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Seller: Deltaworks Limited

== v2.1 ==
- Minor bug fixes

== v2.0 ==
-Revamped user interface
-More tracking feature with GPS
-New module for tracking all logs
-Supports to step forward or backward during training
-Supports to rate the training after completion

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Too many people have been turned off of running simply by trying to start off too fast. This workout training app, a series of interval workouts, is to transform you from couch potato to runner, getting you running 5 km (or 3.1 miles) without stopping or walking in just two months.

This app gives you audio prompts during your training, so that you do not need to look at your stopwatch constantly.

Supports iOS 4 and multitasking!

5K Training Plans:
√ Takes 9 weeks to complete
√ Workout 3 days per week
√ About 30 minutes each workout
√ Different tags mark different plan statuses

Key Features:
√ Create a new plan at anytime you want
√ Each plan includes detailed training steps
√ Retina display supported
√ Share with Facebook and Twitter
√ Run the app with the screen turned off to save your battery life
√ Music playlist selection
√ Training progress and mood tracking
√ Training distance tracking
√ Play audio prompts during your training
√ Music controls within this app

*Disclaimer: Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.

Customer Reviews

  • Surprise...only works till week 4

    by Pbreed7

    Great app love the prompts and ability to use my iPod within the app...until W4D2 when it told me I had to upgrade to continue to use...would have been happy if my runs had transferred over to the paid app...if I had known they weren't going to transfer I would have used a different paid app or would have paid the $$$ to begin with.

  • ):

    by LDawnS

    Great until I had to purchase app on week 4 to continue. Once purchased none of my runs transferred and I could no longer hear all my voice prompts.

  • Voice prompts

    by Holly!!!!

    You can hardly hear the voice prompts when you are also listening to your playlist. Other that that app works great

  • Great App!

    by SupGrea

    I've only been at it for a couple of days, but I actually get exciting about going for the run. Can't wait to finish and be able to run straight through. Great APP!

  • Really Well

    by JohnWallt

    This program works really well and has some features that other paid apps don't have. I really like this app. It would be better if that it can calculate the calories burned during my running.

  • I love this app!

    by Precious1here

    This app is exactly what I was looking for! Yes, the ads are very annoying and they make it difficult to navigate if you get on a screen that has no bar at the bottom. If you get stuck, you can just close the app and remember to stop it from running in the background. Then you can go back in and navigate again. It's really not too much trouble. If you find that too inconvenient, you can buy the full version. I think it's very affordable. I found this app very useful and I bought the 10k app so when I finish this program, I can move on to the next level. Even with the annoying ads, I highly recommend this app. I think a lot of people are just not used to apps running in the background and that's how they are getting stuck. Just remember if you get stuck to stop it from running in the background after you close the app - otherwise it will just go right back to where it was when you closed it. As long as it is still running in the background, it's like you never closed it. If you remember to close it in the background, it will take you back to the start page. Most of the screens you can navigate through the bar at the bottom. It's just mainly once you go into a workout that the bar goes away and the back button at the top is covered by ads. That's the only place that I've been stuck. I have no problem getting navigated to the workout for the day and getting it started, but once the workout is complete, that's where I can't navigate any more. I just hit the end workout button when I'm done, close the app, and then stop it from running in the background and I'm all set for tomorrow's workout. It's not really that much of a hassle.

  • Would be great but...

    by Mom of 3 Silly Monkeys

    The ads cover the "send" and "back" buttons on certain pages so you get stuck.

  • Ads are a major problem

    by Hbow

    This is a great app but the ads get in the way. I can't even start my workout today because the ads are covering navigational keys.

  • Great!

    by Reeses247

    This app is awesome! There are only 2 problems: the ads always get in the way (at least they're not stopping the actual running program so far) and when you're running and you're on the cool down part, the voice doesn't tell you when you're done the run, so you could be running forever and not know when to stop. Otherwise, though, it's an amazing app! :-D Thank-you!!!!!!!!!:-D

  • I'm not sure...

    by JennRa

    I used the program for one day and it was cool, but then I tried looking at other days and planning and was unable to go back because of the ad banner. I tried shutting off and going back, it worked but only until I got to the next page and then same thing... Stuck bec. of the ad. So it's hard to even experience because I did not get very far. I did buy the 10k program and I have to say so far I like that and have no problems.

