@life – Feel a life Health & Fitness App Review (iOS, Free)


Languages: Croatian, English, German, Slovenian

Seller: EMG of Rochester, Inc.

- Implementation of new programs (goals) through a mobile phone (Fit and Active, Relaxed and Confident, Diet and Habits)
- New sports tracker for endurance and strength exercises
- Performing activities according to the fields (Medicine, Nutrition, Sports, Psychology)
- Fast access to program’s activities
- Nutrition history
- UI improvements
- Bug fixes

Health & FitnessFreeIOS


Measure you stress levels and get advice from top sport experts on how to perform warm-ups, and conduct exercises for strength, flexibility and balance. These easy-to-learn exercises include work on breathing, deep relaxation and autogenic training. Keep track of your activities and selected physical inputs. Regularly perform popular endurance tests to objectively assess your progress.

App features
•Record your workout data
•Keep track of important training information like average speed, distance and your HR values (a compatible Wahoo or Polar HR belt is required. They can be found in different online stores)
•Track your running, cycling or hiking routes on the map using GPS
•Watch exercises downloaded from www.a-life.eu.com
•Fulfill a questionnaire in the App to get your stress profile, or visit the web portal at www.a-life.eu.com for a more detailed evaluation
•Perform one of the three supported endurance tests, namely: the Cooper test, the Rockport test or the Step test. Get an instant evaluation of your physical wellbeing!
•Collect selected parameters like weight, HR while lying and standing, blood pressure and % of body fat with your app and evaluate your improvement over time on the web portal www.a-life.eu.com using the built-in synchronization feature
•Programs are available only in the @life PRO version and are not included in the @life FREE version. @life PRO as opposed to @life FREE enables the usage of speed or tempo when carrying out activities and more settings with the auto pause feature.

All data can be synchronized to your profile at www.a-life.eu.com, where you can use additional features grouped under analysis, advice, diary and progress.
Please note that using GPS and Bluetooth can dramatically decrease battery life. GPS is used during these activities, the Bluetooth is used also when performing automated HR measurements during the endurance test or morning measurements.


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