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=== V1.5 ===
-Date format fix
-Different color of number to distinguish weight loss or gain
-Minor bug fixes

=== V1.4 ===
-Minor bug fixes
-Retina display
-Backup and restore

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Carb Master is one of the simplest and most accurate apps to track carbohydrate as well as other nutrition. Whether you’re on low-carb diets or diabetics, this app will help you keep your carbs under control.

√ Track your daily carbs and other nutrition on calendar view
√ Set your daily goal and view diff on charts
√ Add your custom food
√ Add food as favorites
√ Food search
√ Log your weight and set goals
√ Password protection
√ Support both US and SI units
√ Display daily carb count on app icon or badge
√ Customizable start screen

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Customer Reviews

  • Good!

    by Mad2017

    I thought it was a good app overall. I like how it keeps track of my bmi.. And how much weight I exactly lost. I wish it could track your fat, fiber, and protein intake too.! But it was good overall.!!:)

  • Feature Suggestion

    by LorenNeosporin

    It would be great if you could choose to monitor protein or fat versus carbs depending on your diet needs.

  • Love it

    by This app rocks your pants off 123

    I wish it had a feature where you could scan the barcode of the item your eating.

  • Not so great

    by Hermjesty

    I have been using this app for a few weeks now and there are pros and cons. It is one of the few apps that keeps track of carbs on the home page and even on the face of the app so you can see at a glance how many carbs you have had so far. When you are counting carbs that is a great feature. it's pretty simple to use for the most part. My cons are that a least a half a dozen times I have logged my meal, each thing I ate and even though I hit save it disappeared after i put everything in. That is very frustrating! The other thing I don't like is that sometimes its hard to find foods and there is no way to search. On a scale of 1 to 5 I give it a 3 at most. I'm looking for another app to use now. The disappearing meal log has happened one to many times for my liking!

  • This app is excellent!!! I strongly recommend it!!!

    by StCarol

    Helps keep track of carbs, calories, fat, etc. I love it!

  • Good app

    by Jahnet

    It really helped me alot

  • Carb counter

    by Critterfarm

    Like it alot. Made me aware i was consuming more carbs than i thought. Added advantage,...always have i phone with me to keep record.

  • Good for free

    by MayRemainNameless

    Good App. Would like to see a "build your own recipe" option for combinations of foods you use often. Maybe a lot more food options and the ability to put American weight instead of grams. Thx for the app.

  • Notbad

    by Melzog

    For a free app this one isn't too bad.the database is rather small but you can build it up with things you eat the most. It gives me a goal and a target daily allowance.

  • How NOT to design a carb tracker.

    by Jonny0007

    Bloated with confusing features that will precede a diet failure. You'd be much better off keeping things very simple and consider using either "Carb Counter-Tracker" or "Low Carb Diet" tracker by Berezin. Also, if you need one, buy a simple recipe book to follow on the side (there are dozens of good ones). My brother & I are taking this approach and it's working well so far.

  • Delete

    by Steve7135

    No food values .

  • Too much trouble

    by Hjlashley

    I need something that's quick to use. This app is not user friendly & takes too long to find what you're looking for.

  • Wrong

    by Satisfiedwithtoday590

    Such a great idea, counting net carbs,but the foods are so limited its not worth the time. Sure you can find out about quail eggs but nothing about natural peanut butter. Other items have the carbs counts way off from the information on the product.

  • Sub par

    by cds3

    Not impressed at all. Low carb diet assistant is waaaay better. Search is awful, can't read the titles of foods unless you click through two more pages, not user friendly at all.

  • Bad

    by Dbf3509

    Don't buy the app. You cannot migrate from free to full and if you ask the support group they are no help at all

  • Not a fan

    by Challyb

    It is way to difficult to find food with the search option I had to delete it!!!

  • Nice but flawed - DO NOT BUY TO TEST THE PAY APP

    by Jchasko

    It would be a weight and carb/calorie tracker, it not so flawed. The database organization is terrible - the names of foods are so long that you have to go three clicks deep to see if "chicken" is broiled or breaded, so it can take twenty clicks to find youir food! You can add (some! not tuna!) foods to your Favorites, which makes it quick. Don't count on trying out the free app and migrating your diet history to the pay app. I have an up to date iPhone 4, and it does not work. Support acts (?) dumb about he problem, and tells you to do impossible steps like backup the data and restore to the pay verion. (This function is disabled in Free.) Watch out - it will often jump back to the first day of the month, so even though the current day is highlighted, your weight and foods go on day 1. You cannot change tht date on an entry and once you make an entry, IT CANNOT BE REMOVED. Don't make any mistakes!

  • Bad

    by Henryj56

    What good is this app if there is no delete! What am I supposed to do?

  • Needs work

    by BooBooZoo

    Titles cut off & unreadable; fast food listing within fast food listing (???); sloppy execution; questionable values.

  • Bad data !!

    by rs11gps

    Almost every single cholesterol count is WAY wrong. Come on guys... Check the cholesterol count on strawberries, beer, and all the fruits. You make us question ALL of your data!!

  • Worthless

    by Dcc9873

    Almost non-funtional. Data base is very skimpy and program a waste of my money.

  • Nothing but an AD

    by StephSLP

    The free version is nothing but an advertisement or the paid version. Don't even bother downloading.

  • If you're weight is above 301, don't bother.

    by WayniacKT

    It's a shame that there are no good low carb apps, at least none I've found yet. This one is useless to me, I weigh more than 301lbs and their weight chart only goes to this number! Why on earth they set that limitation is beyond me.

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