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Count your Carbs & Calories with over 3,500 Food & Drink Photos!

The revolutionary Carbs & Cals App contains over 3,500 photos of a wide range of popular food and drink items. The carbohydrate, calorie, protein, fat and fibre values are clearly displayed in colour-coded tabs above each photo.

With the Carbs & Cals App, there’s no need for scales or complicated calculations! Just compare the food on your plate to the photos in the App, choose the relevant portion size and get an instant view of the calories and nutrients in your portion.

Remember, it’s the thousands of food and drink photos that make the Carbs & Cals App truly unique. It’s THE ultimate way to count your carbs and calories!

Perfect for:
• Carb counting in diabetes
• Calorie counting
• Weight loss
• Portion control
• General healthy eating

We’ve listened to customer feedback and in this version of the App you’ll find lots of new foods and a range of useful new features.

FOR TECHNICAL SUPPORT, QUESTIONS AND SUGGESTIONS, please email and we'll be happy to help. You can also send us food suggestion ideas for the App at our website.

============= Features =============

• FOOD & DRINK PHOTOS: Contains databases for the UK (3,500+ photos), USA (2,000+ photos) and Portugal (900+ photos).

• NUTRITIONAL VALUES: Carbohydate, calorie, protein, fat and fibre values clearly displayed in colour-coded tabs above each photo.

• PORTION SIZES: Up to 6 portion photos for each food item.

• BRANDED FOODS: Including customer favourites such as Kellogg’s, Domino’s, Danone, Weetabix, Ryvita, Yakult, Dorset Cereals, Innocent, Alpen, Nakd and Ready Brek.

• FOOD CATEGORIES: 22 food categories (Biscuits & Crackers; Branded Foods; Bread; Breakfast; Cakes & Bakery; Desserts; Drinks; Eggs & Cheese; Fruit; Ingredients; Meal Accompaniments; Meals; Meat, Chicken & Fish; Nuts & Seeds; Potatoes; Rice, Pasta & Grains; Sauces & Spreads; Seasonal; Snacks; Take-away Food; Vegetables & Pulses; Yogurt).

• SEARCH FUNCTION: To help you find foods quickly and easily.

 Set your calorie and nutrient intake targets using the built-in BMI calculator.

• INTEGRATED FOOD DIARY: Store a breakfast, lunch, dinner and 3 snacks per day in the diary and keep track of the food & drink you consume each day.

• PAST MEAL HISTORY: Calendar function stores and views past meals for up to 2 years.

• MY FOODS: Take photos of your own foods and add them to a customised list in the App.

• RECIPE BUILDER: To calculate the calories & nutrients (per portion) in a recipe.

• CARBOHYDRATE/CALORIE COUNTING GUIDE: Useful information on carbohydrates and calories.

• GRAPHICS: High-resolution graphics for retina displays.

• ONLINE MODE: Images are stored on a server to use less storage on your device).

• OFFLINE MODE: Images are downloaded to your device for use when no Internet access is available (e.g. in restaurants, on holiday, and when out and about).

• Compiled by Chris Cheyette BSc (Hons) MSc RD, Diabetes Specialist Dietitian & Yello Balolia BA (Hons), Photographic Artist.

• • • • • Customer Feedback • • • • •

“Perfect in every way! Very very helpful and professional!!”

“This is brilliant for anyone who needs to count their Carbs and Calories!”

“A must for diabetics.”

“Very useful for losing weight.”

“Well worth the purchase price - I can see me referring to this quite often.”

“Gives a real representation of how many carbs are in different portion sizes, and this is invaluable in carb counting.”

“Guesstimates are often way out, so this is a huge help.”

Customer Reviews

  • a great idea

    by mom of child with diabetes

    this app has a lot of potential, especially for kids and others who are helped by a visual presentation. It's true, however, that it does not support the American diet. I think it would be wonderful to have an app like this that did, though more daunting to develop because we have so many food choices.

  • Good Idea

    by iMom33

    Its a good idea to use pictures to help define portions, but it crashes and deletes the meals your adding.

  • Bought the full version

    by monarch1969

    Since the upgrade app did not work. Reloaded it and now it wants me to pay again. I don't think so! Really liked this app but not going to pay for it again.

  • Meal Dates Don't Change

    by Glenn Tisman

    Theoretically great idea however falls short. 1) Meal dates do not update. 2) Pistachios show up in the Portugal menu only. I guess they are not eaten in USA 3) Lots of food not represented and this makes the potentially brilliant program of little use 4) All country food databases should simultaneously be activated and searchable

  • Don't buy...

    by Raptor lover

    You are really limited on food choices. Many simple foods are not listed. A 5.99 mistake.

  • Upset

    by highball9

    I hate this app. It is not user friendly, it is limited on food options, such as it list coke or cola, but not diet versions. It offers food choices that are common to U.S. terminology such as "eggy toast" that I assume is French Toast. It doesn't list items such as bacon, sausage, only Greek yogart. The descripiton in the free version is misleading. I don't recommend buying this app.

  • Rip off.

    by PowderTrumpsThePark

    You can find the carbs in something called saltanas, but if you want to know the carbs in something as simple as a tomato, forget it.

  • Carbs & Cals

    by Pud dud

    I thought this would be a great electronic way to keep track of carbs while also having the ability to check calorie counts. The information failed to tell you that this app originated in the UK. The food choices are different and don't support the diet of the US. This was a waste of money for me and am still searching for something better - similar to the Calorie King book.

  • Save your money

    by LeesaAnn

    I used this app one time and it was worthless. The don't even have eggs in their database. I needed to count my carb for 6 meals. This app has the ability to track 6 meals but that's about it. Waste of money and time. Maybe one day they will add to their database. Until then, I will keep looking for a carb tracker. Unless you have $7.99 you want to throw away, stay away from thos app.

  • Dud

    by What..........

    This app was the biggest rip off I have ever encountered. 7.99 for really very limited information. This is more for diabetics than weight loss. A dud.

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