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- iOS6 related crash fix

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24/7 Steps and active Calorie counter, GPS mapping of Running, Cycling and Driving; keeping track of Water, Coffee and Tea intake; snapping photos of meals in one click. Featured in USA Today, CNN, TechCrunch, Gizmodo and many others.

Argus turns your iPhone into a sophisticated health and fitness device as it monitors and manages your activities, food, workouts, sleep, hydration, weight and vitals, helping you make sense of numerous bio-feedback data points to reach your health goals and improve overall well-being.

Argus is designed to harness every aspect of mobile computing to monitor your lifestyle without compromising your privacy. Argus is engineered for minimal power consumption and run 24/7 in the background. However continued use of GPS running in the background can significantly decrease battery life.

Main Features:
- Daily Steps and active Calorie counter
- GPS mapping of Running, Cycling and Driving
- Creates Food diary of all your meals with food photo snapping
- Set daily goals for Steps, Sleep time and Hydration
- Observe trends over time with all variables to track wellness
- Uses Instant Fitness for your home workouts
- Uses Sleep Time to monitor your sleep cycles
- Uses Instant Heart Rate to monitor your heart beats
- Built in support of third party wearable devices and health apps
- M7 support to save battery time on iPhone 5S

With an intuitive, eye-catching interface, Argus allows you to get a snapshot of your daily activity. Timeline is organized in a honeycomb structure that allow easy aggregation of your data and detailed views. You can tap once on a cell to get more information. You can tap and hold for 2 seconds to get the aggregated views of your inputs. Smart gesture - tilt iPhone 180 degrees back and forth to add water.

Enjoy Argus - your ultimate health and fitness companion.

Azumio Team

*Argus is best used with an iPhone 4s, iPhone 5, iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c.

Customer Reviews

  • Very Helpful

    by Aquafina53

    This app is very helpful and comprehensive. If I had one suggestion/problem it would be that as far as I can tell I can't go back to a previous day and edit my tiles.

  • Great app but needs to sync with MFP!

    by tmyers33

    The app is really nice looking and easy to use, but I am also tracking my food intake on My Fitness Pal. It would be very helpful if it synced to it like Fitbit, Jawbone and Bodymedia do for the calorie burn per day. I like the honeycomb tiles and tell my friends about the app but most use MFP so many don't want to use both. It is also nice to have the sleep and heart rate apps attached to it. Thank you :)

  • Link to my fitness pal!

    by Seeser7337

    I love the app but it's missing a few things to be perfect. My main problem with the app is that it can't sync with third party apps like my fitness pal. Hope to see an update soon addressing these issues.

  • Cool app, but battery dies too fast

    by hbb2008

    I like to use this app. It is a fun and easy way to help me stay in track and complete my goals. But since you have to keep the app running all day my battery dies half way through the day. My steps for the day are then not accurate because I have to charge my phone half way through the day for a period of time. I don't know if there is a possible solution to this, but maybe the developers could find one. It would also be nice to have a calorie counter for the food you eat. The live strong app has this. Maybe a future update could include this too. Great app though. And I think semi accurate.

  • Missing ability to track meditation time

    by INamaste

    Otherwise it's pretty cool.

  • Amazing app to track vitals and good habits

    by Yosbel Inastrilla

    It would be grate if bad habits could also be tracked like smoking ( giving an average smoked with time of day and money spent so far by entering average price of pack). Please consider in next update!!! But amazing app anyway. Use in combination with heart monitor. A+++

  • Great app but

    by Hunt62

    I really love the app but it really uses a lot if battery power on the iPhone 5 when running in background.

  • Great motivational app

    by Ramie Hutch

    I've been using argus for over a month now and it has helped me lose weight and get back on track with my fitness. Although it doesn't count food calories, the ability to see my daily patterns of eating and drinking as well as steps is wonderful. I used to drink all my calories and slack on my water intake. Argus helps me meet my water goals daily. Also, the ability to have friends is great. Mine help keep me accountable. One thing I would like to see is the ability to add food without a photo.

