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Introducing Advanced Sleep Analysis. Basis now tracks your REM Sleep, Deep Sleep and Light Sleep – as well as Toss-and-Turn, Interruptions and Duration. View your sleep staging daily, track your personal averages and sleep better.

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Get fit, sleep better and stress less with Basis, the most advanced health tracker in the world! Purchase a device at and use the free companion app to sync wirelessly, track heart rate, calories, steps and more. Get the most out of your iPhone with a Basis band!


The Basis band (get one at has the most advanced sensors on the market, continuously capturing heart rate patterns, motion, perspiration and skin temperature throughout the day and night. It's the perfect companion to your iPhone.

Powered by Body IQ technology, Basis automatically recognizes and displays your favorite activities - walking, running and outdoor cycling. Your duration and calorie count for each activity is displayed on your Basis band and on your iPhone.

Basis automatically detects every phase of sleep - no button pushing or mode changing like other devices. Based on cutting-edge sleep science, your sleep chart on your app shows each phase of your sleep – REM Sleep, Deep Sleep and Light Sleep – as well as Toss-and-Turn, Interruptions and Duration.

With real-time heart rate on your wrist, Basis helps you uncover stressful moments that you may not even be aware of. With some simple breathing exercises, Basis can help you stay cool under pressure.

Find opportunities in your daily routine to make small changes that have a big impact on your health. Like getting more activity and regular sleep. Simply choose the area you want to focus on and Basis does the rest.

Use the Basis app to automatically track your Healthy Habits for activity (e.g. steps taken, calories burned), sleep (e.g. duration, wake times) and even Resting Heart Rate! Check your progress easily on your iPhone, manage your Habits and go deep on the data on your web-based dashboard.

Sync data wirelessly from your Basis Band via Bluetooth to keep the most current data in your hands at all times. *Internet connection required*

- Requires a Basis band and Basis account. Go to to order.
- Internet connection required to view current data on application.
- Visit for current list of supported phones.

Customer Reviews

  • Basis always exceeds my expectations!

    by L0VELIE

    Basis is an awesome device and this app is the cherry on top. When I first purchased Basis, there was no app. I would always have to sync in order to see my data. Fortunately, now, there is this awesome app that displays my data with ease. Sometimes I think the syncing is slow but then I remember how much data is being stored and how the longer I wait in between syncs, the longer it takes to sync. Anyway, altogether this app and company is fantastic!

  • Great Upgrade

    by dingo9

    The new sleep feature is fabulous! Syncing with the iPhone five is also great. Hope the iPad app upgrade is coming soon.

  • Simple the best

    by Etbetweenn

    The basis b1 is on point! It's simple the best. It measure my sleep very accurately. I was surprise that when I looked at my watch it was able to tell when I was running or just walking fast. Now with this update of sleep, I be able to get a better view of my sleep pattern, with work, home life and gym, happy that basis will help me accomplish my goal.

  • New Sleep

    by apuz13

    The new sleep feature is awesome. This is one of the things I really wanted the B1 watch for. Syncing still needs help though. That's why only 4 stars

  • Great app!

    by Harrison curry

    This works really well with my new basis b1 band... Allows me to view and sync my data while on the go and stores the data for offline viewing.

  • Fix this app.

    by danielvdotcom

    this product is amazing! The app keeps crashing and doesn't allow the device to sync, hopefully this is released in the new version on the 21st.

  • Good, but needs more "Habits"

    by Caroline O'Brien

    Like the watch, and I'm slowly getting used to the app (had the Up Band before this). The app is rather sparse, but straight forward compared to the Up band and app. Really like the Bluetooth syncing feature (and notifying me when it's done) Oddly enough, I like that there is no food tracking-keeps things simple. I just wish that the wealth of data that is available online, was also available with the interface I use more frequently (my phone). While I'm wishing for things, I desperately want more options for habits...

  • Motivating but with issues

    by SMR73

    I love the fact that it doesn't need a waist band. It seems to track steps accurately. I love that you earn habits. The issues deal with syncing using wifi and my IPhone. Sometimes it syncs fine. Other times the data transfers and is listed in "Insights" but not when you look at the individual habits. Says "Transfer failed".

