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FREE* Blue National Doctor and Hospital Finder for Blue Cross and Blue Shield members.

Looking for a doctor, hospital, or urgent care center when you’re on the go? If you are a Blue Cross and Blue Shield member, your iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad can easily locate a doctor, hospital, or urgent care center nationwide.

With the Blue National Doctor and Hospital Finder you’ll be able to quickly find an urgent care center or locate a contracting Blue Cross and Blue Shield provider. This free application allows you to perform a nationwide search for a healthcare provider by specialty and name, either as a member or guest.

Let your iPhone be your guide for healthcare provider information with a GPS navigation search and link to Maps.

*There is no charge from BCBSA to download the application, but rates from your wireless provider may apply.

Customer Reviews

  • Seems to work fine now...

    by Alegria32b

    On August 18, I downloaded the Blue Finder and tried searching for internal medicine doctors in a 5 mile radius of Annapolis Maryland (didn't use zip code). The search took about 35 seconds, and it returned 128 doctors in the area. The returns had all the information I needed to contact the doctors, and it showed them on a map upon request. I also tried running a search for emergency medicine locations and that returned the five hospitals in my area in under 10 seconds. So, works as advertised and fast — five stars from me.

  • I-phone blue finder ap

    by SAHM Lynnie

    The I-phone ap is a much better search engine than the on-line computer version. I like that it maps the providers for you.

  • Works fine

    by Kirstie_n_josh

    I am not having any problems. It gave me exactly what I wanted it to.

  • Worked for me

    by Roo769CJ

    It worked when I typed in the city, state, and zip code but not just the zip code. I was at work and wanted to check around my house. Also, found it worked better when selecting the specialty first versus just searching for skin doctor (dermatology).

  • Ver 1.3.20130723 Works for FEP

    by Startoestudio

    If you're a FEP member, just type your letter & first 2 numeric digits to log in. Works fine.

  • hasta ahora trabaja

    by dracorunas

    he conseguido lo que busco

  • Works if you know the doctors name

    by Phlebrcn

    The search on this needs to be fixed, I always get a server error when searching for a facility.

  • I found what I was looking for

    by cooolor

    Despite the negative reviews I installed the app and found everything I needed. No crashes here.

  • Doesn't work

    by Gopooooo

    Crap. Just like the actual provider.

  • App crashes when opening

    by Latino 

    Just installed the app and it crashed 4 times in a row without showing me more than the loading screen. Please fix.

  • Unreliable. Possibly dangerous.

    by Gentle Explorer

    Completely omits a number of hospitals which are in network. Does not show many providers. Did not identify several in network hospitals which are very close. Don't trust this in an emergency. In fact, don't trust it at all. Cannot search Canada or international providers. Just a really crappy application.

  • Not working

    by 12jazzylady

    This app is a good idea but telling me there is not 1 Obstetric & gynecology doctor within 25 miles of me is totally wrong. I live in a major city.

  • Hard to tell if it works or not

    by GeorgeW6

    I hoped to find information on places that give discounts for new eye glasses. Probably will need to see full Website for my FEP plan. After three tries, I did find a nearby optometrist. There are three possible categories to search and two came up with "no results." I feel that's a database problem that could be corrected to show results of any of the three possible searches even if they are not under the exact same search term specified in the data base. In any event, I feel that BC/BS should take the app down until it works correctly for the users. Why frustrate so many policy holders with a poor product?

  • Very Poor

    by ZDigitalPro

    This app is totally useless in that you have to search by physician or facility name. If I knew the names, I wouldn't need to search. It needs to search by specialty e.g. "Internal Medicine" or "pediatrics".

  • does not work

    by reviewer7654321bnm

    Waste of time. No providers found w/in 15 miles of Alexandria VA. Makes them look bad to pretend they have a helpful app.

  • Extremely poor function

    by MH2310

    Indicates location service is off when it's not. Unable to locate any urgent care facilities in 10 mile radius. Defaults to call the service for almost every query when I am located in a very provider and facility intense area. Needs a do-over.

  • Does not work

    by OldSheep44

    There are prefered providers close by but app does not find them.

  • Worthless App

    by Lyman70

    Got mailer as a covered member and downloaded the app. It could not find any care provider with any search criteria--not even our family doctor who is in BC-BS network and using his name in the search. Everything you do asks you to call for help.

  • Just about useless

    by Perfect solitaire

    The app seems to work, at least for me. I am a federal employee with FEP, and like a previous reviewer said, just entering the first three characters from my card got me going. The search(es) all seemed to work, but in a few short seconds i was advised that there were "no providers" matching my search. Of course that's nonsense; there are literally dozens in the area. When i left the search box blank, and searched a 15 mile radius, i was presented with 4 or 5 items (a dermatologist, a GP, a rehab center, and quest diagnostics). Basically useless. I did not try the "urgent care" button, but expect it would give me hospitals and walk in clinics i could easily obtain using google maps. I liked the ease of the app and its layout, but unless the database is updated to include ALL physicians in the BC/BC preferred provider book, its a waste of time. You would be cutting down your choice of available doctors to one or two, when in actuality, you could choose from dozens more. Don't waste your time with this unless radical updates are made.

  • OMG!

    by Velezjpr

    Simply useless.

  • No results in OK

    by Zootap80

    No results here in central OK, either. App support opens a web page to search in safari. Might as well just make a link to that instead of this app.

  • Useless

    by cement406

    I live in a major metro area with several urgent care centers and ERs in the area. This app could not find *any* of them--even though they all accept BCBS. I had the search parameters wide open and the search radius large enough to include the area. I also tried searching for preferred providers whom I currently use in the area. The app could not find a single one. If this app cannot find preferred providers whom I know exist, then I cannot trust its results when I am looking for one. Delete.

