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- Optimized for iOS 7
- Dropped support for iOS 5
- New RunHelper Connect features

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Get ready for your first Marathon by training with Hal Higdon the best known running author and athlete. His training programs have helped thousands reach their running goals, and this marathon app will help you get to the starting line with confidence.

Hal Higdon's many accomplishments include:

* Author of 35 books, including the best-selling Marathon: The Ultimate Training Guide and a new novel, Marathon
* Completed 111 marathons winning four overall as well as numerous age-group firsts
* Holds the current M40 and M45 American records for the steeplechase
* Is one of the founders of Round Runners Club of America
* Has contributed to Runner's World magazine longer than any other writer

This Novice 1 Marathon Training Program is designed both for beginning runners who want to prepare for their first 26.2-mile race, but also for experienced runners interested in a fail safe program that will allow them to excel without making excessive demands upon their time.

Novice 1 is designed for newcomers, individuals who have done very little or even no running before. If you are fit enough to finish the Week 1 long run of 6 miles--even if you have to walk the distance--Novice 1 will get you ready to complete a marathon in 18 weeks.

Before starting to train for a marathon, you need to possess a basic fitness level. If you are over age 35, you probably should see your doctor for a physical exam, but assuming no major health problems, most healthy people can train themselves to complete a 26.2-mile race.

The training plan assumes you have the ability to run 3 miles, three to four times a week. If that seems difficult, consider a shorter distance for your first race. You can try our best selling Ease into 5K app which will prepare you to run 3 miles three times a week.

* Novice 1 training plan
* Eighteen weeks long
* Run four days a week
* Cross train one day a week
* Rest two days a week
* Two regular runs a week + one long run each week
* Long runs range from 6 to 20 miles
* The plan finishes with the Marathon race day

* New - You can set Saturday or Sunday race day
* Hal Higdon's voice will encourage you during your runs
* Distance and pace automatically tracked with built in GPS
* Metric units support
* Training schedule at your fingertips
* Set your training start date based on the race date
* Home screen shows a visual indicator of your training progress
* Select your own music and skip tracks without leaving the app
* Half point alert, letting you know when to turn back
* Share your workouts on Facebook and Twitter right from your app
* Lock Buttons feature prevents accidental button activation during workouts
* Excellent customer support
* Journal screen lets you document your run
* Keep track of your runs on the in app calendar
* Beautiful graphs show your progress
* Set a goal for distance, pace, weight loss, and distance ran
* See your run on a map
* Sync your runs with TrainingPeaks software online directly from your mobile device

Because this app needs accurate location information, this app requires a device with a GPS antenna, therefore the app works with iPhone 3G, 3GS, iPhone 4, and 4GS and is not compatible with the iPod touch.

Note: Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.

Compatible with iOS 7.0, requires iOS 5.0 or greater.

Customer Reviews

  • Awesome App!!

    by Photoguy74584

    This app helped me so much on my first marathon last year (2013 Boston Marathon, running for the charity "Cops for kids with cancer"). I am using it this year again. I love the updates!!!

  • Great training tool!

    by ggorton3

    Great translation of Hal Higdon's training program on a very accessible platform. Accurate and easy to use.

  • have i really gone that far?

    by RedsMan7

    I really like the app. And I've trained with this before but at times it has messed up my time and distance! For instance Hal (or the new guy) will say I have ran a mile and I may have only gone a 1/2 mile, it's very frustrating! If they can get that right I'll be a super happy marathoner!!!

  • Freezing up

    by Mommy23 Newtons

    Any notifications or texts make the mile counter stop. Time keeps going though. Had to stop and restart my long run and it did not count it as completed. Love app--please help!

  • Very Helpful!!

    by HarrNYSD

    I really like this app. Second time using it for training. Helps a newbie like me stay the course or road!!!

  • Great App For Your First or 51st Marathon

    by Greggy_C

    I have used the app to train for multiple marathons. I use it to make sure my training is on track for success. I like the ability to enter treadmill details as well as the pedometer.

  • Needs ability to manually enter a work out!

    by ReallyRivers

    Sometimes I run on a treadmill. The only way to track and log a run is to do so via GPS. I would like to be able to enter a run manually. To be able to enter my time and distance for tracking purposes. The app is useful as a countdown to race day but unfortunately it has this one big flaw. I still like it but please add this capability. I would give 3.5 stars if I could now but 5 if the capability was added.

  • Good but ...

    by Marcia Burdick

    I'd like it to do auto pause and restart. I run in the city and have to wait at several crosswalks. Sometimes I forget to pause or restart the program.

  • First time marathon

    by Mama molina

    This is my first time training for a marathon, and so far I'm doing great. Love this app!!

