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Languages: English, French, Spanish

Seller: Alcoholics Anonymous World Services, Inc.

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The A.A. eReader allows individuals to read copyrighted Alcoholics Anonymous World Services, Inc., ePublications purchased from the A.A.W.S. Online Store.

Version 1.3 has:
* Support for French and Spanish
* Bug Fixes

Customer Reviews

  • It's good but...

    by CHRONICrelapse

    I bought the 12 & 12 for $5.99. It's good for reading from my device when I am alone and isolating. It's not very good for reading with others at a step meeting as the pages on the app do not correspond to the pages in the printed book. It takes too long to figure out where the group is reading from in the printed version. Also, I am unable to enlarge/expand the print on my screen. Other than those two shortcomings, it's a good app.

  • It's good but...

    by CHRONICrelapse

    I bought the 12 & 12 for $5.99. It's good for reading from my device when I am alone and isolating. It's not very good for reading with others at a step meeting as the pages on the app do not correspond to the pages in the printed book. It takes too long to figure out where the group is reading from in the printed version. Also, I am unable to enlarge/expand the print on my screen. Other than those two shortcomings, it's a good app.

  • Needs Work

    by xphylee

    I gave this three stars because it does let you access and read the conference approved material. However, the app could use some major updating in design, aesthetics, and functionality. It wouldn't take much to just make it appear like you put more than a day into it.

  • Do what We Did

    by Claveman273

    While this app is not as refined as other “eReader” apps, it does work. The most recent update left me wondering what to do after I repeatedly downloaded then re-downloaded the books and I was repeatedly told to download the books. Clearly, something was wrong and my behavior was approaching that of the insane person. I expected it to work without changing what I was doing. The A.A. website clearly instructs us to delete the previous installation, download the new version (1.3), then re-install the app and re-register our devices then re-download the books. Yup, it works. While the app is still kludgey, it does function after completing the necessary steps.

  • Follow these directions/suggestions

    by McKinnon63

    I updated and was unable to open books. Was prompted to re-download. When complete, books would not open. I deleted app and re-installed/ re-registered device. Works perfect now!

  • Yay - it works again!!

    by Which one is Pink

    Thanks to all who pointed out the simple fix! This reader version of the book is better than the Kindle version as it contains page numbers and the flow is more like the real thing.

  • Everything I need

    by C17sum

    I really can't believe how many people are freaking out because they to delete and re load this app. I love this app it has all I need. The only thing that I hope changes in the future is they add more books. My favorite thing about this app that I am supporting something I believe in and that need support right now.

  • Delete app and re-download will let you back on.

    by PDW50

    I also could not get the app to work. I registered again, downloaded my books, the app just kept telling me to download my books every time I tried to open them. Then I read the review stating to delete and reload the app. Now everything is back to normal. I did not have to purchase them again. Also, I have not tried to use the app ( as in reading ) other than clicking on my book to see if it would open. I bet it's fine.

  • Delete and Add Again

    by Tattooed Hoosier

    Unfortunately there are no instructions with the upgrade but if you delete the app and redownload it, the app will start working again.

  • AA

    by Angelito#1

    It compares with The Power , Los cuatro acuerdos ,' Comprendiendo al cielo y más

  • Works Great!

    by Danny2Bikes

    To repeat the disclosure, this app is optimized for the iPhone, but it will work on the iPad....just not as well. That's what happens when an app is optimized for a specific device. About the program bugs? The short answer is to delete the app. Then install the app and your book(s) again. I first installed 6 weeks ago and there was an update causing the app to be so buggy it didn't work. So if this is you just delete and install again. I gave only 4 stars because I have an iPhone 5. The app works also on a 4s and probably the corresponding iPod. Until I learned to work around it, the screen formatting kept changing between the 4 and 5. For me the app works great!!!

  • Delete and re-download!

    by Marsue Package

    I did as somebody else suggested and deleted the app and re-downloaded it and my two books. Works great, now! See, I CAN follow instructions!

  • It works. If you work it....

    by Cardshark7685

    While the most recent bug fix broke everything and the path to fix it took some noodling. I'm back up and running. Had to completely delete the app from the phone then re register my device (hopefully you remember your aaws password) and then re download the two books. Frankly I love the app. The phrase search and go to page functions are awesome. Sometimes I remember the phrase, sometimes I remember the page. While not initially intuitive, once I got used to it, been wonderful. Full big book and 12*12 in my pocket is priceless.

