i know it works

  • Please fix the crash bug

    by Bradley Jonas

    Great app, but in the middle of a workout, it'll crash, please fix it.

  • It's good

    by Boojthemooj

    I'm 13 and I've been doing this for about almost a week now. I see changes but not as fast as the app and the other reviews say they are. If you are committed to getting great abs, get this app, but it will take a while.

  • what

    by FelipeGalaxy

    i didnt even download this why is it on my phone

  • Stupid.

    by Emgirl101

    All you do is watch a video. I downloaded this app to help me work out to get a flat stomach but all I did was waste my time and watch a 20 minute video.

  • Stupid

    by Graci M.

    It's a waste of time to listen to a man telling you to buy another mans book. DON'T WASTE YOUR TIME UNLESS YOU WANT TO BUY A BOOK PROGRAM FOR FORTY DOLLARS!!!!

  • NO

    by Clayton's girlfriend

    Ya I'm not getting this after I read all the reviews! I got it to write one.

  • OMG

    by Olivia joy

    I hate this app I thought I was actually going to get abs but its a waste of time


    by Ivehadenough.com

    IT IS A 30 min video of this guy selling you an ab workout thing and saying never to do ab exercises and then after they just give you a bunch of an workouts. He is just selling his product. There is ads all over this app it is horrible do not buy so many better ones out there

  • 20 minute commercial!

    by Dscottfrazier

    Do NOT waste your time on this app!!!

  • Stupid

    by Phffrv

    After I download this app, it wouldnt let me go in the app. It kept Crashing. This is so stupid!!!

  • My Abs Are better

    by Abs R Us

    Boooooorrrring and a waste of time... Go to the gym.. Eat right and train hard ! The end!!

  • ads ads ads

    by Keema LaVey

    I hope you like full screen ads, because you are going to drown in them with this app.

  • 20 minute infomercial

    by Skacey

    Basic Ab workouts, looks to me like several of the five star reviews are made up users. Waste of time, skip it.

  • Beware sales gimmick

    by zooeyo76

    This is one of those horrible watch this dreaded boring sales pitch for how you too can lose that belly fat. Then after watching that the sales ad stays up under each exercise ! The Ad is larger than the exercise illustration. Way too annoying for me.

  • Lame

    by Listerine0000

    Maybe this works, but each time you use a lot of these exercises, you put your spinal cord at risk. Crunches are disk crunchers. Shouldn't even be doing them. The core is meant for stability, not flexibility. Sure, you can get nice abs from these work outs, but you can cause incorrect firing patterns to happen within your body which can cause other muscles to compensate.

  • Stupid

    by Col fre

    Just a 20-minute, poorly-made infomercial. Don't waste your time.

  • Terrible

    by Jmac1180

    Provides great work outs but is terribly designed every time you open the app a video pops up that no one in their right mind spends 20 minutes to watch. TAKE THE VIDEO OFF

  • A hard core workout

    by Dbss84

    I already feel my abs coining in after one workout

  • Great

    by Zombiegrower

    I see that a lot of people are upset about the ad that they had to watch. I never got the ad, so all I can say is that the workouts are awesome. I always feel it the next day. Very helpful

  • Love it

    by AllyGraceShrader<3

    I'm a cross country and distance runner in track. Being fit is essential. Just do these work outs religiously (everyday--sometimes twice a day) and you will see results. I saw results in the first week. And you can skip the 20 minute video by clicking the X in the corner. Good luck and have fun!

  • Worthless app

    by sgreddie

    Don't waste your time with it.

  • What app?

    by Neo_11

    Him: Here's a 20 min video about how you should not buy any exercise stuff or your stupid! Well... Ya know... Except for mine... ;) You: "What about the app?" Him: Ha! Like I give a F^€K!

  • Great app

    by Mosko902

    People r complainin about the ad in the beginnin but thts not a big part of the app the workouts r great and help a lot

  • Very nice app.

    by MistoPhan

    I love this app and the others by this maker. Yes there is that video that pops up every time you open this app, but guess what? All you have to do is hit the little 'x' to close the ad and then select your workout! It's not only the ad. There are great workout routines on it too! Just use a little common sense and close the pop up ad!

  • Skip the video !!!!

    by krissavee

    After you skip the video they give you great workouts that help and you FEEL the work being done .

  • Scam

    by Dottiejeans

    I feel like such an idiot for listening to a twenty minute video discussing why you should buy a forty dollar book. He spend the whole time putting down an exercises, and then the app teaches you how to do an exercises!! He is no better than the scams that he tells you to avoid. DO. NOT. DOWNLOAD. It is false hope and a waste of time.

  • Contradicting advertisement!

    by £is

    The 20 min video in the beginning is a stupid waste of time and just a scam. After talking badly about all the other stuff people try n get u to sell and then turns out that's exactly what he's doing. Jerk! Don't download. The exercises r the same usual ones I'm sure we've already done. :/ I wish I could put 0 stars

  • Stupid comments

    by Dbozz11

    U guys are all stupid u have to exit the videos and it takes you to the abs workout

  • Don't do it.

    by Guava Gary

    Waste of time

  • Half and half

    by MothertruckerIhatenicknames

    The app is stupid when you try to skip the breaks, but the workouts are pretty good.

  • Good

    by Civshdhdhdhsg

    U can skip the vid a begging by fast forward the work out is still great

  • Gigfghnj

    by Rterrtrt

    Keeps crashing

  • Low quality app

    by Jim5263018

    Not very good. Was hoping for something more helpful. This is basically just a video player.

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