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Dundee’s Boxing Confidence application is a must-have application for boxing fitness! Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced boxing trainer, this application will provide you with all the reference you need in training, learning and teaching boxing.

Boxing Confidence for Trainer Course Reference
The application contains all the contents from “Boxing Confidence for Trainers – Level 1” which is a boxing training program accredited by Fitness Australia. This is a course designed for trainers, and completing the course will quality trainers with 8 CECs points. Now by downloading the application, all the level 1 course’s information is available to you! There are pictures and videos showing how to execute boxing movements correctly, which will greatly assist you in your learning.

In addition to the boxing course, there is also a kick-ass combo designed by Dundee based on the Floyd Mayweather pad work style. The combo is demonstrated in three different training pads and each contains slow-motion step-by-step breakdowns!

See all the videos in Dundee’s boxing and fitness YouTube channel, which features all the latest training funs, testimonials and techniques.


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