  • AA app

    by Cris-max

    Great app!..awesome

  • Nice Start

    by copperhead214

    Ok, this is NOT a great app, but it's functional and it's legitimate, which is important to me and my recovery. Some of the negative reviews are just incorrect. One complains that you have to be on wifi to use the app, but you don't—you only need Internet to register your device and to download the books. Once downloaded, you read the books offline. Another review says you can't search...but you can. Many moan that the registration and download process is cumbersome, but—well, no, that one's true; it's a weird setup, but if you follow the instructions (also important to my recovery), it works. The app's none too pretty, and the UI lacks polish, but it's a legit 4th edition, and I'm happy to have it. Looking forward to improvements. Relax and take it easy out there, folks. Beware the dubious luxury of normal men!

  • DoyleSawyerReid

    by DoyleSawyerReid

    Great job! Thank you, while many of my Big Books have fallen apart--this is handy and works!

  • Gratitude

    by Nose 1678

    I do not normally review products, but I feel that I must comment on the string of negative rants about this app. This has been created by a not-for-profit organization that has save millions of lives. True, this app is not as slick as one that you might buy from a commercial entity. True, this app has some bugs. True, it is made for the small screen of the iPhone, but it scales to the bigger screen of the iPad. True it is humble and could use some tweaking. But, generally does it work? Yes. It delivers the Big Book and the 12x12 in all the original detail and it is generally reliable. AA.org will no doubt update this at some time in the future, but for now, I am deeply grateful to have it. I am deeply grateful to an understaffed, underfunded not-for-profit that cares enough about my life and the lives of countless other drunks to create and distribute this. I am deeply grateful to take a sober breath, and I continue to say this after "a few 24 hours." I suppose that the complaints here about this app are typical of our lot. I wish you well and I hope that can find some peace and hope by using this app.

  • iPad too?

    by Kathie Getz

    So far so good. I have it on my phone and tried to put it on my iPad but it just says waiting (for the last 12hour) Will it even work on my iPad? Will we be able to get other books soon? Living Sober would be nice.

  • Bogus set up

    by Skivvywaiver

    Instructions are wrong. An account cannot be created and a device cannot be registered without an account.

  • Doesn't work

    by RuthieDubb

    I can no longer access the books I paid for because the app tells me I have to register the device. When I attempt to log in, the app tells me it cannot access the store. So if I want to read the Big Book on my mobile devices I use the 3rd party app that contains the 2nd edition. What is going on?

  • Doesn't work lekka

    by 1Bizkit

    Come on AA - get this app sorted out!!

  • Terrible after update.

    by Quoclam75

    What a waste of my money. Fix it please. Or refund me.

  • Doesn't work

    by Thisisaabadap

    So I downloaded the app and bought several books. Then there was an update to the app and now I can no longer access the books I paid for and it's been months since the update. Please fix this soon.

  • Don't waste your money

    by Vernon Heiskell

    This app sucked when it worked. Now it no longer works.

  • Too bad this no longer works.

    by Ray Endreny

    I wish somebody at AA would figure out how to offer literature electronically. Very handy. I loved it when this App worked but those days are over. Bad loss...

  • App not working

    by readytogo365

    I think the app is suffering from a relapse. Doesn't work.

  • AA Book Reader

    by Jeffery Rossow

    Well, not to beat a dead horse! I haven't been able to access my books since the app update. Deleted app to reload, no luck! FUBAR.

  • Bad news

    by Donna 12104

    Latest "bug fix" made it so I can't open my books. Instead asks me to download again and, once downloaded, won't open. Have tried multiple times without success. I want my mobile Big Book and 12+12 back! I liked having the search feature.

  • The Worst Ever

    by russ416

    The App was bad before the latest update. Now, books cannot be opened. AA World Services should be ashamed!

  • Give me my money back

    by Shinebox60

    I can't access my purchased books after last update. Fix or pay up.

