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Amazing Weight Loss

- The 7 Biggest Mistakes People Make When They Want to Lose Weight!
- How To Create A Weight-Loss Mind Set
- Weight-Loss 101: The Basic Weight-Loss Strategies
- Advanced Weight-Loss Strategies That Will Have You Dropping Kilos In Days!
- The Ultimate Fat-Burning Day
- Controlling Insulin: The Key To Rapid, Lasting Weight Loss
- Document Your Daily Weight-Loss Activities
- Monitor Your Progress: Results Are The Name Of The Game

Customer Reviews

  • This Will Work 4U

    by SkinnyNow!

    So I was just on my iPod and decided to get a dieting plan for free and as always I always think free stuff won't work well I am wrong the free stuff in life is the best because I did what the app said and I lost 17 pounds In 2 months!!!

  • Badly written, misleading, and all around useless

    by DarnWombat

    First off, the first two parts are links to female sex apps, neither of which I want or need. Response time was nonexistent, at least for those sections of the app that actually worked, and since I was not able to actually peruse the test of the app I'll never know what the punch line was for this rather bad screen scraping of a couple of translated garbage. I am now deleting this travesty of stupidity that passed by the reviewers, and I want my three minutes back. I give it one star because you can't really go any lower.

  • Don't bother

    by Twinsmom00

    The information given is not only wrong, but very poorly written. My 10 year old was hysterical laughing while critiquing the writing due to the horrendous writing style used. If you've ever gotten a piece of furniture that you need to put together and tried reading the instructions that were obviously poorly translated from who knows what language, then you have an idea of what this reads like. An absolute waste of the 5 minutes I looked it over before deleting it.


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