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Automatically saves each calculator's state, settings and data (eliminates the need re-enter information). Also includes new reset buttons, improved performance and bug fixes.

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A collection of the 12 most popular (and widely used) fitness, weight loss and exercise calculators. Uses the latest, most scientifically accurate formulas from the U.S. Navy, U.S. Army, American Heart Association, American College of Sports Medicine and many others. Based on Weightmania Pro and Athlete's Database, our best selling desktop fitness software for 11 years.

Each calculator includes detailed instructions and information on the back, visible in one tap. All calculators support both Metric and English.

Includes the following calculators:

1. Body mass index (BMI) - Calculates body mass index (a widely accepted measurement of weight status); automatically interprets result and tells how you rate.

2. Basal metabolic rate (BMR) - Calculates basal metabolic rate (the number of calories your body burns while at rest).

3. Body fat (percent) - Calculates percent body fat accurately and fast with no special tools (you only need a tape measure); automatically interprets the result and tells how you rate.

4. Calories burned - Calculates calories burned for hundreds of different activities, for any amount of time and body weight.

5. Calories required daily - Calculates the number of calories you need daily, based on your age, weight, gender and activity level.

6. Distance/time/pace/speed - Calculates distance, time, pace and speed after cardiovascular workouts; can also be used for planning and estimating workouts.

7. Math + Metric to English conversion - A 42 key calculator for basic and advanced calculations; performs a wide range of conversions between metric and English.

8. One-repetition maximum weight (1 rep max) - Calculates your one-repetition maximum weight ("one rep-max"), and 20 percentages of that weight, for any weight training exercise. This is widely used to measure overall strength and determine how much weight to use in many weight training programs.

9. Resting heart rate timer and calculator - Helps you calculate resting heart rate. Heart rate can be used to evaluate your health and fitness level. Includes a large, scientifically accurate 2 minute, 1-minute, 30-second and 15-second count-down timer. Makes it easy to regularly check heart rate at home.

10. Splits calculator (for running, walking, cycling and swimming) - Calculates splits for any distance or interval; ideal for race planning or anytime you want to maintain an even pace during training. For example, it calculates the time you need at each mile or kilometer, to finish a race in a specific time.

11. Target heart rate - Calculates the range (zone) your heart rate should be in during cardio. workouts for maximum safety and benefits.

12. Target weight calculator - Calculates the number of calories you need to consume or burn daily to reach a weight goal by a specific date. Helps you lose or gain weight. Enter the amount of weight you want to lose or gain, then select a target date. You can also have it suggest a safe target date based on the weight entered. For increased accuracy, calculations are based on BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate). This is calculated automatically using your age, gender, current weight and activity level.

The best fitness and diet tools, with the most accurate formulas available, instantly ready in one place. Monitor your health and fitness, improve your workouts, and judge the effectiveness of diets and exercise.

Customer Reviews

  • Great fitness calculator

    by the1Chris

    I would recommend this who really serious about fitness.

  • Best Collection of Fitness Calculators

    by PersonalTrainer1969

    This app contains the best fitness calculators for home users and professionals. The latest release corrects the issues mentioned in previous reviews (for example every calculator now saves your information so you don't have to re-enter it). It provides a dozen calculators missing from many fitness and nutrition apps. I highly recommend it to anyone interested in losing weight, improving their workouts or assessing their progress.

  • Useful App

    by Snwbrdrgrl

    This is a great tool, I use it all the time. I do multiple sports so this helps to keep me on track to get to my ideal fitness. Some of the applications are more advanced but once you take time to learn them they are really useful. App good for many different users.

  • Useful App

    by ToddStephens

    It's great to have all my necessary exercise calculators readily available on one app. I'm getting towards my ideal BMI by using this app without overdoing it. Calories, weight, distance, speed, BMI...all kept track of and managed here.

  • Great fitness tool!

    by kbadger

    This is an very useful collection of fitness calculators. I recommend it to anyone who is either beginning or already involved in a workout/diet program. It can help determine things like target heart rate, target weight, calories required per day, and MUCH much more.

  • Twelve fitness calculators

    by Homeloop

    I love this application. It is so easy to loss weight with the target weight loss calculator.

  • Good start, but needs work

    by ERB91

    Lots of good calculators, but not worth the price. No option to save your data.

  • Best Fitness Calculators on iTunes

    by Shawn Boston MA

    This application is full of awesome calculators. Very well designed app. All of the calculations and formulas are correct. Not only this is application is great but it has motivated me to lose weight and keep myself accountable for what I do. All I have to say is, Job Well Done.

  • Gave me what I wanted

    by J6homan

    This app gave everything it said it would and it is accurate.

  • Not what I expected

    by Trish2336

    This App doesn't keep history, so you can't save any of the calculations and if you do more than one activity you want totaled, you can't add calories burned together. It's not what I was looking for would not recommend it.

  • Sorry I bought this one

    by AskMrCynic

    Simple equations that are generally understood to provide poor answers. Don't rely on this information.

  • Disappointed

    by HJWB12200968

    Overpriced. Will not save data.

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