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- saves length
- various small improvements
- bug fixes

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BMI Calculator is a free application for the iPhone and iPod Touch. You 
can easily calculate your BMI (Body Mass Index). The result of the 
calculation indicates your BMI category. For example underweight or obese.

By changing the settings you can calculate in cm or inches and in kg or lbs.

Give it a try and calculate your personal BMI.

Customer Reviews

  • Accurate

    by mandatweets

    It's the same as any other BMI calculator! Love it because you track your progress! The interface could look a little prettier but other than that love it! :) To those coming up with inaccurate readings, pay attention to the settings!

  • LOVE

    by HenandezM

    Love love love, this bmi calculator was very accurate with every detail I gave it. I am tall, but skinny and got the results I expected. I would definitely suggest this to my friends.

  • Great

    by Dacey11111

    I use this app when ever I feel uncomfortable about my weight. It helps me feel a little less insecure. Love It!

  • Good app!

    by O. Milano, RN

    There's a little glitch with the settings tab though. After having to set default units, it still won't show on calc screen. Please fix!

  • Excellent

    by Athletic MD

    Accounts for age (important for peds pt.s) and does both metric and customary. BMI is a poor indicator in athletes as it doesn't differentiate a muscular physique from actual obesity. It is however a common tool. The negative reviews are likely from fat out of shape people as most athletes and health care providers are already aware of BMI's shortcomings.

  • Accurate

    by Gman

    App works well. People claiming it does not work obviously did not notice that there are different options such as pounds, centimeters, inches, etc.

  • Pretty good

    by yupyup:)

    Anyone who's being told he/she is obese even though he/she isn't probably forgot to change the units to pounds and inches before calculating. Anyway, it's a good app and the calculator works just fine. My only problem is that the app isn't password protected so it's easy for people to see your graph.

  • Accurate

    by Danijoc

    This app is accurate, it's the bmi index. You may not like the results but they are what I was looking for, that is since it is correct. Very useful for tracking

  • Thanks..

    by Osnapitzshae

    I look in the mirror and feel disgusted now.. I got .6 over weight.. I'm so fat. But thanks for making me realize it. LOVE YA! (:

  • Works accurately!

    by Redzombi2k

    All the people who are complaining that this is giving them 'incorrect' results, sounds like they may be in denial? Choose any BMI calculator you wish they all (if accurate) tell you the same thing, it's not based on what you want to hear its based on the BMI index. ** update ** I took away one star because I noticed there is no option to select gender, for women this could cause an inaccurate result I believe, Especialy if you are 'gifted' up top.

  • Great App.

    by Storm Cartee

    App is correct in every situation I've tested. Complies with BMI formula which is (Body weight/( Height in inches • Height is inches) ) • 703

  • Ehhh

    by docorema

    Average. I'd like it to show formula, etc

  • its usefull

    by iponegui

    can improve somethings though

  • Love it!

    by Clairetastic

    I like how it has the option for teens under 19

  • It does what it's supposed to

    by Majorlaxgal44

    It works

  • Good app

    by NaRiaLBabe86

    I like this app since it is easy to use and very quick with result. Not much effort has to be made to get the required result. But it does not seem to show previously saved results. This issue has to be solved. Otherwise this app is quite reliable :-)

  • Perfect, simple app


    Perfect app for quickly and simply calculating BMIs. Used this for nursing school community health project.

  • Great

    by Frogbreader42

    This is very accurate. Take weight / height squared ( in inches) times 703 and that is your bmi

  • Good App

    by Katty81

    If information is correctly inputted, this IS an accurate app. It's nice that it includes a graph to show progress. However, the grammar/spelling on the information page could use a little help.

  • That guy down the list is wrong...

    by Dang it my name was taken

    This app does what it's supposed to do-calculate BODY MASS, not fat percentage, which unlike mass (the amount of total matter in something) can't be found by height and weight and age and gender, because these things only account for the total build of the body.

  • Good in general; bad update

    by OG java girl

    I installed the update for this app and even after inputing all required data the app tells me to input my 'lenght.' So I can't get my BMI at all AND it's telling me through incorrect spelling that I need to do something I've already done. Useless. It was better before the update. Wish I never updated it. Zero stars.

  • Glitch in current version

    by bthao87

    Can't "calculate bmi" because it keeps asking to fill in "lenght" after already having done so and every other field. Please fix. Looking into downloading and using another app for now. Thanks!

