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"Has a ton of beers and I have lost 10 lbs since I started watching my beer "bites"" - Chris ◆◆◆◆◆

The ONLY beer nutrition guide in store with over 200 kinds of beer, favorites list, and constantly updated database!! It has food score values for classic & new systems!

So you are trying to lose a few pounds and it's going good... BUT it's not easy to track beer because you don't know the calorie or food score value of each beer!!!

If you don't track your beer intake properly you could RISK all of your hard work and unknowingly gain all those pounds back!!

BUT wait... you have your phone with you 96% of the time (except the shower... at least I hope :p) So that means that you have a HUGE database of beer food score values with you wherever you GO!!

That's exactly what this Beer nutrition guide app does for you! It gives you all of the beer food score values and calories for the most popular beers on the market!

Purchase this Beer nutrition guide app now to ensure your weight loss success and enjoy a long, healthy, and happy life!

P.S. This app is on Sale for $0.99 LIMITED TIME ONLY! Regular price is $1.99!

P.P.S Get this now so that you don't fall off the wagon!

√ Over 200 kinds of Beer included!
√ Use this app also to know the food score/calories you will consume and what to order.
√ Provides you with food score values(classic and new) and calories of the most popular beers on the market!
√ Easily keep a list of your favorite beers.
√ Check out the screen shots & see for yourself!

◆◆◆◆◆ - "So much info! Great app for anyone trying to lose weight."
◆◆◆◆◆ - "Has all the beers that I drink! LOVE IT!!!!"
◆◆◆◆◆ - "This is my most frequently used apps!"
◆◆◆◆◆ - "This app makes tracking so much easier!!"

Customer Reviews

  • I like it..but...

    by missladyleigh

    I like this app and find it very helpful but I really wish there was more of a selection of beers. If this app is intended for a beer enthusiast such as myself, then you really should add more craft brews. There's no Stella on the list... No Lagunitas... Etc. and those are pretty big names. This app only lists the typical watered down beers you drink in college when you don't know better. I hope they release an update soon that adds more of a selection. It would also be nice to have this link up to the itrackbytes app so I don't have to open 3 different apps to get the points and log them (also used the restaurant one).

  • Great app! I've been needing this!

    by Laurenkatie86

    I think this app is a fantastic start, and something I've been needing for a while, as alcohol can be hard to track. I would love to see a bigger craft beer selection (Dogfish Head for example), or perhaps a beer bites calculator for the beers that may not be listed here. How are these bites calculated?

  • Bummed!

    by Ironcole

    There are quite a few beers listed, but I drink Labatt and it isn't on here! Please add Labatt's beers! (Blue, Light, 52, etc. )

  • Wrong and not many beers

    by tommydrama

    Guiness Draught only has 126 calories. All the points are either 3 or 5. They have beers not sold anymore like Bud Light Wheat and Skinny Dip. Why?

  • Disappointed

    by Smithfamily007

    I found one of the beers is listed wrong. Michelob ultra as 5 points 164 calories, mich ultra is only 95 cals. Land shark isn't even listed on here.

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