  • Not bad...

    by Pawtucket Patriots

    I just got the watch/band for Christmas and downloaded the app. I've read a lot of the reviews and they are all pretty valid. The watch does cause some skin irritation with extended use, but so does anything being worn tightly against the skin 24/7. I switch hands at night and it seems to help. I like how it tracks my sleep and the app usually syncs fine for me without issues. I agree with everyone else and hope they partner with MyFitnessPal for calorie intake and weight tracking. It really doesn't make sense for a fitness tracker to not have the ability to track calories. I'm not bothered by the step count issues. I think it's just as accurate as any other device. Nothing is going to get it right 100%.. It's close enough for my tastes. So far, I'm pleased with it.

  • Not bad...

    by Pawtucket Patriots

    I just got the watch/band for Christmas and downloaded the app. I've read a lot of the reviews and they are all pretty valid. The watch does cause some skin irritation with extended use, but so does anything being worn tightly against the skin 24/7. I switch hands at night and it seems to help. I like how it tracks my sleep and the app usually syncs fine for me without issues. I agree with everyone else and hope they partner with MyFitnessPal for calorie intake and weight tracking. It really doesn't make sense for a fitness tracker to not have the ability to track calories. I'm not bothered by the step count issues. I think it's just as accurate as any other device. Nothing is going to get it right 100%.. It's close enough for my tastes. So far, I'm pleased with it.

  • Great App & Great Band

    by JustinOmaha

    I just started using the band and the app and I'm very impressed. No issues yet. The only important feature I feel the app is missing is a way to update your weight. I'm assuming your weight has something to do with calculating burned calories, plus it would just be nice to track within the app (and on the site). Detailed data from specific events like workouts would be nice also. But again, great app & band! Keep up the great work developers!




  • Great new update

    by Grogblog

    I like where they are headed with more functionality in the app. A nice improvement!

  • Very happy!

    by Abf in az

    My experience with this has been great! No problems with the sync- I always get to the 100% level and it's more convenient than using the cradle to connect to my PC! I can review previous days with "insights" and the dashboard is a great summary for me to look at during the day. I will sync frequently during the day to make sure I'm meeting my goals. I am a fan of the Basis band and this App!

  • Brilliant Update

    by Parti05

    This update adds additional functionality which is very useful! A great fitness band keep adding more features !

  • Must have

    by SFpelican

    Love this product!

  • Nice Update

    by Ljha2m

    This is a good update. People are complaining that the app failed to sync after the update. That is because Basis was performing maintenance updates to their website. Now sync succeeds almost 98% of the times. I would also appreciate and commend the development team to push new features via firmware update to the watch. That is awesome. Keep the new features coming. Good job guys !!

  • Great! for now...

    by shablam

    It's fine! Gives the basics, easy to read. But it should do more (akin to the website) over time. If Basis doesn't do a substantial upgrade in the next 6 months, I'll update this review with less stars.

  • Sync on the go

    by RSkelton

    I love not having to connect to my computer to sync my Basis. The app gives me exactly what I need - a snapshot of my activities today. When I want more detail and graphs, I go to my laptop, where the screen is the right size for that level of data. For the app, it would be nice to be able to see the same data for prior days.

  • Happy to see the IOS App

    by Ramakrishna m

    Waiting for this app and excited. I will update the review once I use. Update: It's just one screen display and not much details. Sync work only when the screen is active. It's good that we do not need to connect to computer. Room for lot of improvement.

  • Unreliable

    by Ghhgvvvgh

    Have tried to sync multiple times to no avail. Not the quality you'd expect from a $200 device. This is still a prototype and an overpriced one at that.

  • Unreliable

    by Ghhgvvvgh

    Have tried to sync multiple times to no avail. Not the quality you'd expect from a $200 device. This is still a prototype and an overpriced one at that.

  • Terrible, always crashing

    by mrgrantbray

    It was good when it worked. I can't even sync because it crashes ten seconds after opening it

  • Won't download to iPad

    by Chris-alkdsjfas

    I tried to download it to my iPad. iTunes says it's downloaded, but it never showed up on my iPad. Basis says it's compatible, but obviously that's incorrect.

  • Looking forward to the future

    by Sailingtopher

    The watch is fun and I want to like it, but there are just too many issues. Syncing has been nearly impossible and with the limited storage on the watch, that's annoying. By limited syncing, I mean this phone app just doesn't work and crashes on me every time. I am limited to syncing on my Mac and even that is hit or miss. Like other reviewers, I'm losing patience with this one. It wasn't a cheap purchase, so why send out a cheap product. May I suggest getting the basic features to work before adding new ones?

  • Great watch terrible site and app

    by Metalslug2k2

    These guys need to work on the sync. It takes ages to sync and fails majority of the time. My fitbit force was instant! App was beefed up. Basis app and web need major upgrades!! Will update review once you update!

