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Seller: Audioforge Labs Inc.

Email import works now more reliable. Check out the new setting in the settings app under AudioView
Rename feature has been improved: Audioview now takes care of the file extension for you

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AudioView is an audio organizer and analytic tool for mobile music makers and everybody wanting to visualize their music. It displays the wave form and duration of the audio track in list form. Touching the play button drills down to the play screen where the audio is being played. In the play screen the magnitude spectrum is shown together with the wave form. An averaged spectrum (0.5 s) is plotted. After one play cycle the total averaged spectrum is added to the display.

Audio samples can be imported via wifi. mp3, ma5, wav and aif are supported and are converted to 16 bit wav format.
Full support for Sonomawireworks AudioCopy and Paste as well as Intua's Pasteboards. This makes AudioView in essence a bridging app between these two exchange formats. Copy music files from Beatmaker into FourTrack, from Dopplerpad into Beatmaker right on the device without need for a desktop or laptop.
Import audio from email (iOS4 only)

Customer Reviews

  • Works perfectly fine.

    by The David M

    Works as advertised, even in ios 5.0.1. Its a very simple tool and allows me to analyze frequencies easily. Recommended.

  • Hmmm...

    by Klaude Bawls

    Sounds like the developer really is fond of his own product. You couldn't have paid for a better promo than those last two reviews. Just sayin...

  • Excellent for transferring audio

    by Africola22

    AudioView fills a key gap in the iDevice audio market by allowing easy transfer between audio apps and devices. The feature I use most frequently is the ability to import from an email, then paste to the Audio pasteboard. Once I've done that I can easily import to another audio app like MultiTrack DAW. Also incredibly useful is the ability to copy audio between iDevices, all without the use of a laptop. It's what has allowed me to create audio start to finish all on my iPhone or iPad. Great utility. Developer says that download from Soundcloud is coming too, which would fill another gap -- many apps support upload, but download is needed too to facilitate cooperation in music creation. The UI is a little unintuitive, but again, then utility fills such a key gap that it ends up not being a big deal. If you need to move audio between apps, this app is the one to buy. --- Update: still relying so heavily on this app -- Amplitube's new fender app still doesn't support copy/paste. So I export via email, open in Audio View, then paste into MT Daw. Great stuff.

  • Hesitant

    by Ropeless

    Most of the reviews have been deleted or hidden. Why is that?

  • Indispensable

    by RoryBlyth

    It's not a perfect app in terms of polish, but it does the job. For me, the job is to be able to copy/paste audio between apps using different copy/paste methods. For example, BeatMaker, which I use for all my sequencing, uses a bare-bones method for shuffling audio around, while FourTrack, the app I used for most of my live recording (vocals/guitar/etc.) has its own method of copying and pasting (AudioCopy - it's snazzy, but a bit more complex than basic copy/paste operations (in addition to copying the audio, it copies metadata like the tempo, length, etc.)). AudioView's Bridge feature lets me copy audio between the apps and provides neutral territory for storing that audio long-term if I'd like (if, say, you have two samples you're copying and pasting a lot, you can "import" them into AudioView where they'll remain until you delete them - it's much easier than going back to BeatMaker and re-copying a sample so it can be pasted again - if this doesn't make sense, it's because I'm not explaining it well - put another way, AudioView is both a means of bridging otherwise incompatible audio apps *and* a place where you can save samples, making them much easier to access repeatedly - maybe you just have to try it). One surprise is that I didn't see AudioX support in the app's latest description. It might be listed in the updates, but I'm tapping this on my iPhone and can't see if that's the case. Anyway, AudioX makes it so you can share audio across devices - almost like a clipboard between two iPhones - or an iPhone and an iPad (or whatever). For sending audio files between devices, this does away with having to use an actual computer (I'm using those less and less) as a central point where any inter-device sharing takes place Trust me. It's a lot easier to copy a sample directly from one iWhatever to another iWhatever than to have to use something in the middle. I mostly use this app to bridge BeatMaker, DopplerPad, and FourTrack. There are a couple others here and there, but those are the main ones. I don't know how much time it's saved me, but I'm guessing hours (I've done a lot of songwriting on my phone, so this app gives me a means to avoid connecting to my laptop, uploading a sample over wifi, then downloading that sample using another app). I think I've done a terrible job explaining why this is such a great app. I *would* like to see UI improvements, and I'd like it to be more intuitive, but none of that matters more than how much easier AudioView has made it for me to write songs start-to-finish entirely on my phone. So... five stars despite a few dodgy aspects.

  • Too many bugs

    by Nicolay0001

    Audio paste works fine. Send by email does not. Crashes everytime..

  • should have read the reviews

    by kcvsf8

    soundcloud API doesn't work. not formatted for iPhone 5. copy and paste doesn't work. WASTE OF MONEY.

  • Crashtacular.

    by Ronzlo

    I got this app because I'd read it was the only app that could effectively bridge a downloaded audio file directly into another audio utility [such as Nanostudio]. Every time I hit "Open In," though, the app just crashes. Please fix and I'll amend my review. (3GS)

  • Unusable

    by Fkjidikmjcckd

    Crashes with every attempted use. I am using iOS 5.

  • Keeps crashing

    by Servant_of_Mary

    Wanted to use this app. It sounded cool. Doesn't stop crashing everytime I try to "open in Audioview" ... FAIL

  • What's the point and worse yet....

    by nexus6man

    Ummmmm... I can audio paste and copy freely with most apps I have that deal with audio already! Worse than that the damned thing is buggy, crashes and generally doesn't work well! Even worse yet... I paid for this thing! Come on developer, if you charge, at least make an app that functions properly! Do that and I'll raise my GENEROUS 2 stars!!!

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