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Weight loss is hard, as most of us know. Luckily, AH mobile makes it easier. Knowledge is power, and many of us need to feel empowered before making positive and lasting lifestyle changes. On AH mobile, you will discover the five components of health and wellness, including strength training, cardio exercise, weight management, proper nutrition, and flexibility. Plus, it has loads of workout templates and tutorials, informative blogs, exercise videos, meal plans, and health recipes. AH mobile will help you set goals and establish a daily calorie budget. You'll be amazed at what you can accomplish!

AH mobile is super easy, convenient for your fast paced lifestyle, and includes the ability to:
• Track your health with our comprehensive database of over 150,000+ foods and activities.
• Quickly add custom food or activity your daily log.
• Easily add favorite foods with previous meals display.
• Daily calorie budget overview displays current status.
• Video tutorials of gym exercises.
• Monitor your stats with on-the-go updates to weight, blood pressure, measurements, and more.
• No advertisements, ever. (seriously)

In addition, you can use to:
• Plan workouts with easy-to-follow tutorial videos.
• Set goals to lose, maintain, or gain weight.
• Get community support.
• Complete a health risk assessment.
• Get expert advice about any health or wellness topic.
• Get reminders sent to your email.

The Anytime Health iPhone app is available at no cost to Anytime Fitness members and premium-level members. Have a basic membership? Go to and upgrade today!

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Customer Reviews

  • Anytime Health

    by kathyface

    The last couple of days my app has been force closing a lot. Also, when I go to enter something in my log it will say, 'there was an error with the server. Try again later.' And today when I entered my breakfast it said I already went past my allotted calories for the day and put me in the red zone. Considering my breakfast consisted of about 300 calories that is not correct. Please fix these errors so I can use without frustration again!

  • Could be better

    by Texas DJ Joker

    It would be awesome if I could hook my phone up to the machines and it uploads the exercises for me to the app! If not then let me choose the machine time speed and distance.

  • Has potential, but currently has too many flaws

    by HollywoodKen481

    I downloaded this app after seeing it advertised at my gym. It was appealing since I could track both my food intake and exercise. Unfortunately the app fell short of my expectations. The app constantly crashed while I was inputting data, and did not allow much control over customizing what you input. This was frustrating since not all exercises/food were available by default.

  • Great foundation - now it just needs to push the extra rep

    by Damon in Cedar Park (formerly of Yakima)

    I feel like the app is a great start but really needs to step up just a little. The UPC scanner would be a great start or at the very least the ability to create a custom food. I would also like to see on the app a breakdown of the total sugars carbs and proteins that are being consumed like we get on the website. Knowing that I have eaten 700 calories by the end of lunch is nice but I need to know of I need to boost my proteins or carbs for the next meal.

  • UPC scanner please!

    by Angbot

    Add a upc scanner, plenty fitness apps like myfitnesspal and loseit have this and it's so handy! Would make my tracking all in one. Get with it.

  • Needs a few tweaks, but great start!

    by AmberGOs

    Not sure when this app came out, but with reviews only dating back 2 months, it appears to have gone through some upgrades? My main concern was that it seemed to lose it's conection when switching from log to profile, though I just reopen the app and continue. Kind of annoying, but not so much so that I wouldn't download it again. There are ways to improve every single app out there, so I look forward to seeing how this one changes and improves! Thanks! :o)

  • Much Better

    by WAvara

    This app is getting much better. It still crashes, but not as often. They need to add "weight" to the workout. They have Reps & Sets, but no Weight? Come on guys, how did you miss this?

  • Works great

    by XtremeMonte

    I was sceptic of this app because of all the reviews, but I have only had it go a day, but it works great to me. It counts all nutritional facts of what your eating tells you how many calories you should burn. It a little difficult to find the exact food your eating but you just need to use different wording. Example if your eating a cookie from jimmy johns don't just put in cookie, put jimmy johns cookie.

  • Great App

    by wbgrooms

    This app is a bit of a pain to get up and running if you're an Anytime Fitness member but well worth the trouble. I ended up having to create an account, then synced the account to my Anytime Fitness membership via PC. I love having the ability to organize and schedule workouts, then have them automatically sync up with my activity log when I use my key fob at the gym.