  • App is unstable

    by JamieFinn

    Trying to sync makes the app crash incessantly. The thing is so unstable on iOS 7 that you can barely have the app open. C'mon dudes fix it up.

  • Nice, but...

    by ThomBusc

    The wrist unit is nice. Good info. But the app is sort of a waste. OK for the iPhone. But an iPad version with the quality of info that is reflected in the web site seems like a no brainer. Really no excuse for not having it other than laziness or, possibly, a lack of vision. MyFitnessPal integration with also be a big plus. Too bad the quality of the App does not match the quality if the device.

  • Flaky sync and fragile connectivity. Needs work!

    by jokun

    Getting this app to talk to the watch consistently is trying my patience. You need an Internet connection during the sync - terrible for travel. The app has to be on and your active screen - background operation times out the sync. The activity detection on the watch also is confused (my running showed as biking). Tech support is not responsive for over a week now. Thinking about returning the device.

  • Limited use and full of bugs

    by Avgjo

    Update: another big flaw, the basis watch will not update to the iOS ap if your not connected to the internet. Which means if your "Active" and travel outside of the net you can not view your data on the iPhone. In addition the ap does not show you skin temp, perspiration and gives limited read out. I'm very frustrated with the device not capturing my workouts on the eleptical machine and considering switch to a different company/ device. Original: I was very excited to get the watch with all the claimed features but it's clear this is still underdevelopment. For the ap: A. Full of bugs, difficult to get it to sync with the ap/phone I think mine works one out of 5 sync tries. Also difficult to get the data to sync to the programs, for example the habits doesn't sync that often and when it does it's just wrong. It says wear the watch for 12 hours as a goal and when it finally updated it said just 6 even though the watch was worn for 18. B. The user interface has tiny font so hard to read C. No insights are provided such as, "you slept for 8 hrs which is normal" or anything to that effect D. The ap does not interface with other aps such as my fitness pal, and run keeper. E. The ap does not show your real time stats so you may be doing the eleptical and burning up but there is no way to see what ur heart rate is or calories on you I phone. You have to look at the on board display cycle through the watch menu. I would love to use the watch as a real time heart rate monitor when I work out. F. There is no way to input your fitness goals for example loose 10lbs nor is there a way to track your daily weigh in. For the watch: A. The watch did not keep track of my first gym work out while the machine said i ran 5 miles the watch did not notice. The machine said 150 heart rate the watch said 80 :-( B. There is no way to manually input into the ap the exercise ran when the watch fails C. You have to keep the watch pretty tight to keep it in constant content with the skin. This means there is no breathing for the skin under the strap and it gets itchy D. The steps don't really work at all. I guess Basis has a built in algorithm that if you swing your arm it will count that as a step but if you aren't an arm swinging type no data. Just a guess but the watch doesn't accurately track steps E. While the website claims they monitor perspiration there is no output to the display so you can actually see it to what extent, and what does it mean. I suggest the developers check out the other apps such as fitbit, pebble, etc. I think Withings has the best holistic app that syncs with my fitness pal, run keeper and others, plus you can input you weight and body fat to get a total health perspective. A friend recommend this to us and we bought 3 of them for our family. I'm just disappointed because the watch has the potential but the aps and user interface leave a lot to be desired. I would recommend for the early adopters this is a good gadget to play with but for those mainstream people who just want to put it on and learn, wait until they gets the bugs out and add more insight to their programs.

  • JUNK!!!

    by mrbulldogg

    Horrible took me 4 tries to even get an account. Device just keeps telling me to get started at i try but it won't sync won't even connect with my ipad. Cheaply made junk! Thx for the horrible Xmas gift!

  • Can't sync

    by Deedlelu

    I love the new additions to the app but every time I try to sync I get a failure message. Fail

  • What happened????

    by Big*Red

    Absolutely no functionality since the update! The app is essentially useless now. Please fix!!

  • Possibly the worst app ever

    by kram^78

    Basis has never completed a successful sync with this app. It always fails between 50-80% even with the latest firmware and a iPhone 5s. Most incompetent sw development team ever.

  • Needs More

    by JBru555

    Need to be able to view the website info on the app... Chats, stats, etc. Also should have a weight tracker and water intake log.

  • Completely underwhelmed...

    by j_law_la

    Surely, this app can at least show all the data the watch collects? Lame, and disappointing. It's a mobile splash page.

