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We added a lot of new functionalities, along with:
- creating a workout from your Favorite exercises;
- an enhanced music player;
- landscape orientation support for the workout view;
- a new side menu system!

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Awesome fitness app that will get you Amazing Abs in less than two weeks! Sounds too easy? With our app, it really is! But be careful, our workouts are so fun and enjoyable that it can lead to the healthiest exercising addiction ever!

•Informative overview of abs exercising
•Three effective HD video workouts for different fitness levels, so it will never get boring or too easy*
•Full descriptions for each exercise to get the maximum benefit out of workouts
•Endless fun of sports, as you can work out while listening your own music from iTunes!

*The first level is free, the second and third levels are in-app purchases.

More than 40 000 people are already hooked and training with us. Here are some of their reviews:
’’ This app is amazing and you feel and see it working after the first time!’’
’’ Saw results in the first day!!!’’
’’ Love this app!! Best one! And you can hear your own music while you work out’’

Download our app today and begin with your FUN, SIMPLE and ADDICTIVE workouts.

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Customer Reviews


    by Djsndnovksdbjf

    will this app help me get rid of my love handles?!

  • Awesome app

    by BrittMichelle23

    I highly recommend this app for one reason, simplicity and effectiveness. I've been using it for about 3 weeks now and have already seen results. Remember guys, 70% of healthy eating and 30% exercise and you will succeed! Once you notice results, you'll get addicted! I'm excited!

  • Idk

    by Selena the fame

    I just download this app hope it works

  • Amazing app !!!

    by Briibrii30

    I can't say just how happy I am with this app !!! It's so much better then any other app I have ever downloaded ! These workouts actually work and aren't just a bunch of BS !!! So far I'm really happy with my results !

  • Abs

    by Richmanlol

    It was an amazing app

  • Killer ab workout!

    by DSB2013

    This is such a good routine that works all different spots on your abs! I hadn't done this in a few months, I've been doing cardio yoga lately and was thinking I was getting a pretty decent ab work out but decided today to go for a jog and do this instead... My poor stomach muscles didn't know what hit them! Definitely reincorporating this into my routine.

  • Awesome!!!

    by jerrytodamax

    This app is amazing and it really works, after the first day I felt it working and saw results. Download this app today, you will love it

  • Love it

    by Timahe

    I just downloaded the app and I'm loving it . Ahhh finally something new not BS like the other apps Thanks and trust me everyone u will love it

  • Like

    by JuliannDawn

    This app is great, but on an older version I could turn my phone sideways and the view changed. Can you allow horizontal display again?

  • My morning workout

    by Carleshia Bradley

    I love using the beginning level in the mornings to give me that extra jolt. I use the intense level once I'm home for the day. I love these apps. Very simple and easy! I don't know what I would do without them!

  • Amazing

    by Yitos1

    This app is truly amazing. It took me 3 weeks to get the abs I want. The first level will work on ur topper abs and will be the easiest of them all. You should do the first level for a week everyday. Great results! The second level will be a little harder because it works the middle abs. Again you should do this for a week everyday! Now you go to the third level! This will be the hardest because it will be working on ur lower fat pouch that everyone wants to go away! This will only take a week! Each workout is only 10 minutes a day! You only have to give 10 minutes of your time to have the "Amazing Abs" you've always wanted!:)

  • Inconvenient to use, but has potential.

    by BIblioBelle

    Honestly, it was a quick workout that was do-able for a beginner. My biggest complaint is that there is no audio to the app, so you have to watch the phone screen the entire time. This was really difficult to manage during some moves and a huge distraction. I did really like the videos of each workout!

  • Really?

    by LeiLei4

    The abs workout comes with the Level I workout but I purchased Levels II and III and when I select them they don't open. Really?

  • Great

    by STEPHNEY girl

    Love the workouts!!!

  • Awesome

    by $$Nene boo $$

    I really enjoyed this app because it gives me lot of different abbs workouts to try and they have a model modeling out what the workout looks like!!!!! Thanks for the amazing app it helps a lot !!! :)

  • abs workout

    by Newurican

    its awesome thanks

  • Abs workout

    by Home wood

    I love it!!

  • Great workout

    by Kountry11

    Really like!!! I can feel it working

  • Hmmm? Do I really like it?

    by Katxo14_xoxo

    I love the workout it's really good but I hate the fact that you need to buy level 2&3

  • Luv luv luv luv

    by Angel_sweety42

    I luv dis app it works good sometimes only down fall is that I having problems opening level 2 & seems like it crashes n just doesn't want 2 open...can you fix please!!

  • Not great

    by Jamempress

    There are better abs apps out there

  • Awesome!

    by Chicago police wife

    Super great app!

  • Gr8

    by G3ema

    I liked it

  • My abs are great!!

    by Txxsmith

    Workouts are definitely my thing!! I can just run with my friends now, and before I wasn't keeping up cause I was to fat!!! Morgan D. Smith

  • Laing weight

    by Im sexy and your not

    It's awesome

  • Love

    by Babythughette

    My abs are burning I love it!

  • Thanks

    by CeMm_Cem3 for ps3 .)

    Merci beaucoup !

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