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My Diabetes Success ™

“The most important story we will ever write in life is our own…not with ink, but with our daily choices.”

Nathan Hurst’s Journal in the book, THE GIFT, by Richard Paul Evans, p. 104 (www.richardpaulevans.com)

Do you realize? 98% of the time you manage your own personal health through your daily choices.

Choices & Patterns Inc. offers you a personal general health and diabetes management program. It helps you fit diabetes management into your daily living routine.

Here’s the secret to making your daily management easier:
•Form lifestyle choices and habits that achieve your target goals
•Automate your daily routine so you don’t have to constantly think through every decision and action.

Time Savings (- hassles) + management know-how + money savings = VALUE

Taking control of your life and diabetes saves time. My Diabetes Success ™ saves time and money with new knowledge and management know-how. You’ll be renewed, confident and on the path to all you can be.

Routine and timing are important in coordinating daily meals, activities, exercise and medications to achieve blood glucose levels in your target zone. A strategy to prevent burn-out and fatigue is to build daily management patterns around your usual meals, snacks, activities, exercise and medication. Learn what achieves blood glucose values within your target range. Then take blood glucose levels when you introduce something new into your routine or your day such as eating out at a new restaurant.

Use the Tips Module to guide you on how to time patterns to prevent becoming tired or bored with gathering your diabetes management information every day. Choices of food, activity (including exercise) and management are entered by touch, voice, text and/or camera on your smart phone, your information is conveniently highlighted to give you immediate information on the results of your choices.

The beauty of the program is that it takes less than a minute to both enter and receive information in three easy steps. You have the opportunity to spot problems early and respond immediately to correct problems and stay on course.

The personal program tracks your patterns of lifestyle choices and management over time. Patterns help you to see and gain insights as to how you are managing and where changes in lifestyle choices may be made to gain better results. We all want control over our lives; this private, personal program is all about having control over the quality of your daily life in addition to saving time, money and energy.

Our mission is to assist you to have control:
1.Ownership of your confidential personal information and privacy
2.Management of your personal best health now and into the future
3.Learn to manage your daily choices and lifestyle at your own pace
4.Recognize when changes or adjustments in food, activities, exercise, medications or daily management are needed

Manage and live your life in your best personal health through practice, experimentation and evaluation of the daily choices you make and the results of choices you review in your patterns. From your patterns, see where better choices can be made in your daily eating patterns and/or activities and exercise. Consult with your healthcare team to manage medications.


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