  • Worst app ever

    by epic skittles7548

    Ok I'm 10 years old and I weigh 70 lbs and it says I'm overweight!!!

  • It said I was morbidly obese.

    by kyliewashere

    I am 5'2 and I weigh 126 pounds. I am 14 years old. It gave me a BMI of 50.2!!! This is the most inaccurate calculator I have ever used. The rest say I'm at a healthy weight. I swear this is a joke.

  • Crap

    by Cdbkool

    All other bmi calculators said that I was about 8.5% body fat and this said that I was 17.4 body fat

  • Dumb

    by Benblesi

    I am not one bit fat, I'm ripped and it says I'm obese


    by reeselegacy

    it said i was obese and i am as skinny as they come. this makes no sense at all.

  • Correct but readings inaccurate

    by Kari0912

    My BMI should read underweight and this app tells me I'm in the normal range.

  • Wonderful. Until Update

    by 2893789123457

    I have really found this app useful. However, the latest version has problems with the units of calculation. Despite preferences being set to ft and inches and weight to pounds, the fields display cm and kg. I don't even mind that there is now advertising at the bottom of the screen but I am now searching for a new BMI calculator that just works.

  • Bad

    by Skyelarke

    Doesn't include proportions. Inaccurate. I'm short but all muscle & in the got zone and it said I was overweight

  • Don't waste your time

    by Hbryson2

    Did not work at all!

  • Total Crap

    by Not so happy guy.

    I'm a contracted (working) model and it's telling me that I'm obese. LOL. Don't waste your bandwidth downloading this crap.

  • I installed but it doesn't show up

    by Random guy 525

    I installed This app but it won't show up anywhere There for not letting me Deleat anything :( pretty disappointed

  • Piece o' crap

    by Yourhomeskilletbisquit

    It wouldn't even show me my bmi. It just kept freezing.

  • Garbage

    by leroy4588

    Ain't true

  • Eh.

    by Cvbs

    Would have been great if it did the things it indicated it would, like save preferences or past measurements so that you could track progress. I've deleted it and found another.

  • Gets the job done, barely

    by Gerfboy

    I deleted this app. It told me my BMI, but it didn't give me enough information, it didn't let me enter past dates, it had poor UI, and it even had spelling errors.

  • BMI is useless

    by TheTonka

    This app, like all BMI "calculators" is useless for determining someone's health. Promoting it as such is dangerous. You can not classify whether someone is overweight using just the information requested.

  • Good App

    by A.coxdorothy

    Good App, but it will be better if I can log my weight.

  • No Good

    by Ghhhhhhttgfhvxdnncxccv

    I have been doing p90x for 120 days and im 5' 8" and i weigh 144lbs and this rhing says i have a bmi of 22.0 which i find totally incorrect because first off i have aquired the p90x body and secondly even based on my weight you can tell im not fat at all. So if i could i would give this zero stars but i wanted to write a review on how junky it was so yeah. DONT GET IT. IT LiES!!!!

  • 

    by iluvmyitouchapps

    Great app! I  that it tells you what's normal.

  • Does what you need it to do

    by beno493

    This app doesn't have all the features in the world but it's straight to the point, and that's what I needed. After downloading 2 other apps, this app ACTUALLY gave me my BMI

  • Haha such a bad app

    by Ceecee2648048

    If I could give 0 stars I would. Lol It said that a 5'1", 90 lb girl was obese hahaha

  • Plain but good

    by Rachel Falk

    Simple app but it does what u need

  • Doesn't work

    by taloisio

    Had to try many times before it FINALLY gave me a BMI

  • School Clinic Nurse

    by Fat police

    BMI calculator works great for multiple calculations. I don't need any memory function. Free. Does not interpret results for you! If you or your child has alot of muscle it will say you are out of range. Just one indicator of appropriate body weight but accurate for most people and kids.

  • Bad..

    by Kenzieperson

    I'm not sure why it says that a 6 foot tall, 175 pound, 18-year old boy is obese.

  • Good App

    by Katie244

    It you want a good and simple BMI calculator, this is it. Didn't give 3 stars because I liked another one better and it's simple, but lacks some features that other free apps have.

  • You Can't Trust this App

    by yes,thatZinny

    Everything in the info tab is obviously written by a moron. This developer does not know the English language. I cannot recommend supporting such a low quality app.

  • It does it

    by Sir.Yabo

    It's not a wonderful app but it just does it's job,simple and quick.

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