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Fixed crashes.

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Anytime Fitness is the world's largest co-ed fitness chain, with more than 1000 clubs open worldwide! So there's bound to be an Anytime Fitness club near you! And, with Anywhere Club Access, members can use every club, whether it's across town or across the globe.

It's easy to find a club using the Anytime Fitness Locator. You can search a specific region or let the locator find a nearby club. Once you've found the desired club, their address, phone, and email information will be displayed. Plus, a map and driving directions are also available.

Find a club today! There is no better time. And, with 24/7 access, there are no more excuses!

Customer Reviews

  • Works great

    by J.J.joyjoy(:

    It always finds the closest AF when I need it. Gives you a list AFs distance from where your current location is or pick a state and general area for a listing of locations.

  • Decent app

    by Dcade

    Does what it says. Just needs a little updating. It lists gyms nearest to your current location in order of distance. You can also select a state and then a region if you know you'll be traveling. Tap the gym and you'll get info and a map view.

  • Works Great-Does What It Says

    by Xaatt43

    The app works great helping me find gyms close by by gps or by entering a zip code in. Shows the address and a map which can be zoomed in or out of easily. Works good. Does what it says. 5 stars. Works on my 3GS running iOS 5.1.1

  • Very handy

    by Anytime fitness supporter

    Great app. Would be nice if you could search by zip code or by city like the web site.

  • Not bad really

    by Melissa Triplett

    Works fine lists all gyms near me but I would like to see an app that lets u use video cameras in gym to see how crowded it is before u go!

  • Works fine

    by Not so fit yet

    If you pick "region" you get all the clubs in the state. If you pick "find a club near you" and allow it to use your location, it works just fine. This seems pretty simple.

  • Perfect!!

    by Femme_Canuck

    And current unlike some other apps out there for other things! I checked against a location that only opened last week and it's already in here. For the traveller it is a must at .99 or today while free!!!

  • Nice app

    by Dchargois

    Very simple to find all the locations around the area. These clubs are everyone!

  • Anytime Fitness Member

    by Chris Goff

    This app. is great for anyone who is an Anytime Fitness member and travels alot. There are so many across the world that I can go to & now I can find them. Thanks Anytime Fitness!

  • So cool!

    by MStyles

    I travel a lot and have really enjoyed being able to use their clubs while on the road. Using their website has been fine, but this is so much more handy!

  • Great for members

    by Chas1123

    Great! Finds clubs, but throws errors before finding clubs with iOS 4.

  • Best one

    by Bigpapapump23

    Northbrook IL is the biggest and best one.

  • Great but small tech glitches

    by Razatlab

    Upon first install I chose my region and the app gave me an error because it didn't have permission to access the phone's gps.. Only after the error did it ask permission to use gps. I said allow and the app refreshed the list no problem. It had all my local fitness centers in order which is great! Developers:: please fix this error by having the app ask for gps access on launch, instead of having it ask after choosing the region. Thank you for this very useful app to members that travel! MB Washington State

  • Works ok

    by Link(2600)

    This app works ok. It gives an error but seems to give me facilities around me. It could be cleaned up a tad

  • Slightly useful. Mapping would help.

    by Maddiemae81

    Wish you could view locations across a state by map, then be able to click off the map for details about the location. Really, if you are traveling, you need the app and a map to see if there's a location along your route. The app is most helpful if you know the area and merely want to see if there's an Anytime there. If you are a road warrior and driving through a state, it's more work than it's worth.

  • Useless

    by GoDurbin

    Thankfully it's free and a fast download. It will be deleted equally as fast. Completely useless.

  • Terrible app

    by marcogil9

    Whoever developed this app is worse than the guy that got fired by apple for apple maps. You're better off using google to find your nearest gym if you're not familiar with the area you're at.

  • Pretty bad

    by JKUZ

    Doesn't allow a zip code or city search. Weak effort developing this app.

  • No reason to download.

    by JeremiahEnder

    It lists all of the gyms in alphabetical order, but you can't see a map of all of the gyms in your area, and where they are in proximity to each other. It really needs more features. Don't download, just use google to find your AF gyms.

  • Would give 0 stars if I could

    by CJ Denbo

    Just run time errors every time.

  • Location base failures

    by Euphosin112

    It works for crap when finding the closet center via gps. All it does is throw runtime errors

  • This app stinks

    by Djpwimberley

    The app pushes for your current location, however when going to ask for directions bing doesnt offer the use of current location to drive from. Pretty dumb app

  • .app does not work

    by Sally Ringo

    This is a great work out concept and the facilities are Great. It's just that the location app rarely works. Try not to cram too much in it. It is after all a location device, Not an advertising device. Otherwise, well done!!

  • Do not download waste of time

    by Turbosesel

    When u open the app it says select region and select FL that's where I live and it just lists all the clubs in FL not ones near me what a waste of time use map on your phone way easyer

  • For free, its just ok...

    by Kal-El525

    I wouldn't pay for this.

  • No good

    by Appdevreviews

    Gives a list of locations without any way to tell what location is closest to you. Easier to use Maps or Yellow Book. This is pretty useless.

  • Map?

    by deweloper

    It should show me a map of the closest location, otherwise why wouldn't I just use Maps?

  • Mr. G

    by GB FUN

    Better off using around me or similar search. Much faster and actually works. This is currently a waste of time, and I've deleted.

  • Convenient

    by Stevelikesanytime

    Travel a lot. Nice.

  • Great, but....

    by Micahs mom

    I like the fact that you can find an anytime fitness center around you, but if you could track your progress like you can at anytime health I would give it five stars...

  • Application needs an update!

    by H2i

    The app won't tell you which club you are closest to even if you are sitting in it. I was at my home club testing the app out and the club was the last on the list. If I were traveling to a new area i would have no clue which club to go to.

  • Needs improvement!

    by BusinessWoman314

    I like the fact that I can look up an Anytime Fitness facility when I'm traveling but was hoping for more. Please add the ability to track on a calendar the days you worked out at Anytime Fitness. Add all the workout equipment and the ability to track how many reps you did, weight in lbs lifted, distance travelled, calories burned etc. I would give it 5 stars than!

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