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Seller: Ann-Marie Bromvik

Now you can listen to the audio even when the screen is off.

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With 5:2 hunger control, you’ll learn to handle the negative side of the 5:2 diet, “hunger”.

Follow the instructions in the app and see how you can manage your everyday life easier, while the 5:2 diet gives you a slimmer figure and a healthier life. You can also use the app with a regular diet or if you want to avoid snacking or cravings between meals.

5:2 hunger control is an easy-to-follow program including audio files which you listen to in a relaxed state for 25 minutes a day for seven days. There’s also a short audio file to listen to when needed. The technique used has been developed and is based on known and tested methods in hypnosis therapy.


• You follow the calorie restriction while feeling completely satisfied
• You eat less
• You avoid snacking between meals
• You have less sugar cravings
• You feel more alert
• You can use the technique even with a regular diet and fast
• The technique you’ll have for life

In a newly performed test made in Sweden while developing the technique that is used in 5:2 hunger control, 8 out of 10 where happy with the result.
Here’s what some of the people in the test panel are saying:

The technique worked almost at once and I noticed that it’s enough to think of it for it to work. I know that I'm very suggestible and it wasn’t hard for me. Already after a few days I had the way of thinking naturally in my mind. It worked in the reality, which strengthened the whole mindset. Most of the time I use the technique once during the day and it lasts until I eat my soup in the evening. I tend to be sensitive to low blood sugar and the family dreaded what would happen. But even they were overwhelmed that I wasn’t cranky or got headaches because of the fast. I recommend the program.
Rating: 5/5 stars

I listened to the program once and it worked right away. I manage to keep the hunger away for 2-3 hours every time I use the technique. It's just as easy to remove the hunger every time. Amazing that I have the ability to control my hunger! Rating: 5/5 stars

The technique worked quite immediately for me. I only eat a light lunch, but I manage to keep the hunger away until late dinner with the help of the technique. It also helps those days I don’t fast. I don’t have any cravings between meals anymore. I couldn’t have done so well without the program. I definitely recommend it. Rating: 5/5 stars

For me, it took 3-4 days before I got the full effect. The fullness lasts a couple of hours after I use the technique. It was easy to get into the state of mind while listening and I’m thinking about listening to the short audio file just to relax a bit if I have a stressful day. Rating: 5/5 stars

Find out more at www.hypnoteket.se

Do not use this app if you are pregnant or have any kind of eating disorder.
Consult your doctor with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition before you start with 5:2


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