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• Fixed some minor bugs

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Food Allergy Journal is your friendly weapon in the fight against food allergies. Tired of eating something only to experience symptoms hours, or even days, later and still confused as to which item is making you ill?

Prescription for Feeling Better: Download the App. Record. Analyze… Then move on to enjoying a world where your food allergies don’t ambush you anymore. This food Allergy Journal can help you “take back the plate”! After all, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

• Simple format makes it easy to enter information, find and edit it, then run reports and analysis
• Create custom entries for foods and symptoms in the words you use - no more scrolling through long, irrelevant lists
• Convenient auto-fill for dates and times of eating foods and experiencing symptoms
• Select level of symptoms: Mild, Medium or Severe
• App remembers your entries, making it quicker and easier to enter data each time
• Journal allows you to quickly scroll through all of your entries, showing foods and symptoms in different colors for easy identification
• Run reports to help you analyze collected data
• Report 1: View all symptoms experienced [#] hours after eating [FOOD]
• Report 2: View all foods eaten [#] hours before experiencing [Mild/Medium/Severe] [SYMPTOM]
• Save or email reports to your doctor, yourself, your personal chef – anyone!

Customer Reviews

  • Great app!

    by emily08

    This app helps me track the foods I'm eating while recognizing how those foods affect me health wise. I feel much healthier after downloading this app, thanks Allergy Journal!!

  • So useful!

    by @thatsooregan

    Allergy Journal helped me so much in figuring out that I was lactose and gluten intolerant! I was able to show the reports to my doctor and they could see what I was eating and what exactly caused my symptoms. I love the new design and it's very user friendly.

  • Great app!

    by Yulia j&j

    Allergy journal helped me determine that not only was I allergic to oats, but also to pepper. Great app! My doctor was impressed too! I really recommend it. Thanks to whoever made the app!

  • Fantastic!

    by alevsxm

    What an upgrade! This app is so much more user friendly now! The food auto suggest is clutch!

  • Time to update!

    by Neal-ski

    I just got the reminder to update this app. I use it for my kids when we go on vacation and eat at new places. Simple to use, does what it's supposed to, and a good day to day app.

  • Update fixed bugs

    by Foodieinthecity

    This app has allowed me to track my diet and single out problem foods quickly and easily. Would be a five star app if food suggestions were populated as you started typing.

  • Good - could be great with some enhancements.

    by Johnldiv

    Would be nice if food entries were sorted by alpha (easier to find next time). Should also be able to edit past food entries. Would also be nice if date defaulted to the current time (instead of last entry date - as this results in errors if you are making quick entries). For reports, it would be nice to report on foods/symptoms for a range of time (instead of just one time value which may miss something). Long term would be great to categorize food by common allergen types so reporting could filter on that. Good start. Nice and simple and quick!

  • Good so far

    by TikiGal

    Finally a simple app to track foods and symptoms. I don't know why they use all gray letters for text, makes it somewhat hard to read. You can email data out of it. They'd probably get a lot more reviews by linking something out of the app.

  • Easy and simple but

    by Heartpurple

    Simple app. Straight forward journal entry. But there is no way of getting the journal off the device, say, to provide to the doctor!!! Ability to email journal in tab delimited text file would be a great.

  • Great app for tracking food allergies.

    by Marmelade5

    It does what is says and it's simple to use. One improvement I'd love to see is the time stamp automatically update itself to real time for tracking purposes (but also allows you to go back in time). This would be the cherry on top!

  • Too many bugs

    by ReviewerJ

    Awkward to see journaled data; has bugs that prevent exporting of entered data, rendering data somewhat useless unfortunately.

  • Foods don't always record

    by Phoenixmkfour

    I downloaded this app, attempted several times to add foods but then I could not find my recorded info. It did not save my information. Also the app is not well organized. Please improve this app and the bugs

  • Had potential

    by LoveMyBrainCells

    I recorded a day of meals, then it wouldn't open again. So deleted the app and reloaded. All data was lost Recorded a day of meals again, and now it won't open again. I give up on this app.

  • Latest update broken

    by DHT440

    Was useful until latest update, now it won't open at all. Please fix!

  • Good idea, but useless.

    by EdArias

    Too simple. Ambiguous button behavior. Limited entry space (would be nice to include ingredients, or notes).

  • Barely worth downloading

    by Quid

    This app has a lot of potential, but its just not good enough to use yet. There needs to be a way to add notes to the symptoms and food to specify details for that "instance" of eating. For example, I can add a food item such as a slice of bread. What if I eat two slices? I have to either create a new food item that says 2 slices or bread or enter the slice of bread entry twice. Needs a lot more work before its worth using regularly.

  • Sort of works

    by LaurenBumstead

    Not very user friendly and too basic

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