  • Great app!

    by Hibachiballa

    So glad I chose this training app to help me prepare for my first marathon. Been using it for just over 3 months, and can't imagine doing this without Hal in my ear I every 10 minutes!

  • Radical!

    by Adnamaeel

    Zero to champ! One month in and it's getting better every day!

  • First marathon

    by Hunter Kevin

    I'm using this app to train for my first marathon and it is great. I followed Hal Higdon's training program for my first mini marathon last year and the whole experience was awesome. I highly recommend this app to anyone.

  • Great App!!!

    by JayReeb

    I love this app. It is so easy to use. I just have a hard time hearing the quotes. I don't mind the failure quotes because they motivate me

  • Love the app but why all the failure quotes?

    by Mindful runner

    Love that this app structures and keeps track if my training! Very helpful and motivating. Like the idea of the inspirational quotes that Hal reads throughout the run; however, many seem to be about facing failure/ coping with failure as a runner. While I understand that when training for a race, a person may need to face the fact that they could fail, I think that more positive and encouraging quotes would be more inspiring to hear while running. You can turn off the quotes if you wish. I just feel like there is so much potential in embedding quotes in this app and that runners would be better served by hearing mostly positive ones as they train.

  • Undecided

    by Tjack0514

    I like using this app with all the features it has. However, this Saturday on my 10 mile run, at mile 3 the "rate this app" feature popped up on my screen without my knowing and froze the app. I noticed it at mile 5 and had no data from mile 3-5. Had to start over for the run and now have 2 entries for that day. My running partner had the exact thing happen to her on our 9 mile run the precious weekend. I am undecided if I like this app or not due to the bugs, glad I have a garmin for extra backup. Unfortunately for me, I didn't have it on this particular run. Hoping there is an update soon or something so no more runs are interrupted.

  • Overall great app but...

    by 5 children

    This is a great app to train with... I loved keeping a log with every run... But 3 days ago the app freaked out and stopped working and I lost about 12 weeks of training logs :( I had to re-install it... I'm hoping it holds out this time until the Chicago marathon :) thank you Hal for the inspiring words :)

  • Great, but messes up my tunes!!

    by Drtoph

    I loved this app for the first two months...it worked perfect. But then my music started turning off and on/fast forwarding, etc. Then my SIRI started activating constantly during my run (very frustrating!). I thought it was the phone and even went as far as exchanging my phone with Apple. Now it is happening again. I can only think it is the Higdon program because it only happens when I run. Please fix the bug!

  • Overall pretty good

    by Scoops1227

    I've used Hal's training programs before and really like them. I like that this is a training specific app and not just an app to log runs. However, as with every running app I have used, the longer the distance ran the more inaccurate it is. This has more to do with the GPS in the phones than with the apps. It also uses a lot of battery life. But again, overall this is a very good app. The tips are great and i like all of the features.

  • Solid app

    by Boone, J

    This app is great for keeping you in your training plan! It is easy to use and understand, and the distance progression has been good so far. The distance only seems to be off a little bit, but it won't impact your training at all. I love the map feature, the graphs, and more importantly, the ability to easily make journal entries right after your runs. Well done, Mr Higdon and team!

  • Something Missing...

    by WanderingStar

    I love this app; I have used it for my first marathon and everything went great on race day; except one little thing. I accidentally touched the "done" button and it shut off. I had to restart the app which of course is now giving faulty info on pace, miles etc. It needs a cover screen that allows for music controls but forces a more deliberate action to pause or stop the current "run". This has happens several times during training, too.

  • Not worth it

    by How bout them math

    Very expensive for an app, has multiple bugs, no calendar view for the plan, no personalization, no integration with other calendars. Very inconvenient to use. There are many apps to track your running, no special benefit to this one except for Higdon's name. Don't buy it

  • Can't post

    by gadgetgirl39

    Please fix can't post to FB since last update, like the APP so far but I will give a full rating when I complete the marathon

  • Don't waste your money

    by Kipster1122

    I've used phone apps for training from 5k and up. This is by far my least favorite of the bunch. First, the iphone isn't accurate enough for marathon training. Today my phone tracked my run at 16.83 miles and my garmin measured 16.02. Second, the inspirational quotes throughout the run do nothing for me. Usually, I can't even hear them over my music. Third, I've had my app lose a few runs due to using my phone mid-run. I can probably override the mileage, but I haven't checked. Finally, it seems like a waste of time to have to manually log rest days. Maybe they want you to read the daily messages. Those do nothing for me. I love the running plan and I'll gladly give Hal a few dollars for developing it, but I suggest you simply print it off the internet and use it with a garmin.

  • Unrealistic

    by Fro1977

    This app does not adjust to real life. Parents can't always do the training on certain days; they have to adjust to their schedules and kids' schedules. The app doesn't allow for adjustments. Nor does it allow you to plug in your own numbers. You pretty much have to carry your phone instead of a Garman to run so you can keep record. Stupid.