  • Okay but frustrating

    by flute-a-licious

    I was liking this app but when trying to look ahead for future plans, I got bombarded with adds and now there is no way to get back to the "home" screen. I can int click the adds and not the back button. I'm deleting this app. A bummer because I was deep into training and enjoying the voice prompts but now have to start over because the makers are too cheap and let adds ruin the app

  • Update locked me in a screen

    by hopeful skeptic

    I am on Week 6 and have been liking this app so far. But after updating, i just clicked on today's run in the plan tab, and there are no buttons visible to get out of the screen. Please fix.

  • Best!!!

    by LeonardoVA

    I passed from not knowing how to run, to 5k in 35 minutes and I'm still 3 weeks from finishing the training.

  • Great app!

    by Mwfu00

    This app does what I need for it to. I've done the 5k training before and all I did was look at my watch the whole time. This app lets me listen to my audiobook and not worry about the length of each interval. I've done 3 weeks and I'm excited that I'm finally learning how to run. Would have given 5 stars if the playlist feature worked better. For some reason, every time I do a workout, it starts at part 1 of the book. Not a big deal if you're listening to music, but critical for audiobooks!

  • Agreed, Not worth it.

    by Dhiney

    After 10 training sessions you have to pay for an upgrade. I had trouble upgrading and there is no customer support.

  • Not worth it

    by mcgates318

    Not only is the GPS unreliable, you have to pay after week 4 to continue. Great program, but frustrating to not be able to finish.

  • GPS does not work.

    by JRM8

    I like the App but the GPS does not turn on so I cannot map my distance.

  • No warning?

    by Vildersderyusr

    This app was awesome until one day I did all my stretches, put my running shoes on, pressed start, and figured out I didn't have enough money for the full version. Thanks a lot! It would be nice to at least give a warning.

  • No way it gets ANY stars

    by Exerciserz

    Not sure how it got so many stars almost all reviews were complaints. Mine included. I liked your app until the ads popped up...and just like all other complaints I was NO longer able to use it. Found an even better app...Run Training.

  • Ahh! Fix it!

    by nmblock

    It seemed to be a great app until it didn't work because of the ads!

  • Horrible

    by Jawcomics

    This is a great free program if you could use it. If you look at any page with ads you will get stuck because the ads are placed on top of the back button. Downloaded, got stuck and had to delete within three minutes.

  • Keeps freezing.

    by Briana Coons

    The voice prompts and program are great...but the app keeps freezing at the end of the workout and it's difficult to log the distance run.

  • Ads ads and more ads

    by Autumn915

    I loved this app til I got stuck on fb page. Can not navigate back to app because of ads. Had to delete it.

  • Would be nice if it actually worked!!!

    by Daniellehorses

    Got through the first workout & now stuck on the post to facebook page...can not get out of :( Looks like I will be deleting this app!!

  • Crappy app

    by Threedayslong

    Ads make app unusable.

  • The ads!!

    by MizzLiz2006

    Really liked the app until I accidentally hit a future date on the schedule and now I cannot get back to the homepage because of the running ads on top of the back button. Please have the ads moved!!!!

  • Terribly Planned

    by supermattzor

    The ads that cover the controls make the app unusable.

  • Ads...

    by Jpod24

    The adds block adding your milage and navigating within the app. I usually don't mind adds on free apps, but you cannot close these adds and it freezes you on certain pages. This would be a great app if that problem were fixed.

  • Not so great

    by Leesh4423

    The adds get in the way of everything! If I could figure out how to get past them it would be great.

  • Ads annoying

    by ChelseaJaneM

    I did not find the announcements too loud and the workout was easy to do BUT the add made it impossible to navigate. I would not have minded if you could "x" out of them, but you can't.

  • Could've been good if it was usable...

    by NanLouise

    Did day 1, and like many others, the ads blocked me from continuing any further in the app's program. Chiming is too loud and a high pitch. The alerts are bound to the master volume so music volume suffers if you want the chiming to be quieter.

  • Ads!!!

    by Guerratwins

    What's up with the ads freezing the app !!!!!???????!!!!!! PLEASE FIX!!!!

  • Needs work

    by FirstNameThe

    Not a bad app. BUT, it would be nice if the ads didn't prevent you from navigating within the app. I have to turn off my phone to reset to screens to update my work outs.

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