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Wondering if your newborn’s getting enough to eat? Sleeping enough? Growing and hitting milestones fast enough? Keep track of every amazing moment of your little one’s first 12 months of life with the FREE What to Expect Baby Tracker — your mobile partner in parenting. Stay on top of your little one’s schedule and pick up practical tips and reassuring advice on all things baby with this new app from Heidi Murkoff and her best-selling parenting guide, What to Expect the First Year.

At home or on-the-go, you'll find everything you need to know to help you make the most of your baby's first year — right at your fingertips. You’ll get:

• A personalized tracker for keeping tabs on feeding and sleeping sessions, diaper changes, vaccinations, and more
• A month-by-month guide to baby development and behavior
• Practical advice on baby care, doctor visits, colic, and more
• Ideas for games and activities, no matter how old your baby is
• Access to the What to Expect message boards so you can get support and ideas from other baby mamas (and dads)
• And much, much more!

Download the free Baby Tracker today so you can start feeling like a parenting pro — and start capturing every magical moment of your child’s first year. And join Heidi and a whole community of other new moms and dads — and their babies — at

Customer Reviews

  • Forums

    by Tapbirdfan

    I live this app and use it all the time but it will not allow me to log in on the forums. The screen is just blank everytime I click on it. Also, when I tried to post pictures (prior to being logged out and unable to log back in) I was unable to because there was no photo icon.

  • Forums

    by Tapbirdfan

    I live this app and use it all the time but it will not allow me to log in on the forums. The screen is just blank everytime I click on it. Also, when I tried to post pictures (prior to being logged out and unable to log back in) I was unable to because there was no photo icon.

  • Annoying

    by Jessi4981

    I enjoy reading posts and have followed some really helpful ones. However, I got a new iphone and can no longer sign in. I have tried deleting the app and adding it back. I have also rebooted my phone. I would like to be a part of the posts again...(When I click the button to sign in, a blank window pops up)

  • Can't log in

    by Llput

    The app itself is very functional.. But not being able to log in and post is very frustrating. Please fix

  • Great app - needs bugs fixed though

    by Deelee Cheetham

    Great app. Works well Most of the time. I like that I can select one category and view all entries for it. Just has a bug where if you make an entry and want to edit start and end times sometimes they won't change independently of each other. So you change start time...and the end time Becomes the same as the start and visa versa. Also would like to see an option for the counter in feeding entries to have each breast as a consolidated entry if part of the same feed, as apposed to separate entries per breast.

  • Needs an export function

    by bicuspidfish

    I find this app very useful, but I have 2 improvements I would like to see. An export function to email or excel and a log in to allow other devices the ability to track. When I leave and my husband gives our son a bottle or changes a diaper he as to tell me to add the data. It would be nice if he could have the same account pulled up on his phone. But I do like the ease of recording, editing and adding data.

  • Please fix log

    by Undead_Brony

    When switching between logs, the feeding log takes you to two weeks prior instead of current day. It's a pain scrolling each time. The diaper log stays on current day.

  • Glitch with feeding timer

    by Love the app not the glitch

    I love this app and the way it is set up! There is one big problem - it sometimes doesn't register that I stopped the feeding timer and saved it! I know I stopped and saved it, then the next time I go in to feed again the timer is still going from 2 hrs ago. If that could be fixed or have a way you could at least then save it from when you push stop timer so you aren't constantly guessing I would appreciate it.

  • Ok

    by ~*Amy*~*

    I wish the message boards had a feature that allowed you to easily find your posts. Also, when you click "more" to view more topics, it always brings you back to the top which is highly annoying!

  • Needs a pause function

    by KristenAnne

    Great app especially for breastfeeding, helps keep track of which side to start on. The timer though could use a pause feature, sometimes my baby falls asleep or I burp her in the middle of nursing, and the timer keeps going, so a "30 minute" feed really may only be 20 minutes or so...

  • LOVE it

    by Bri9ette17

    The ONLY thing this app needs is an option to email the log to yourself so it can be printed out. Please please update to have this option!!

  • Export needed

    by lyoung02

    Really, really needs an export feature for the tracker. The tracker is not nearly as helpful without the ability to take feeding info to the doctor, for example. Also would be nice if the feeding timer could be paused.

