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Plan your work out and stay updated on the latest news with the acac app. View club hours, class times, descriptions, online reservations and more.

Features Include:
Club and family time hours
Contact Information
Class Schedule with descriptions, hour and locations
Online reservations
Community Partner discounts

Customer Reviews

  • Love it

    by Angelus 300

    Great improvement! I can keep up with my Zumba classes

  • Greatly improved!

    by connoisseur of greatness

    The new UI is much better than the previous version. I actually want to play with it now!

  • Cold be better

    by Mandie565

    Such great potential. Would love if I could get more than one day. At 10pm tomorrow's classes still aren't available to view.

  • Great app for checking hours etc

    by Cheer Wine

    Using IPhone 4s- seems nice and easy to use for checking hours, classes etc.

  • great app!

    by texasgirl790

    I'm a workout class junkie and having all of the info on this app is fantastic!

  • Can't get on

    by Beshorty4

    It just gives me errors.

  • Seriously??

    by Pillageandplunderpictures

    This app is a joke. Why even tell people about it when it won't open? It's the smelly locker rooms that make me consider canceling my membership, but this app doesn't help!

  • Schedule

    by Cah02

    I've had several problems with this app so I deleted and reinstalled. Many of the errors are gone but when I go to see the class schedules my screen is blank and no classes are showing.

  • App doesn't open at all

    by Wish it worked sk

    Seriously, why even have an app if it is going to be so bad?

  • Won't open

    by Mxlopis

    Closed and reopened app, uninstalled and reinstalled, yet the app doesn't open. It hangs on the progress bar after selecting the location.

  • Awful

    by Anonymous acac

    Please stop advertising this app when it doesn't work. iOS 7 seems to have completely obliterated the schedule

  • Disappointing

    by one2shree

    Just downloaded this app to check out the class schedule. It ends up on a black screen that goes nowhere. Also, it is not formatted for iPhone 5. I could live with that if this app actually worked. All in all, useless.

  • Disappointed!

    by Krbrick

    I have been trying out ACAC and liked my experience so far. I was excited about the app. It worked for a little while but now it keeps crashing. Very sad...:(

  • Disappointed

    by Dmf-107

    This app is so beneath ACAC standards. It is cranky and fussy and unreliable. What a shame. P.S. it is unattractive as well .... Forgivable if it worked fluidly.

  • Worst app

    by Believe1967

    I will think that ACAC can afford to pay somebody who knows how to write code for an app that works. Don't advertise this so much when it doesn't even work. Waste of time and money.

  • I hate this app.

    by MaryAnn McIvor


  • Terrible

    by RevolXadda

    How did this steaming pile of code even make it to the App Store? Completely unusable.

  • This is embarassing

    by Jon Maddox

    This app is an embarrassment to ACAC. For a club that has such great taste and is run so amazingly well, you should have an app that is just as tasteful. Did it not occur to anyone that this app looks nothing like any other iPhone app in existence? It takes more work to make an app look this bad, than it does to just use the normal look and feel of the iPhone. Its even scarier that you guys are marketing and pushing this app so hard at your clubs :(

  • Midlothian Club Member

    by Anonymous27566

    Very disappointing...even after recent bug fixes and re-installing repeatedly, get errors when trying to reserve, saying previous session expired due to inactivity and then loops back to reservation page. My account works fine on the website so is clearly the app. Worked fine for a few weeks after initial download and thought was a great way to easily book for cycle/tennis but then had issues and for months have not been able to remedy...

  • Very disappointing

    by CCMILMB

    This app crashes a lot and the schedules are never up to date. You can check the schedule for the day of and about 75% of the time it is updated. However, if you try to look at classes a day in advance, there is no classes loaded. For the high standard that ACAC holds themselves to, this app is very disappointing.

  • Worked great for 3 days

    by rgbavuso

    After 3 days, app just stopped working. Hope the bug is fixed bc it was great info when it worked!

  • Does not work on my iphone4

    by a1legra

    After installation will not launch due to "no valid aps entitlement string 3000". Apps support led me to a rodeo site. Such a great idea for an app, but not functioning.

  • Doesn't work

    by OceanMan5555

    Never loads after selecting city. Using iPhone 4s.

  • Member

    by New.member.

    After you select the location on startup, the main page never loads and none of the tabs can be clicked on. Would love to have it operational to see how the app truly performs.

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