  • Saddmonkey

    by supermonkeymaxx

    I have had the "loading" issue since I downloaded the app, but I finally got it to load. When you open the app it tells you that you haven't updated your status and to log on to to update it. I did this, then went back to the app and it now loads and works perfectly!!!

  • Bug fixed!!!

    by doctorzvi

    Very excited I can now use program. Nice first attempt. I am sure more features will be added. But now, adding in my meals and activities is so much easier! Thanks for listening! Keep it up!

  • Unable to create a login.

    by seashellmeshell

    Looks and sounds like a great app idea but I can't get past the login screen to create a profile. Please fix this app so I can use it

  • I can't even login

    by Perez95

    I've tried everything and it won't let me even get in! So how am I suppose to do this? Little help here please!

  • Mediocre

    by @OneAndOnlyBlue

    Rating 1 star to bring attention to the fact that I cannot add any foods! No search bar. Please update and the app will be a 5 star app

  • Jordan

    by Jordan999999111111

    Forecloses and won't store work outs!

  • Crashes and won't connect

    by WndrWmn007

    Since the last update, it seems I have more trouble than not trying to get in and log my food and activity. Quite a pain when I'm trying to follow my trainer's instructions and log everything as it happens ...

  • Useless

    by Jewelofnile6969

    This App is essentially useless. It won't let you add your own food and it crashes every 3 uses.

  • Needs Work

    by IA Believer

    Like the simple interface but if the profile screen does not update it's useless. Fix soon please!

  • Crashes!!!

    by Kntrygrlathart

    Please fix!! Have hard time adding food or activities!!!!

  • Useless

    by Lross0424

    What does this app do. It crashes. Impossible to add workouts or food...very disappointed.

  • Please rebuild this app

    by Dee_Nelz_2181

    This app doesn't really do anything. It needs to be rebuilt to be more like the website. In order to view the videos and workouts you need to use the website and then send it. This is useless if unable to get to the full site. I would also like to see where you can choose your gym and the equipment they have comes up. Also a tracker that shows your gym activity. In all this app use useless to me.

  • Disappointed

    by Big Dots

    Not worth it. Stick with myfitnesspal.

  • Not worth the download.

    by Nativeflgirl

    I've had this app all of an hour and it has already crashed twice, generalized food is too limited, and entering information is slow and tedious. Can't customize your workout vs calories burned Ill be sticking with myfitnesspal for my logs. It has a UPC scanner for easier good entry, you can log custom foods and workouts. The makers of this app could take a lesson from MFP

  • Not good

    by Shnagy

    Constantly crashes

  • Limited App...

    by tdimhcsmk

    I wanted to give the app a try and I don't think it was really worth it. All you get are a food/activity log. The foods are mainly listed by brand names, and a few "general" but I apparently don't buy common enough brands to be listed and can't add things that are homemade. The food descriptions are also too long for the screen so I'm making general guesses which isn't really helpful. I can't speak much of the workout/activity part because it didn't work at all. Nothing was shown, and when I tried searching for simple things like push-ups or jumping jacks, still nothing was shown. Might be helpful as a simple meal tracker, but that's about it.

  • Poor app

    by CDSD1973

    Should be a much better app so it can be used with website. Those of us who pay for gym membership with access should be able to interface more easily from the app. Crash crash crash. Limited use at best. :( please fix and upgrade soon!

  • Meh?

    by LRaeJones

    I was looking for a quick way to track my anytime fitness visits, but this app doesn't show them - guess I will just have to go to the site each time.

  • :/

    by Melissa Triplett

    I can't even get passed the log in screen! Please fix it!

  • not worth it

    by javagrl88

    i agree with everything everyone else has said. i just joined anytime fitness and was excited about this app but it is completely useless. wont load and keeps crashing. Just going to use the online version. if you want a great app for this stuff use My Fitness Pal its great!

  • Network Times Out

    by voxsolace

    Used to be a good app but now crashes and cannot maintain a connection to the server. Disappointing since you have to be a AF member or pay for a subscription to use the service.

  • This app is terrible. Keeps crashing.

    by Tditz

    Don't bother. App consistently crashes.

  • Can you give 1/2 star

    by Mindtalent

    Great clubs, good website. This app is junk. Who ASSUMES that you already have an account and does not put a "New Account" button on the first screen? Amateur hour.

  • Little functionality

    by FanTAPstik

    Everything everyone else said...

