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How much fat are you carrying. Find out if you are in the healthy?

This Body Fat Calculator can be used to estimate your total body fat based on your size.

As anyone with a body fat problem knows, there seems to be a strong set point for how much body fat a particular individual has.

There are many questions today concerning body fat pertaining to the normal range, how to attain it, as well as how to measure it. Body fat has become a worldwide obsession with many adults and children being in the overweight range.

Also studies have linked the amount of body fat we have to diseases such as heart disease, diabetes, as well as cancers.

In order to discover your body fat percentage, you need something to figure it out. If you want an exact idea of what your body fat percentage is, then you need EGATE’s Body Fat Calculator, which can be very helpful.

By providing this body fat calculator with information about your WEIGHT, WAIST, WRIST, HIPS & FOREARM sizes the body fat calculator can provide accurate information on your body fat percentage.

Customer Reviews

  • Not a good app

    by Unhappy dieter

    This app doesn't allow you to enter your height, doesn't give a true BMI. I am 5'4" and 135lbs and this app said I was obese. There is something wrong with that.

  • Rip off do not purchase!

    by Ripoff Alert 007

    Calculations are way, way off! Don't waste your money!

  • What???

    by shirleyfinitoo

    I wasn't able to slide the bars to adjust the numbers, and when I could, you have to be happy with "close enough" numbers in measurements, as it won't allow you to enter the exact measurement. I also couldn't toggle between "man" and "woman" without getting over 100% body fat numbers.. This app needs serious work. Let people enter their exact numbers instead of sliding the bar for instance. It's time consuming and gets frustrating.

  • Very disappoint

    by Brian ur brother

    It said I had 138% body fat that's just ridicules you have it back. If it would let I wouldn't mark any stars but it won't

  • worthless

    by brach8843

    This is a most horrible app. The calculations are bizarre. Very human measurements will give you impossible results like "108.7% body fat." Not worth one penny.

  • Body fat Calculator

    by Dr TR

    Bought this app to help my patients track their body fat. But it is SOOOOOOOO inaccurate. Males is totally off. Says my body fat is 144.89 %. Does not accout for height on either sex. DO NOT BUY!!!

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