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Now you can play music in the background and follow Ivan's instructions in the same time.

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Dreamed of having your own personal trainer but can’t afford the hefty price tag? Now you can have your very own personal trainer from the convenience of your iPhone.

"A new and wonderful training app that teach you how to be a muscle man." - Best10Apps.com

Narrated by Ivan, a cartoon-animated Russian tough-guy who won’t take no for an answer, the Steel ABS A6W app guarantees rock-hard abs in just 42 days and 30 minutes a day.

The A6W Six-Pack ABS Training Program, requires no special equipment and very little space, so you can do it virtually anywhere. Plus, convenient voice prompts guide you through the exercises and count down repetitions—so no slacking! With Ivan’s motivation, you’ll be well on your way to abs of steel.

The Program is one of the simplest and most proven methods to help those who want to FINALLY have the sexy, rock hard belly you’ve always wanted. It is based only on six easy excercises. After 42 days of workout you will see great results and 6-pack ABS!

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Customer Reviews

  • #1 Ab Workout App

    by Becca P--

    I've had this app for about a year now and just restart it when I'm trying to get back in shape. I have yet to find another one that shows results as fast as this one does. Highly recommend it to people who have a month or so to get into shape. Just eat healthy and drink lots and lots of water!!!!

  • Really works

    by Mkjjjfdd

    I used to have it on my tablet and it really strengthen my abs. At first, I was barely able to finish the workouts. Within a week, I did them with ease. I have a lot of fat on my stomach, I could tell my abs were growing. I wish they worked more on burning fat.

  • So far so good

    by Mr.mike456

    I have not yet finished yet but it has been working for me. To me it's a real challenge. I wanted to quit the second day but I didn't. When I finish this app I will give another review

  • Amazing!

    by echo-gaming.org

    I NEVER review apps; but, this app has impressed me so much that i thought it really deserved a review. Im on day 16 so far and I love what I see! I used to do about 120 situps a day for a month and saw no results..but after using this app I have nice abs and all I'm doing now is working on toning them. I definitely recommend you get this app if you're interested in getting yourself a nice 6-pac! I wish they also made other fitness apps haha!

  • High

    by S24m


  • Alright

    by SweetThang1004

    I took a chance on this app and I am glad I did, even though I didn't exactly get abs out of this ( I do other exercises and go to gyms ) I love the 6 exercises though.

  • Great App

    by Big Tiny

    If you want your abs challenged this is the app for you! Trust me! You will feel your upper and lower Ab regions worked to the max. My only issue is that these exercises don't target the obliques. It only makes sense to workout your lower, upper and obliques. You'll have to incorporate your own oblique exercises. But this app provides challenging Ab exercises for the beginner, intermediate or pro. After 42 days of consistent exercises, you'll see and feel the difference! Ivan will help you! Love it!

  • 8th day

    by NeneBurr

    On my 8th day on this app and I love it. Great ab workout.

  • Great but....

    by Hikarisilver

    I have enjoyed this app very much so far. I would give it 5 stars if there was more variety in exercises but otherwise very good app for those wanting to get good abs.

  • Great!

    by Shroomvolcano

    It's a tough workout to start but stick to it and you'll see results. The vocal cues are great to help you keep on track and the animations show you exactly what you're supposed to be doing. 'Ivan' is a great personal trainer. Five stars!

  • Great

    by Luggage hog

    Love this app. Just trying to get abs before next school year working great!

  • Perfect

    by Microsoft employe

    Love it within 2 days I saw results note that I did three exercises every day instead of one

  • Great app!

    by xXKoryxXx

    It deserve a five out of five.

  • 6 pack

    by Pancho281

    I hate doing ab workouts and now im on day 11 and it's working pretty good. Now I catch myself looking forward to doing my workout after work. Hopefully by day 42 I can see something..

  • Good

    by Meanaverage

    I hate doing ab work. To me, it is a hell similar to leg curls. I like how this routine slowly eases you into it. Then again, I'm only on day 3.

  • Does what it promises..

    by jRoKk09™

    But I don't believe this provided six pack abs. The movements aren't enough to really burn away belly fat and show your abs, but they will strengthen them. You need more dynamic movements to really burn away belly fat when it comes to ab exercises. If you truly push yourself though, you will see results after 42 days. A great workout routine developed by Joe Weider. I recommend it.

  • A6W

    by The Swaggmaster

    I downloaded this app once then delete it cause I was too lazy! Then I decide to download it again later a few months later. So I'm on day 1 so far so good

  • Great

    by Jareske

    It's great so far, I'm curious if this app can deliver as promised if I keep up with the app. I'm impressed so far and will update after competing the full time period.

  • Disappointed

    by Mr. •V•

    10 days in and it stops working unless you buy it.

  • Not enough direction.

    by @#$%^&*

    The graphics are too rudimentary to instruct the movements the voice is cute but ultimately annoying. Not my favorite app.

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