  • Not much

    by xnayefx

    You cant view history, you cant choose habits, basically its just f for syncing... For the app to take much time be out you'd expect much more..

  • Basis: Great device with a lackluster app

    by ZombiesInKMart

    This review is for the app only. The Basis B1 is hands down the best fitness tracker on the market. But this app is lacking many features and almost feels unfinished. As a long time UP user, this app seriously lacks in daily stats (summary window) and even the simple ability to view the previous day's stats. Basis has a fantastic website platform, but these days, your mobile delivery must be just as strong. Especially for a wearable device; the app should be a main focus. Last but not least, syncing is slow and sometimes fails (iPhone 5). After transferring from the device, the upload and processing phases seem to take unusually long and are prone to errors. Maybe some tweaks on the server side to speed this up? I can see this app having potential. But right now it's lacking some crucial features.

  • Superfluous

    by feraldust

    No features but the sync. Also, almost stunning that they haven't worked in simple trackers like weight, calories consumed, or workouts.

  • Very limited. Hopefully more to come.

    by shabazz420

    Decent start but no real functionality besides syncing and viewing today's progress. Hopefully they add the ability to see history. Not sure how useful this app is. If it hammers battery life on the watch or my phone I'll only use it when I need to clear watch memory.

  • Upsetting I wasted my unlimited data downloading this...

    by malalalaa22

    So this app tells you EXACTLY what the object on your wrist tells you. Am I missing something?

  • Unpleasantly surprised

    by Danimal007

    The best thing about this app is that it now allows me to sync via Bluetooth. That's a big benefit. But that's about it. Here's where it disappoints: - only shows progress for TODAY. I can swipe and see previous days. - doesn't include any of the graphs/analysis available on the web. - takes very long time to sync (about 5 min for me just now). I'm sure the Basis team are working on future enhancements. But after all the delays, this is a very rudimentary first effort.

  • MVP

    by erickduval2399

    A minimal app is better than no app, but this app doesn't do much other than sync. We'll have to wait for updates for the app the become useful

  • Great first app

    by Dy94025

    Basis is the best fitness device, now a way to synch data much better than up or fuelband. Looking forward to the additional functionality that comes online

  • Underwhelming

    by Carl in SD

    This Basis Band and app are proving to be pretty useless. Not ready for prime time. App tells you nothing except the habits which I find useless. We want data and data for things we do. Basis is not meant for monitoring exercise as it is not capable. As a step counter, you have to swing your arm for it to work. Waste of money.

  • Needs more functionality

    by Sholmstea

    It is great to be able to sync the basis watch via my phone, so on that note this is a great development. I assume, since this is brand new, that they're still adding functionality. Therefore, these will be suggestions more than criticism. This app only allows you to see the current day's progress. It would be very useful to be able to see data over time, as you can on the web, track patterns, and see more details. Further, now that there's an app, it should perhaps be set up to push messages to me that say when I've archived a goal, or a reminder to get up and move (if you've chosen the sitting goal) however often you've set the goal. Right now, it's just not interactive in any way, which I think is the main point of having an app! So overall, for now, it gets 2 stars for minimum effort.

  • Thanks for the hard work!!!

    by Wizzbarz

    Clearly a work in progress but so far so good, syncing was slow at first but most apps are at first birth. Look forward to more in app options for stats and possibly the ability to add new habits to the watch from the phone. But overall great job glad to finally have a app on IOS

  • Great First Step

    by Jafish

    This app is great for a version 1 - it syncs over Bluetooth, which immediately allows it to solve one of the major annoyances of the Basis watch. Sure, it would be nice if you could do more from the app, like add goals, view your data, etc, but this app focuses on the right stuff to start. It could use clearer display of sync progress, especially since it appears at times that the connection has died or not started (on both the phone and on the watch) at various points during sync. It would be nice if it was very clear in the app exactly when the watch is connected and when it's not. I've learned that I just need to let the sync process run because sometimes there's just more data to process.

  • The Basis app

    by jmulick

    I was pleased to be able to download this application. Syncing with my basis wristband is useful, but it would be more useful if I could look at my history as well on my phone. In addition, I use the Lose It weight loss application to track my weight and I would like to be able to synchronize my data from the wristband with that application as well.

  • Eh

    by Momma2edn

    Was excited to finally have the app, then I used it. First sync went through fine or so I thought. My band didn't track me for the next 3.5hr after that sync. Next sync got to 95% and froze, tried again froze again, had to sync at the computer. The app itself is very limited. Overall I'm quite disappointed.

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