  • Wish there was more integration

    by Alex Pug.

    I like how this app keeps track of my sleep and steps. But that's basically all I use it for. I do my own workout and the app integrated to be used with argus for workouts doesn't have custom workouts. So I'm not willing to pay the $2.99 it's asking. If it could sync with other apps or improve that one to be like Gym Hero (awesome simple gym app), I'd use it much more. It has so much potential.

  • U almost got it..

    by Diversity1a

    Great app, but it needs to add more devices. Such as a jawbone up. Until then I'm only going to give you three stars. But I'm very impressed with this particular app.

  • Neat app, but battery hog!

    by BoilerByBlood

    Love the app, but it drains your battery so stinkin' fast!

  • Great App!

    by Tha_Pr1nce

    Perfect for people looking to track steps,calories,food, etc. Very nice UI and app pretty much keeps up with itself.

  • Ok

    by NJshusters

    The app is ok, would be south better if you could set weight goals and calculate how many calories needed to achieve goal and calculate calorie intake not just a picture of what you ate...otherwise the app would be perfect...def disappointed.

  • Daily go to app

    by SkeOne718

    I've been using this app non stop and must say it's a great way to keep track of your daily activities and food intake. I'm sure that an update could smooth it out a bit more but at the moment I'm loving it. Great job!

  • Pretty Awesome... But I'd Like to See More

    by Ashley Beczek

    This app is pretty neat! I just love it so far. I really like how it also works with other apps and puts all your health information and data in one spot. Just Amazing! Two things I have a complaint about... If I enter a workout manually, I have not found a way to enter notes about the activity or a way to enter calories burned. Second thing, food diary is great but I wish this app would sync with another app or install a way for you to record data about that food such as calories and nutritional information! When those things change... Then a definite 5 stars from me! Suggestion... Sync with My Fitness Pal... They have a great app for tracking food and nutritional info!

  • Best of

    by Не Фа

    I adore it ! Design in superior , all smooth , colorful , nice 6 angle form . This reason because I bought new 5s after broken previous 5s . Without this app 100% that I will use my G2 . And propose to DEVELOPERS please ADD compatibility with ATHER fitness app like FITNESS APP, COUNtER PLUS ( all in / sport com ) , tactio etc . And I propose improve calorie counting . You show calorie which burns body and all , PLEASE add in OTHER ikon(cube) calorie that app count ( what we ate in current time ) . Which we blank befor like the water . As well you can get this information from other app like I write below . Thanks for great product !

  • Please iPad version

    by Sohail Wahab

    I'm in love with this app. Please built an iPad version for it & a little wider area for recorded paths on maps & path controller.

  • Great app, best out there, but could be better

    by fendstat

    Outstanding app. I expected to hate the user interface, but wound up loving it. Intuitive, meaningful, fun. Very helpful to see everything in one place. I especially love the photos of my food as a way to track. Most of all, I love using my m7 rather than shelling out for a Fitbit. A few things are missing: 1. Graphs only work well for one variable at a time. For comparing variables, they're using the same graphs which hides lots of info. Scatter plots are needed. Also, weight change per time period should be an option, not just weight itself. 2. They have a really neat set of hex tile options, and they've obviously worked hard on them. However, we are all individuals. There end to be two user-defined hex types which we can then further specify. One should be orange, for something that' sad for you. The other should be green. Both should be specifiable by the user and then saved so they appear in the list. Both should work just like the water hex: +1 when tapped. 3. Other missing hexes: took medicine, climbed a flight of stairs, strength training. 4. Should link into a good existing calorie counter system rather than building one. Would suggest Calorie Counter. 5. Allow slow increase of steps-per-day goal to a new max. For instance, add 100 steps each day until goal is 10,000 per day. Great start, looking forward to the updates. Very excited to see a great app and active development team!

