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New Scan to Refill Functionality!
Members now have the ability to refill a Mail Service Prescription by scanning the QR or Bar Code on the prescription bottle! Simply point the scanner at the code, enter your date of birth and that's it; the prescription is retrieved and ready to order. No need to log in or register!

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Welcome to the new Caremark app. To use this app, you must have Caremark prescription benefits through your employer, health insurance or plan sponsor. If you use the Caremark web site today at your user ID and password will work on this app. Note that your CVS account will not work with this app. If you don't yet have a user ID and password for Caremark and you have benefits you can Register via the app. Just may sure you have your Pharmacy Benefits Member ID handy. Or you can refill a mail order prescription without the need to register or login.

Pre Login/Registration Features:
•Refill mail service prescriptions without registering or logging in
•Identify unknown pills with the pill identifier
•Check for potential drug interactions among medications

Features available when you Login:
•Check order status
•View prescription history
•Refill and renew prescriptions from account
•Check drug costs and coverage under your plan
•View your member ID card
•Find a pharmacy in your network

Customer Reviews

  • Love it!

    by Jadeheartsdavid

    I love having this app on my phone. It saves time and it's easy.

  • Refill steps

    by Crapw

    Good app however when it's time to fill in birth date it is hidden behind grayed out screen very difficult to see

  • Easy Refills

    by Mike Weasner

    Just used the app to scan a prescription code and order a refill. Super simple and great feature! Thanks for adding that.

  • Caremark app

    by Lovsha

    Easy, fast and efficient

  • Yea, about time

    by Kathann

    Stopped trying to order on line b'cause it was so difficult and time consuming, now it's wonderful. Quick, efficient. Don't change it.

  • So Easy!

    by No time to play

    Logged in. Scanned the QR code. Confirmed birth date. Prescription is on its way. It took 30 seconds. :)

  • Great app. Missing passbook card

    by FerHerrera

    The app is great overall. Quite easy to use. I have a couple of suggestions: 1) extend the time that the app asks you to relogin. It asks for your login credentials too often. 2) implement the ability of exporting your card to iPhone's Passbook

  • So Convenient

    by Halushka

    The frequency of my migraines has been greatly reduced by this app. Who knew that so many headaches were from the stress of waiting in pharmacy lines only to have the prescription not there?!

  • Easy and Quick

    by Curtis Westadt

    I always forget this stuff. This app made it easy and quick

  • Very easy to use

    by AskHarry

    I like it! The quick refill should allow you to have more than one Rx in the order.

  • Super easy!

    by Fiftymosestoeses

    Easyfill is exactly that. You are even able to add a different credit card in the check out process.

  • Reorder app

    by Katsvo

    Would have given 5 stars but the bar code scan did not work.

  • Excellent

    by Hapekat

    This is an excellent app. easy to use

  • iPad version???

    by Isthisnickname taken?

    I don't get it. CVS has an iPad version, but not CVS Caremark? Doesn't add up. As an aside, my brother develops apps. Creating an iPad version of an app is not so technically challenging that so many app makers should still be shying away from it, especially large companies that are supposedly out there to market themselves. An iPad version is a much better way of accomplishing that objective, so it's puzzling why you're not taking advantage of it.

  • Simple, Straight Forward

    by Brendan Mallon

    Refill process couldn't be easier.

  • Awesome!!

    by Como mom

    Soooo easy to use. Thank you CVS!

  • Scan refill is great...

    by ChrisBiz23

    But since I'd already signed up for auto-refill, I shouldn't have had to use it. Logging in is clunky, but the app itself is easy to use.

  • Love quick refill

    by KFSS1325

    Easy peasy!

  • Easy and uncluttered

    by mseanb

    No frills. Easy refill. Easy to check orders. It just works.

  • Very easy

    by Kokopellitome

    Nice new features. Scan didn't work this time but easy to enter RX #. Will see if it comes in correctly and on time.

  • Conveniences do not work

    by MobileMommy4

    I cannot log in with the user ID & password I set up for the desktop website. I also could not get the RX scanner to scan the RX code. I could easily enter my RX number & submit my order easily. It is nice to have on mobile devices. However, I'm still disappointed in this app.

  • One star too many

    by Semkins

    Dangerously close to worthless. I've had one problem after another with this app. Half the time I can't log on. I usually end up either using the main website with another browser or having to call refills in the old fashioned way. You'd think the federal government is involved already. Hoooo boy!

  • Most features not working

    by Racer2555

    I am signed and have all my security questions set up, but only the top 3 buttons of Home screen work. The others(my order history, etc.) are red (not grey like logged out screen), yet when pressed nothing happens. Concept of app is great, just buggy for me.

