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Please do NOT buy this app if you have an first generation iPad or first generation iPad Mini. ULTIMEYES is NOT compatible with these models.

**Turn back the clock on your vision
**Lose your reading glasses and delay the need for them
**See better at night
**Read better in dim light
**Improve vision for sports and improved lifestyle

On average ULTIMEYES® clients who completed the ULTIMEYES® program can read two lines better on the Snellen eye chart and experience 100% increase in contrast sensitivity.

Anyone pursuing improved vision through natural means and mitigating the need for visual aids including glasses can benefit from ULTIMEYES®.

ULTIMEYES® works by causing brain plasticity. Brain plasticity is the same natural process that widely practiced stroke and traumatic brain injury therapies activate to enable victims to recover lost motor skills. What’s break-through about ULTIMEYES® is that it activates brain plasticity to occur in the brain’s visual processing center. The result is enhanced vision in a completely safe non-invasive and easy to use way.

ULTIMEYES® has been examined in many academic institutions including University of California Los Angeles, University of California Riverside, The Western School of Optometry and other non-academic institutions including law enforcement agencies and athletic organizations by people of all ages, genders and visual abilities. Results of some of these studies have been accepted and will be published by major scientific journals such as Vision Research and Current Biology.

ULTIMEYES® is simple to use. The road to better vision requires you to follow the on-screen prompts and complete four 25-minute sessions per week for a total of eight weeks. Although results vary from person to person many ULTIMEYES® users experience improvement in their vision after only 3 weeks….especially with reading and seeing in dim lighting.

After completing the recommended regimen improved vision lasts without regular use of ULTIMEYES®. Since ULTIMEYES® does not expire you can use ULTIMEYES® whenever you’d like in order to maintain and “touch-up” your vision at any time such as before and during baseball season or when you sense that your vision is losing sharpness.


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