  • I seldom ever review apps but wow!

    by -brando

    I just recently got an iPhone 5s & I have to say that this app is wonderful!! I think it's a terrific start (and I hope the developer continues to invest into this app for a long time!). I would enjoy more personalized notifications, especially in regards to eating (maybe an option to set an eating schedule to be reminded or some preset options to choose from).. Still, this is an amazing app and has already earned a spot on my home screen! Keep improving and I will surely keep supporting and recommending.

  • missing calorie counting/tracking

    by KrisMcKenna

    Taking pics of food is nice, but keeping track of caloric intake along with the difference between intake and burned is pretty essential, imo. It isn't clear in the devices/apps menu, but syncing with my Fitbit account gets data from my Aria scale, so that's great :) I think that should be more clear to people.

  • Mixed Feelings

    by Britni Capps

    I really enjoyed the fact that I could log and track so many things pertaining to my health in one place but it drained my battery. After having the app running all day in order to track my steps, the app would zap all my battery power during my afternoon runs. I even attempted to charge my phone just before the run. I would set out with half battery power and when I attempted to check my mileage during the run, my phone would shut off due to power loss.

  • Abandon your privacy

    by USSoccerFan48

    Downloaded and started to use, but there’s nothing available without sacrificing too much personal information. Their privacy policy is basically that you have none. If that doesn’t bother you, then it sounds like a good app, but I’m deleting it.

  • Slipping

    by NMZia

    Thought this was going to be a great app, but not only does it still need to add support for multiple servings, without taking a photo, not only can you not edit past days, for example adding cups of coffee or workouts, but now there's ads in the feed that don't go away after you click them‽ NO ONE IS GOING PAY $50 A MONTH FOR AN APP TO TELL THEM GOOD JOB ON EATING SALAD

  • Looks good, Needs to improve

    by Ksuela

    Without buying extra apps, this app only allows you to “count” your steps, track how many cup of coffee have you drink and take pictures of your food. You can register your daily work out “manually” (sorry I am to lazy to do that). We need Map My Fitness support back. PROS: - Nice GUI.. basically looks good - M7 integration CONS: - The step counter relies on the M7 chip (iPhone 5S only for now) but the algorithm its kinda weird you can get a lot of steps just laying in bed. - To track you sleep you need to pay for an extra app - To use your Bluetooth Heart Rate Monitor, you need to pay for an extra app. - Azumio droped Map My Fitness support

  • Great UI/UX but the tracking is sub par.

    by Finger Gamer

    The outdoor tracking is pretty bad of footstep counts, distances and routes. It works great indoors for me...even tracking my footsteps while on an elliptical machine. However it always drops off on my walks to the coffee shop and jogs around the neighborhood. Usually restarting the app gets it working again, but since this is a core feature it really limits its usefulness.

  • LOVE, but battery drain and no help

    by Seattle Den Mom

    I absolutely adored this app. HOWEVER, I couldn't figure out how to turn off the pedometer feature; my battery would be down to only 25% left by 2p. Also, I could not locate an FAQ or get help from the Argus guys for another question. ARGUS staff: 1: please set up an FAQ, even if it is a blog/wiki style where users help each other. 2: please consider bundling a couple of the plug-in apps. Those looked amazing.

  • Love this app

    by Sam Byrd

    This is the best fitness tracker I've used, personally. And I love the azumio app integration. It's a great app.

  • Very useful, comparable to a wearable device

    by Shanheyiwm

    5s got the motion sensor which consumes little energy. If installed in iPhone 5, it will drain the phone power. Still a fancy fitness app!

  • Cycling

    by SCneedanothernickname

    The app can't handle cycling as an exercise.

  • Wish there was more integration

    by Alex Pug.

    I like how this app keeps track of my sleep and steps. That's basically all I use it for. I do my own workout and the app integrated to be used with argus for workouts doesn't have custom workouts. So I'm not willing to pay the $2.99 it's asking. If it could sync with other apps or improve that one, I'd use it much more. It has so much potential.