  • Terrible

    by NickS1087

    Im shocked someone actually said "yeah it's good, put it up in the app store." this app crashes, it's blurry and let's you do almost nothing.

  • Not worth it

    by DH61680

    My Fitness Pal is much better

  • Please fix the crashing problems

    by Bro12564

    I can't even use the app without it stoping right in the middle of using it and when I try to re boot it it takes Forever to load and all the food items are great and look forward to it working properly

  • Crash boom bang.

    by PumpkinPo

    I am a member and use the full website regularly, but I can't use this app for much of anything. It has little functionality and crashes a lot. Will be thrilled if it gets fixed.


    by Stacy Dollins

    Please fix!!! Activities always crash and got to frustrated to mess with it further

  • Please fix it!

    by Rebma2104

    I would live it if it didn't crash on me. It's a fantastic idea. I would live to be able to track my visits to the gym with my fob swipe; is this possible? Creators of this app, please fix so I can log my activities!!!

  • Crashes

    by Granola kid

    It's true. This app doesn't work.

  • Eternally 'loading!'

    by SamsGirl2002

    I'm a new member of anytime fitness so I was kind of excited to try this app. But the log loads forever. That's all it does. I'll stick with my Sparkpeople app thanks!

  • Not very good

    by Hkftphh

    The app allows for food entry easily, but crashes every time I try and enter activities. I love the online site and am better off accessing it from my phone rather than using the app. I thought the app would make the process easier, but it has not.

  • Crashes.... Like that's it's only function

    by Chelsey Friedrich

    I like the app when it works but that's next to never... If I could open it and have it NOT crash I would be amazed. :/ fix please?

  • Fail...

    by Candace Malczewski

    The app doesnt work AT ALL. Very disappointed

  • No luck


    Can't get the log to load, I was hoping for more. It does show updates to profile but what I was really hoping for was to be able to use the calorie counter. For now it is just easier to use the website from my phone. I will hope for an update soon to fix the log. Update: I finally got it to load and it seems great but it keeps putting everything in the log on to the day before. It will be on the right day then when you re-open the program it has all moved to the prior day. I guess it works but is still frustrating.

  • Sad

    by tinnelr

    I've tried several times to get this app to work, even redownloaded it a few times but it never has. It's disappointing because I would love to use it to track my calories, but it always says "loading" on the food log.

  • Disappointed

    by Amy Stevens

    I just got this app and I cannot do anything with it other than delete it. It says I must be a premium member to sign in yet I can successfully sign in on the anytime health website. What a waste of my time. I expected a better app than this.

  • loading.....

    by Roadspam

    I loaded this yesterday with great anticipation. Been using other Iphone apps for tracking my exercises, doing routines via video examples, etc. I Loaded this and logged in no problem. First screen has information if you're using the web site to display your stats which I don't use much because I do not have time to enter all my work outs and meals so it's useless. first screen says that I have not updated my status and that I should visit the web site to do so. kind of ironic that I can't do it from the app especially since I just logged in. if you click the link displayed it opens safari dropping you out of the app then since the website uses Microsoft Silverlight not everything displays correctly in safari so you need to go to a PC to do this or view the silverlight videos. I clicked on LOG and it just sits and says LOADING and that's all. I let it do this until it timed out then I hit the date at the top and it switched to the 12th but then I tried to hit edit and it threw me out of the APP. I have tried many times to get past the loading with no success. I clicked on blogs and video and navigated around and 3 times it threw me out of the app. I wonder if anyone else has experienced this. I would like to use this app to enter my work outs while I am at the gym and use this to replace the log book that I use. would be nice to see what the app has to offer but I can't seem to use any more then what I just described. looks like I will need to Go back to using Ifitness, Nike training and Lose It.... Come on QA folks where is the testing that should have occurred?

  • Disappointing

    by Silage Mixer

    Given the length of time it took for this app to be released, I was expecting something with a lot more substance. The calorie tracking aspects are good, but it would be nice to include the ability to track progress while in the gym. A log feature to keep track of reps, sets, and weight for each exercise and an easy way to look back at previous days would be ideal.

  • Slow!

    by jrfram

    Someone needs to go back and take a look at the performance of this app. It is extremely slow, sometimes never loading any of the log data. Very frustrating! Needs to be fine tuned before it will be a useful app.

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