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The app for tracking your sleep!


While you sleep, Beddit automatically tracks your sleeping patterns, heart rate, breathing, snoring, movements and environment. In the morning, Beddit tells you how you slept and how to do it better.

Place Beddit ultra thin film sensor in your bed, under the sheet. No wearable sensors. Beddit sensor connects to your iPhone using Bluetooth.


- Measures your sleep using in-bed sensor, nothing to wear!

- Calculates your personal sleep score, which takes into account the most important things affecting your sleep: amount of sleep, sleep fragmentation, sleep efficiency, snoring

- Gives daily tips and improvement ideas produced by medical sleep experts

- Measures your resting heart rate - great for exercising!

- Detects and shows times of snoring

- Alarm clock included

Customer Reviews

  • Info displayed needs explanations

    by TheBlackerSheep

    Like most people I at first thought it really just gives you basic info, but if you play with it a bit by hitting the displays, you get much more detail. My beef is that there are no explanations on how to see that info. You have to figure it out for yourself. Also, there is nothing to explain the terms used, e.g. What is sleep latency? What do the mean got up from bed? There needs to be more information available; if not in the app than on the website.

  • Wait for the updates people

    by PabloZee

    OK, so the current state of the app is so-so. I imagine they rushed out this version so you’d have something for when the Beddit hardware arrived. It’d be useless w/o an app of some sort. They had to focus on getting the hardware right at shipping time as there’s no way to update that (firmware updates aside). They now have time to work on the app. Several Indiegogo projects that started out with middling software have improved significantly over time.

  • Sleep tracker without wires

    by Sxuree

    Just received my Beddit and used it the first time last night. Heart rate feature is neat. Breathing rate or deep/ light sleep information is not clear. It would be good to have more information about what information the app is providing. It would also be nice if the app could detect when you went to bed and got up. At this time you have to manually start and stop sleep tracking A neat idea; I look forward to additional updates and instructions.

  • Wish it worked

    by TruGodzilla

    It is highly unstable and when it freezes it requires a total reinstall and u lose all your data. Disappointed

  • Mediocre Product

    by Les.R007

    I typically do not write reviews, and initially felt the current reviews were unduly harsh until my first interactions with this product. Unfortunately the critical reviews to date has been quite accurate, the only positive thing I have to say is that the unrealized potential is staggering. I would suggest the company vest less in slick marketing promotions and get back to the basics of creating a more positive software interface, improved quality control of the hardware with raw data access. My Zeo is looking great at this point! The Zeo may require contact, but it delivers the data anticipated in a useful format, with readable instructions!

  • Very lacking. May be dangerous!

    by umopdn

    I have had the beddit for over a week now and I need to say this-- VERY disappointed. You are better off using MotionX 24/7. Beddit- I feel ripped off. What's worse -- read further! The beddit app is not very detailed and also doesn't track apnea properly. Also you have to connect it every time which can be annoying. The detail is just so basic that you really don't get anything out of it. The only thing I can say wow to is the heart rate measurement. Everything else.. Meh... The worst part is the device may be doing more harm than good...!!! I measured the electrical field of the band you sleep on (with sheets covering) and my Trifield meter reads OVER 50 milligaus!!! If you don't know what this means, it's like having your body right next to an electrical transformer while you sleep! Just to give you a reference point, a charging iphone cable directly contacting the Trifield reads 5.2, and an inch away reads 2.5. I am getting RID of my Beddit.

  • Accuracy and data depth need improving

    by riverwizard

    Little information provided. Low accuracy of stats provided. (I left the bed 10 times ... Was out of the bed for 5 hours ?!?) what does it sense? If it says I snored for 2 min, where is the audible record?

  • So disappointed!!!

    by Sqc001

    It sounded so promising and seems we were sold something half promised! The app is not helpful and well to tap that your going to sleep!!!??? Why bother having a device like this?

  • Not ready for prime time

    by cbass8

    Wildly incorrect data. No charting or anything useful for data comparisons. Disappointing.

  • Crashes

    by Hunt4868

    App freezes and requires a complete reinstall to continue to use.

  • Not as advertised..

    by hchoo

    I got the Beddit through Indegogo and I must say, the app they showed on their site had more detail than this one. I’m very disappointed...

  • Cumbersome and mostly useless

    by OppieSF

    The “start sleeping” function is the least user friendly they could possibly imagine. First, it shouldn’t force me to connect my phone to a charger before doing anything. A warning would be enough. Then, it should automatically connect to the device without me having to selection a list of one! And of course there is the fact other reviewers have pointed out: I hardly get any useful data from my sleep. All the other devices/apps I have tried (Basis, Up, Lark, Wakemate, sleep cycle) give me more.

  • This app has no features

    by Hira

    Wow I can't believe I bought this crap. There are no other features accept for time slept. where is the REM cycle length? I guess we have enough backers for a joint law suit. This is not what was advertised.

  • Dissapointed

    by Casey375

    Very disappointed. The app is no where close to as detailed as I thought it was going to be or what was advertised. There is no useful information from a nights sleep and I have gained no insight into how I could improve my sleep. It also took about 6 months for me to finally get the product. As a previous poster said, I feel like I've been scammed.

  • Disappointed

    by occasionalpurchaser

    Also a Indegogo supporter and had high hopes for both the hardware and the software. The hardware is nice and shows promise. The software is a total wash. Completely different than what is displayed on their website and devoid of most of the features listed on the site and their Indegogo site. The information is erroneous, lacking and underwhelming. The only portion that works is the heart monitor. After 4 days of use and four emails to support there has been no reply and something tells me there won't be either. Looks like I fell for a scam. To bad...had high hopes.

  • Disappointed!

    by 日本語 newbie

    I was an Indegogo supporter for Beddit, but I am very disappointed by the information displayed in the app. The graphics demonstrated in the Indegogo video and on the website led me to expect more detail about my sleep. Basically, I got the time I went to bed and the time I woke up. I can do that with a watch and a pencil! I have been using the iPhone app Sleep Cycle for over 2 years and the data I get is significantly more insightful. The initial sleep tips appear canned. My first tip was sleep more when I slept well within the suggested time duration. Hopefully, the app will be updated to provide more detailed and useful information in the near future.

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