  • OK

    by Lindayaks

    Tried medication interaction feature. After typing in all my scripts and OTC and clicking "check reactions" the app crashed and closed. Dismayed to find I had to re-type the entire list. It crashed again. Gave up. Don't need scan feature as my plan is auto refill and mail order only.

  • Easy refill

    by Hyena123

    Didn't even need to login!

  • Scott

    by apostlescott

    Very convenient to use

  • Scan refill

    by Jewel26a

    Great app, but had to take one star away because scan refill did not work for me. Maybe next it will, will have to wait and see.

  • Very Easy!

    by SuzA1A

    Instead of logging onto my computer, I can just scan and places order!

  • Love it!

    by Brenda1567

    Much much easier!!!

  • The scan refill works great!

    by Care_Bear_Carrie

    I could also login and check medication prices.

  • Caremark App

    by Ppcarri

    New scan refills is great! Fast and easy!

  • Mcz44

    by TallahasseeGrandma

    Scan refill is great.

  • I love this app!

    by Mark Kelley

    Just the other day, I was helping my 94 year old uncle organize his pills after a short stay in the hospital. He had taken one prescription, halved the pills as indicated, and put them in the wrong pull bottle. Thank god for this app and the pill identifier. I entered the markings, color and shape and it properly identified it. Thank you for this app!

  • Overall happy

    by mgubka

    The Easy Refill is great when u need to refill without remembering your login. Thanks Caremark!

  • Much better

    by Kcb123456

    This app has come a long way. Love the interaction checker and refills are pretty easy.

  • Easy refill

    by Stephanie J. '88

    Love the ability to easily refill from my phone - thanks!

  • Works just as promised

    by rhoenick

    Thanks Caremark, this works just as promised.

  • Eh could be better

    by Yum-e

    There are features that work well on this app and things I believe it needs. I think it would be beneficial to be able to submit new prescriptions through the app somehow. A secure way to photograph the script so it can be filled and then maybe ship it only once the paper script is received and confirmed as legit.

  • Good app.

    by Indu20

    Works great for refills. Had some trouble getting the scan feature to work for drug interactions. Other than that, great app.

  • Ok app

    by Jencam1234

    I downloaded app and only a few tabs worked. Deleted app and reinstalled and works now. My only disappointment is there is only mail order refill. I was hoping for refill for in store pickup.

  • Poor implementation

    by Boblounsbury

    Was able to enter one refill in then would not take a second one. Tried logging in to account still responded it could not find the RX refill number under user name and password. This prescription was originally filled by Caremark.

  • Works great

    by Vanjanvan

    I was able to log into my Caremark account the first try. The app is very well laid out and extremely easy to use. Great job!

  • Super user friendly and efficient!

    by KMB2010

    Love the update-text feature. Easy to use, quick and effective.

  • Can’t Login to New App

    by La Geek

    I can login to and to the old CVS app, but not the new CVS/Caremark app, so I can’t use the new app at all.

  • It's not that hard...

    by Goingcoastal2

    I am reading a lot of reviews about people not being able to log in. I had trouble, called 877-460-7766 (which is on the feedback form) and it got resolved easily. It was my bad, not the app. I was trying to use my CVS info to log into Caremark. It is not the same. Now I logged in and it works great.

  • Can't register nor recover password

    by bear g man

    Fail times infinity. Especially after sending out an email promoting the app update. Wow. Just wow! Who's running the show over there?

  • Much improved!

    by Abc123oregano

    Works great! Easy refill is just that "Easy"

  • Useless

    by Dlpittenger

    Makes you cycle through login and putting in your information several times when going between different functions. When I select refill prescriptions it shows NONE available for refill. When I look at current prescriptions they are all there... so why can't it find them when I need to renew??? This app was pretty useless. I was not able to get the refill to work. Going online with a browser works, this doesn't.

  • Amazing Upgrades!!!!

    by billgarland91

    I could easily refill my RXs with just a click! I love the auto-refill and auto-renew options!! Thank You!!!

  • "Network connection failure...try later"

    by Nancy 51

    Later didn't work either.

  • Get Serious

    by Scooterama17

    CVS, get out of the IT business. Only functions that seemed to work were the non-member specific functions, such as Pill Identifier. Nothing else that matters worked. Pretty basic stuff guys.

  • Could not log in

    by RCL-RRTX

    Could not log in and when I tried to use "lost my password" it said there were errors but would not tell me what the errors are.

  • Love it

    by Healthy user

    Easy Refill works great

  • Easy refill

    by Happy happy happy!!!! Ts

    Great app!!!

  • Very Buggy.. Needs better testing

    by Booregi

    This is frustrating.. Tried to use many times and never could finish what was looking for. I will uninstall.. Needs redesign.. Not user friendly and extremely buggy!

  • Useless app

    by HO1

    The "track track this RX" still does not work, clicking the icon does nothing.

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