  • Use with Shine

    by firescience

    I find this app and she Shine tracker are with a few steps. My wife had a point in that she does not always have the phone in a pocket so a wearable sensor would be a great feature . Same in ridding a bike. It is a cool app and hope to see more with the new iphone chips.

  • Most used app I've ever had

    by DCC4CBB

    I'm loving this app, I use everyday walking my dog 4 - 6 miles. The timeline feature is awesome. I would like to see an option in the timeline that let's me see the miles I've walked daily, weekly, monthly. Great app!

  • Haphazard Hezxagons

    by cjp767

    The app seems accurate, but the Timeline function is unusable day-to-day. It just throws data into a jumbled mess of hexagons that are completely disorganized.

  • Best fitness app, but

    by Baboonblack

    This is my favorite fitness app, but it's missing a few things. What makes it so great is the simple but nice UI, and the only thing that would make it better would be linking more apps to it. I thought the idea of having a ton of apps that link into 1 was dumb.. Why not just have an all in one app? Because that would get insanely messy. With Argus I can download all of their other apps, shove them into a folder I don't have to look at, then use just Argus to add and organize everything. What it's missing is a calorie counter. I love that you can physically see what you've eaten, but my goodness there needs to be a calorie counter. There always needs to be a calorie counter, and they had one, but it's crap and extremely outdated regardless. Setting goals for more than just step and water would be cool, too. If they ever were to create a calorie app, it would be nice if it connected to a recipe site that actually has calorie counts on their recipes. I still can't find a good app for that. I basically just want an all in one app hahah

  • Mostly OK

    by Ashmoore1

    Argus has a pretty nice interface with a nice idea, and good to look at. You can log all sorts of things in the app and it will save it all online for you, but only four types can be downloaded, heart rate, stress, sleep and steps - and of those only heart and steps are part of this app, so pretty darned limited. Data management is even worse. It is impossible to limit how much history you keep, so it will just go on forever unless you go back and individually delete each entry, no bulk deletes are possible.

  • Great and inspiring app

    by jasonplancaster

    Nailed the friend and social support. Missing a few activities, like a “workout” without a timer. The only feature I've come up with so far this app is missing is the ability to edit a previous days data. That's pretty important at 12:19am when you're trying to finalize some prior day stats like water or alcohol.

  • Amazing app

    by SoulCmr

    Its an amazing app and really help full better than using watches and stuff , the app can be better if you let us move the activates the way we like

  • Better than hardware fitness trackers

    by JoshuaGo

    This is great it works with having to strap a expensive device to your body. I own a Nike Fuelband +. I frequently forget to put it on, or forget to charge it. Argus is great because I always have have my charged iPhone in my pocket. You also don't have to waste time syncing your hardware device to your phone. Plus it does so much more than the hardware trackers.

  • Yes!

    by Emily Johnson

    I never write reviews but I truly love everything about this app! Genius!

  • Bummed.


    Had rated a 5. Worked great first couple weeks I had it downloaded. Now it crashes upon open. No support. Tried delete, redownload. Tried iOS updates. Nothing has worked.

  • Overall good but can't use

    by Skyblueyes96

    The design and perks of the app are great! However, it eats up the battery like crazy. I had 40% battery by noon without even opening an app! I was forced to delete the app. If they fix this, I'll definitely get the app again!

  • Walking

    by Thalkon roiy denn

    I loved love loved this app when I first got it. I was trying (and still am) working on walking and just exercising more in general. Glad they fixed the crashing now I use it most every day...I just sometimes find it annoying when it shuts off on me because I was inactive for a while. Unfortunately for me one if my jobs is answering phone from four to eight hours straight and I don't think to check the app until I'm almost done with my second job which involves lots of movement. But I still love this app. Highly recommend it.