  • Could be better

    by wifey4eva

    It could be better if you can print or email feeding times to your doctor. My daughter is drinking formula and not gaining weight the doctors asked to track feeding and it would be soo much more helpful if I can email it or anything instead of having to write it down what's the point in putting it in here when I have to write it myself later?

  • Exactly what I needed

    by Zannict

    I was looking for a nursing timer that was easy to use but that I could also plug in past feedings to. This is perfect for that. My only complaint is that there's no way to pause the nursing timer for when I'm burping or relatching my baby.

  • It's ok

    by ilovecomcast

    I wish it had a pause timer button for feeding and also a way to share data between two people. Other than that it's just alright.

  • Love

    by Jes-18

    I never write reviews but this app has been such a lifesaver since I downloaded it. I have one month old twins and nurse them at the same time. I tried so many different ways and apps in the first two weeks to track their feedings, sleeping, and diaper changes. This is the only app that has worked for me. It makes it so easy to go back and forth between each child and I love using the timer so that I don't have to pay attention to the time I started nursing, which is hard in the middle of the night. Great app especially for moms of multiples.

  • Love it!!

    by ShayaBlue

    This is a wonderful way to keep track of my baby girl's schedule ....I'm always so tired (taking care of a newborn does that! Lol) this app helps me remember stuff about which side she nursed last, and how long ago she nursed last....fantastic!

  • Use it everyday

    by TabLVT

    The tracking is much easier and less cumbersome that other apps like ibabylog. Works great!

  • Useful, but could be better

    by Debra-I

    I use this app on a daily basis and it has worked for me. A few things I would like to see is a separate tracker for medicine dosage, which is more common than a vaccination, and another one for pumping. I'm transitioning back to work and would love to have that feature on here. Other nice to haves would be the ability to download your data and sync with other care providers. Hope to see some updates in the future.

  • iPhone 5

    by SalliBeal

    This app needs to be optimized for the iPhone 5. The current layout makes it blurry on the 5.. The other WTE apps are good, but when will we see this one getting updated?

  • Needs an update for iPhone 5

    by Stinavetta

    Please update the app so that I can use it on the iPhone 5! The login screen is blank!

  • Export and multiple devices

    by Chickychicky123

    This app is great. I love how I can add items after the fact. Easy to modify start/end times if your little eater doesn't want to wait for you to get set up and press start before feeding. I would really like to see the app allow you to export to Excel or at least allow you to email the information so you can print. I'd like to view in a table/graph format so I can see if baby is developing any trends. I also cannot log in. When I try to log in to the discussion boards, I get a blank pop up screen

  • Update Unable to Log In

    by MzIan

    Since the update, I can't log in to post in my groups. The sign on screen is blank and just says okay or cancel. Please fix this!

  • Sign-In

    by EmLewRich

    I have used this app for 2 years. I just got a new phone, downloaded the app, and it won't let me sign in. When I click "sign in" it brings up a blank screen. I have even deleted and re-downloaded, and still nothing. I loved this app, and used it daily and am very upset to not be able to use it now with my new phone.

  • Can't log in with ios7?

    by Gary Johnson

    It just gives a blank pop up without any way to log in.

  • Was good before the pop up ads...

    by T-dizzle26

    I used to live this app. Then today when I was starting the sleep timer, while sitting next to my SLEEPING BABY, a freaking pop up video started playing and woke her up!!! Are you kidding me with this?!? The banner ads are one thing, but loud obnoxious ads popping up unexpectedly ruins this app for me.

  • Great for first time moms and dads!

    by RachMarineau

    LOVE this app for tracking feedings and diapers. I'd also love to see a Tummy Time tracker. It's nice to have one place to see how my baby's progressing as she adds more time on her tummy. Agree with the other reviewer that a place to log height/weight, etc. would be nice.

  • Fix it!!!

    by BabyS0313

    There is a blank screen in the groups page!!!!

  • .

    by ColeH.

    Great when it actually WORKS which tends to be a rare.

  • Won't open!

    by jonlongdong

    Can't open the app! Don't know if anyone else is having this issue but it's just a blank screen. I've uninstalled and re installed and it's still the same...bummed because I love this app. Looks like I won't be keeping it

  • Please Fix!!!

    by Low2010

    I love the forum that this app offers....however I hate that it rarely works and it's annoying having to scroll through them each time you go back from reading a post. :(

  • Great but...

    by Jason Bahl

    I really do like this app for feeding and diaper tracking. I would like to see if developers will add a pause feature to the feedings. Also we need a growth tracker for height and weight. That would be nice!