  • Not impressed

    by Emily dxb

    I can't choose a start date that's not Monday or a race date that's not Saturday or Sunday. This makes it difficult to use in other parts of the world. I would request my money back if I could...

  • Big Draw back


    Don't like that it makes u start on a Monday. I wish it allowed u to start on the day of the week u choose & change around the days that u run a certain mileage so it fits an individuals schedule.

  • Distance not accurate! needs improvement

    by Pepinaa

    I would love to hear my pace and my distance like RunKeeper App does! Please add that feature to this App and would be perfect. And also DISTANCE is not accurate which is BiG problem if you want to have a good training.

  • not compatible

    by Mariko Weston

    I have the latest version of the ipod touch and in itunes on the app section it says all ipod touch & iphone apps. this appliction is not compatible with any ipod touches!!! i wasted 10 bucks on an app that i though would have been useful to me...Thanks Apple!!

  • Needs fusion

    by Tsky7171

    I used this to train for my first marathon. The training advice and info was great but I used runtastic pro for during my run. It gives more info, more frequent in my ear during the run. The user interface at runtastic is better too. Only problem is runtastic has no training program. If Hal had his training program on runtastics application, ahhhh perfection!

  • The best scheduler I've found

    by Hks00

    It seems odd to me, but good downloadable training schedules are really hard to come by. Over the years I've spent hours putting training schedules into Outlook so I could sync with the calendar on my phone (the only calendar I ever look at). This was expensive for an iPhone app, but well worth it as a time saver alone. I love the journal feature which allows you to add notes about the weather, running terrain, and even how you felt during the run.

  • Excellent program

    by Jason Todd

    I've used Hal Higdon's program every time I've trained for a marathon since 2003. This will be my sixth race this June using his training. This will be the first one I've trained for using the app and it works exactly as advertised. I went from struggling to run 2 miles to finishing my first marathon in 3:45 over an 18 week period when I have previously used this program. It's a novice program, so if you want to incorporate sprints and hill work look online for his intermediate and advanced programs online. Also, be flexible with your workout schedule. If you know you race is on a Sunday incorporate an extra rest day to lengthen the program by one day. Too easy.

  • Super app, but folders in playlist please!

    by Skewplane

    I started this program a few weeks ago and have been thrilled with this app. Although the motivational comments may be distracting while running/ chatting with a partner, they break up the monotony of solo running. The milage updates allow me to run unfamiliar routes without constantly checking my gps. Each run is mapped and recorded so I can remember and return to favorite routes. The only improvement I'd like to see is the ability to keep seperate playlists in the music library so I don't get tired of the same songs and change up genres between workouts. Great app!

  • Just Finished my 1st Marathon

    by Wants to Pay Bill

    Just finished my first marathon today using this app. I would say that I felt well prepared by this program!

  • This app is superb!

    by AaronR_Johnstone

    I've been using it to train for my first marathon, which is coming up in 2 weeks. This app has everything I could possibly need. The mapping function which let's you see your per-mile pace is my favorite part. I would highly recommend this app and training plan to any novice marathoner.

  • Can't log manual runs!!!!

    by M. Herrera

    Support is great. I emailed to try and resolve the entering of manual runs. You can do it, it's just not totally user friendly.

  • Highly innacurate

    by Dannirr

    Distances displayed and recorded are exactly double reality. Makes it worthless. Also would be nice to record mile splits and more vocal feedback during runs

  • What's with the Sunday only races

    by Skipott

    This would get 5 of 5 if you could change the race to a Saturday or Sunday an not just Sunday. My race is on a Saturday please fix this and the half marathon app. Thanks

  • Great App

    by Arkansasteacher

    I agree with the other reviewer. This app would be perfect if it would allow the weekend long run days to be either Saturday (my preferred long run day) or Sunday. Otherwise, I am very pleased with this app and the sync capability with Training Peaks is a nice extra. Thanks Coach Higdon!

  • HELP!

    by cmikell

    I love everything about this app EXCEPT that it only allows my race dates to fall on Sunday. I just signed up for the Savannah Rock N Roll, which will be on a Saturday. When I change the the race date to reflect November 5th (Saturday) it automatically goes back to Nov 6th on it's own. Is there a place where I can change the plan to reflect the right day? And I do my long runs on Sat anyway....how do i fix the weekly training days to fit my lifestyle and work schedule appropriately? Thanks!

  • Great App!

    by Jeffem55

    I am so glad this is available. I have been using the online schedule since the first of May hoping an app would come out. I only have one suggestion that there is an on/off switch for the Gps. I find that after I run the gps is still activated and thus drains the battery. Is there some way that the gps can only be activated during the running function v. whenever the app is being used?

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