  • Not tracking

    by This is the truth

    Stupid app won't track my steps unless I turn on location tracking an kill my battery. Even my journal app tracks my steps without my location. After an hour of running around with my 3 year old at the park the app still has me at zero steps. I'll be deleting this app.

  • Love the app

    by Kali Brayfield

    Love the app but I wish I could edit stats from yesterday such as water intake

  • Can't login

    by Dzzzznuuutts

    I can't even sign up? Won't let me pass the start walking. Fix please

  • Drains iPhone 5 battery

    by jonshin

    I have a brand new iPhone with all default factory setting and only Argus installed. iPhone will not go into standby mode. Battery constantly drains. Will work fine on 5s. Not recommended for 5, unless you want to be charging it all day. Argus has not responded to my support requests.

  • Lifetrak not listed in set up for devices

    by Micky997

    Very disappointing. Lifetrak not even listed for sync as described on page 5 of QuickStart guide. Plan on complaint to costco about this as the have it in their catalogue.

  • Very Helpful

    by Mstressm

    Argus is a great app to help add quantitative value to physical energy you exert throughout the day. Pairing between New Balance's Life TRNr is good bit not that great; you won't get the pretty graphs as shown in the previews. As well, pairing with Withings scale is seamless. Investment needs to be made in regards to the nutrition aspect as you can only shoot of photo of your meal; no quantitative value there. Overall, an excellent app! A few tweaks and upgrades would really make this an outstanding app.

  • Doesn't work with C410!!!

    by Goshen54

    Device not even listed in the app. Won't sync. Why advertise that it will work when you don't offer the service???????

  • Great App

    by Sherard Yu

    I will be using this a lot. I hope you could add calorie intake from the food you take picture with.

  • Bugs

    by jholt1

    When synced with a fitbit it simply erases all of your fitbit data....all of it!! I would assume it would take the higher of the two but it doesn't. It just wipes your fitbit. When you click on the app support link it goes to a blank web page. Hopefully it gets fixed the app is cool otherwise.

  • Could be 5 star if....

    by Works too much

    It didn't consume so much of iPhone 5 battery!

  • Somewhat lacking

    by Mcatluvs

    I love the concept and look. But it does not include pregnant or breastfeeding factors. Which makes it irrelevant to me for quite some time.

  • Not great

    by Ssimmers27

    Good idea and design but the step counter is so inaccurate it over counts your steps and when your not walking it thinks you are taking steps

  • A Plus for the active soul

    by runnnnah

    Absolutely recommend this app for the active person, it's a great way to keep track of your daily progress. Also, it knows when you walk OR run! Love love love this app.

  • Solid

    by greycpotter

    Does steps very well. Wish I could look up and enter food instead of just taking a picture. Update: Suggestion: please please make this compatible with the jawbone up.

  • download

    by Badgers008

    can't even download it, let alone run it.

  • Lifetrak

    by Don't have a name now

    Worked like a champ after I got this for Xmas. Suddenly today no longer will sync and get errors on my iPhone when I try to sync. Can we repair the app so it can sync with lifetrak like it once did?

  • Very Useful

    by Sanzzi

    Argus is a simple yet very intuitive app. The interface is appealing and quite unique. It learns your more common items and makes them more readily available near the top of the list. And finally, just as with any life/fitness tracking app, it works great... if you use it and are commited!

  • Great for tracing my activity

    by goodphone

    I still love this app and with the latest updates it is getting better and better!

  • I love this app

    by Donteria Evans

    It is very helpful and gives me something to compare to my garmin watch.

  • Great App!

    by Lrruiz23

    And easy to use. I use it in conjunction with a calorie counting app and a run app with a Bluetooth heart monitor and it's simple and a great tracking tool.

  • Great!

    by Kailyn Murray

    Helps me drink more water and walk more!

  • Great

    by SubaruStevo

    Use app all the time

  • Great app

    by Denmen97

    If only all the extensions didn't cost me.

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