  • Disappointing

    by Gina0501

    The layout of the forums is really annoying. I used to use the pregnancy version all the time until I delivered, then downloaded the baby version. Due to the cumbersome nature of how the forums are- since you have to constantly reload the threads every time you go back to the forum from reading a post (and that's assuming you can even access the forums at all) I've been using a completely different baby app that has a more logical format. I'm considering deleting the wte app altogether but keep hoping an update will fix the issues and I won't have to.

  • Improvement

    by Meaghan615

    I love this app the only thing I wish is when you are nursing you can pause it during burps and pick up at the same time instead of it continuing.

  • Groups don't work, but tracker is nice

    by Lwaf

    I have been using the tracker do I know which side baby last fed from. However, I loved and used this app more when you could view and post on the forums/groups. Now that rarely works. I would go back to this app if they fix it!

  • Needs a few things

    by annapeko11

    I basically just use it for its tracking which can use a few things. I wish it had a 1/2 oz option because sometimes I don't give my baby whole oz- sometimes it's 3.5oz. Also, i wish it added up the total oz fed to the baby or at least listed it where it has the number of diapers. I don't need to keep track of how long the baby ate. I like to keep track of how many oz he ate in a day.

  • Never works!

    by EC's Lover

    IF you can get the group you want to open, you can RARELY get the threads to pull up. IF you are lucky enough to get into the threads, you CANNOT get the posts open to view them and reply. The app is junk and they should fire whoever designed it and start over! The website is just as bad!

  • A must-have for breastfeeding moms!!

    by Jetfire1001

    A must-have for breastfeeding moms!!

  • Crashing

    by ta_smith

    Love the app forum and feeding features, very helpful. But it has recently crashing and is becoming increasingly more frustrating. Please fix and I will update my score/review.

  • Needs fixing

    by Bethan143

    I read the forums everyday but lately it crashes a lot. I hope it gets fixed soon because its getting really frustrating. When its fixed i will update my review because I like the app a lot.

  • Is great when it actually works

    by Pskertch

    This app is really useful when it actually works. I love tracking diaper changes and feedings but the forum is always messed up. It's nice to talk to other moms... It'd be nice if the forums weren't constantly messing up. It takes forever or doesn't load. PLEASE fix this!!!!

  • Needs enhancements

    by Egk1980

    I think the forums are the most useful part of this app yet it rarely works. Trying to read or post to a forum takes too long as its unreasonably slow to load - and shuts down half of the time. It also forces you to scroll through and reload all posts when trying to read the next item. The website is just as slow and poorly designed which leads me to believe that WTE just isn't prepared to handle the large volume of users.

  • Not too bad...

    by love2beloved08

    I like the app and the use of the timers. As a person that used the forums via website before ever finding this app I wish you could "favorite" your most used forums so that they would appear at the top rather than having to scroll back and forth through the whole list.

  • Please fix this app!!!!!

    by Jrt320

    The content on this app is great when it works...which is not often! The forums almost never load, and when they do, you have to re-scroll through all of them once you open one post. Please, please fix this application so that you can actually benefit from the content that is there!

  • Urgh

    by Madamesita

    Used to love this app I've been on it since I got pregnant 13 months ago. Now the forums won't load at all. This needs to be fixed.

  • Constantly crashing!

    by Lola8023

    I love the forums on this app, but lately it crashes/doesn't work constantly. It needs a lot of work!!!

  • Horrible!

    by Zmommy45

    This app has horrible interface especially for message boards and recently has decided to stop working all together. Deleting!

  • Good concept needs work

    by PickAxues

    I like this app but the groups function needs work.

  • Crash, crash, crash

    by Ilcurry

    This app used to be great but now all it does is crash! I only use it for the forum these days but it NEVER works any more. Ugh! Please fix. The forum is SO helpful!

  • Suggestion

    by Buggs031013

    I love the tracking features on this app, but I do have one suggestion. I would love the ability to pause and restart the timer on the breast feeding timer so that I could get a more accurate accounting of the time my little one actually spends feeding. Other than that, this is a great app.

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