  • I should have read the other reviews

    by Norcallytd

    App downloaded quickly but that is its only positive feature. As with other reviewers, the app was unable to locate any providers in any specialty even within a broad 50 mile radius. Blue Cross should pull this app from the store until it is able to do what was intended; to make locating providers easy..

  • What?

    by fashely

    Did I hear someone say worthless? Looks like they would consider lowering their extravagant rates instead of spending money on worthless apps.

  • Awful Useless

    by Cliffwood66

    Awful and useless. Who designed this? The search tool requires at least two letters, so you can't search your area for a list of doctors, dentists, etc? My searches for docs dentists even a hospital came up No Data - Wanna Call Us Instead? Not really. I changed the radius. I tried rebooting the program. Nothing. And, last but not least, it found no emergency care facilities when there are quite a few in my area. What's not to love about this app? This app.

  • BCBS can do better than this

    by Szatk

    Did not work for FEP for me. App found no results within 25 mile radius. Useless. Come on can do better

  • Useless App

    by Fatal_Byte

    The app can't find providers at all no matter how I adjust the search. The reviews are true, it's worthless.

  • Totally useless

    by the.blade

    Can't locate the in-network provider just 4 miles from my house. In fact, can't find ANY providers w/in 50 miles. Total waste. Don't bother.

  • Needs work

    by Foto Pro

    I live within two miles of a regional medical center with almost every specialty. This app could not find a single provider that we use regularly, to include the hospital.

  • No providers found locally

    by Undone000

    Searched Family Practice to see if the providers in a 25 mile radius of my Englewood, OH address. No providers found with BC/BS app. The app either does not work or the process to get the info from the app is not intuitive.

  • Poor

    by Yabmeister

    Started a search for local providers. The search started and never ended. Watching the spinning circle was fun for the first 20 minutes though.

  • Worst app ever

    by Msrha

    App is terribly slow, crashes, does not come up with results, totally useless.

  • No doctors

    by Jtwatmyappleid

    Would be perfect if it actually listed any doctors. So I guess it is just a waste.

  • Don't waste your time

    by Rustic country

    This app is the worst. No matter what Doctor you type in it says no results. Not worth the time it takes to set it up.

  • Worthless

    by BeltwayJim

    The database here and online is whacked. You have to be a mind reader to filter by specialty. I tried "general" and "family" to find a primary physician; both returned a practice specialized in some kind of dentistry. But leaving the specialty field blank yields 200 results, none of which included doctors I know are BCBS in my area. Worthless.

  • Needs work

    by PetiteKim

    I have an FEP plan and it doesn't give the same results as the website. I was given one choice for labs and about five choices online. Neither worked to find a place for X-Rays.

  • Nearly useless

    by JeremyDeal

    When you need to find a provider quickly just save the frustration and call 411, because this app is a joke. It's seriously enough to make me look for another provider. Try searching for a partial business name or physician name = no results, try searching for what's wrong with you = no results, no results, no results. For a company the size of BC&BS this app is a joke, I hate using it and unfortunately I have had to a lot lately. They need to get serious about making a better app. I know its not medical-related but take notes or hire the developer that make the 1-800-contacts app, it's one of the best I've EVER used.

  • Doesn't work

    by lax flyboy

    App will not find providers I know accept bc/bs and will not find nearest urgent care either. So it's pretty worthless

  • Does not march the website's provider list

    by CleChiNy

    It does not work, and it does not match the websites provider list.

  • Horrible

    by Jsb2000

    Some of the addresses are old & lists are not complete. Useless.

  • Doesn't Work

    by jbccolden

    Always receive the message "Server cannot process your request at this time." When it finally works, only displays a fraction of the results found online.

  • Ok for Doctor Directory

    by cchurch3

    Ok for finding local doctors. Some doctor ratings would be helpful.

  • Useless

    by sking7

    My 3-letter code isn't recognized. Calling customer service doesn't do anything either. I wish my employer would go back to UNITED HEALTHCARE. At least their app worked as advertised.

  • It simply does not work

    by B3arh3art

    At all. I would put zero stars but I have to click on one...

  • Worthless

    by Lunatweeker

    Couldn't get past the 3 letter identifier

  • Okay for some people

    by David Tepper

    I'm a Federal employee but with a local BCBS plan, not the big Federal Employees Plan (FEP). When I enter my 3-letter code the app works fine. However, I tried the FEP search (for which you have to log on as a guest) and got a warning message before the search results that some doctors listed might not actually participate in the plan. Really? REALLY?! The database can't tell if someone is a "preferred provider" for FEP or not? That's just sloppy and inexcusable service to BCBS's largest pool of insured. The same critique applies to the BlueCard PPO search, which I would use if I were outside my plan's coverage area. One would think an organization as established and venerated as the Blues would be the leader in this sort of thing, but instead they all but tell us not to trust their work. It would be nice if those of us who travel were able to find BCBS-approved urgent care overseas as well, but there are so many other problems that need fixing that this can wait.

  • No Use!!

    by dre790

    This app is useless. Doesnt find anything I pick. Wth is that.?!? Good thing it was free, u get what u pay for

  • Fraud

    by Mizzthor

    This app never works when I really need it to. I had one that did work, until I upgraded to ios6. After upgrading ALL my apps were gone. I only had this one to choose from. The other was better.

  • Hope the Service..

    by 2onthehill

    is better than this App that doesn't work at all.. They shouldn't put out an App that doesn't work

  • Terrible

    by 10bre10

    I just downloaded it and it won't stop crashing. After all of these years of paying and this is what we get?!

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