  • Sorry I updated

    by ElizaSK

    I am having the same problems with this update that others are mentioning. I was able to re-register the app after the latest update, but when I download the books and try to open them I am told I need to delete the books off of another device first. What a mess. I really want to feel gratitude for this app; I just wish it worked well enough for me to feel I got my money's worth from purchasing the ebooks. I, too, will be digging out my paperback copies. Previous comments: First, I am grateful that there is an app I can use to read the latest editions of the Big Book and 12&12, and this one works in a basic way, though with many glitches. For example, I accidentally highlighted a whole chapter and could never get the highlighting off, even when I tried using the method suggested by the person doing the tech support for this app. A couple of days ago, at the beginning of a BB Study meeting the app crashed and continued to crash so I just deleted it. I will download it again just because I paid for the ebooks already, but this app is a true disappointment. I keep hoping that World Service will either update the existing app to get rid of the bugs or release the books in a standard ebook format that can be used by ebook readers, smart phones and tablets universally. I am at a loss as to why they didn't choose to do this in the first place. I don't recommend this app, but if you really want the current versions of the BB and 12&12, then this is the only option at the moment.

  • No longer works after last update

    by Frank Fruegel

    Zero Stars. I can no longer access the books. Only receive a "you must download" message regardless of how many times I download them. Fix immediately or refund.

  • Bad update

    by Dennis 48

    With the latest update to this app, every time I try to open a book, it tells me that I need to download it first, even after I've downloaded it. I've deleted the book and downloaded it again and I'm still told that I need to download it. At this point, the app is completely unusable and books that I've paid money for are unreadable.

  • After latest bug fix, can't access books

    by RichardDoyle

    So....I updated the app with the latest bug fix. i logged in and my books were no longer downloaded. Next step was to download them. I downloaded them. Click on the book, pop up says cant open, not downloaded. I deleted the books. Re downloaded. Same problem. Multiple times. Rebooted device. Soft reset app. Still same problem. After downloading books, prompted to download before I can read. I guess I'll have to dust off the actual books. :) Please work on this.

  • Simply horrible

    by sam goody

    This continues to be a remarkably bad app, involving a convoluted purchase, activation, and download process. Every time they update the app you need to reinstall the app and redownload the books. The scrolling of pages is very difficult. The newest version of the app has completely destroyed what little utility it previously had. It is now impossible to redownload your books because you get an error message that you need to delete some other copy of the book, even if you have no copies of the book on any of your devices. I wish I could be more serene about this, but they have had a lot of updates to get this right, and it's as bad as - or worse than - ever.

  • AA big book e-reader

    by Branion

    For phone only. Does NOT work with iPad!

  • Needs a complete overhaul

    by goddboxx

    I was happy there would finally be a 12&12 I could use in my phone, but dismayed with the layout and flummoxed by the difficulty setting up an account and ordering a copy- which has to be done online, not from the app. The layout needs a clickable table of contents where you can go directly to the Step or Tradition you want to read. Otherwise, you have to flip thru each page to get to where you want to go- unless you happen to know the page number. The setting up of an account and the look and layout of the ebook are so clumsy, I doubt if I will use it much, which is a shame. Can't we employ a 'special worker' to overhaul this thing? It's a little embarrassing.

  • Could be a lot better

    by ERyan LM

    I am currently out of the country and forgot to bring a big book with me. There are regular meetings here, but a limited number of books so I wanted to try an ebook since have an Pad here. My wife downloaded a free one from an individual, but it used it's own format, had pop-up ads for online gambling(!) and did not contain the stories. Wouldn't recommend this unless you have no other choice. I decided to download the official version from AAWS and supported some the GSO. The site was not super easy to navigate, even with a few years of sobriety under my belt, and as mentioned in previous reviews, you have to download their e-reader to view it. You also have to hold the iPad vertically as it won't turn to adjust. Most disappointing is that it is a rather mediocre quality scan and the resolution is somewhat poor. But, it's all there, so for now I'm good. Hopefully they'll come out with something better for those who don't need to purchase one right away. Good luck!

  • App needs developing

    by DAP113

    ...It would be great if you can return to your place after doing a search. There are many opportunities for this elementary incomplete app

  • Very disappointed

    by skipper1999

    It's been said in many other reviews, but this is a terrible app. I don't understand why they didn't release the books in iBooks where it could be used easily and with familiarity. It's incompatible with iPad and difficult to read on iPad. Account set up is cumbersome. Also, this should be an ipad app, not an iPhone app. Please fix!!!

  • Could be great, Bad design.

    by Mark Shannon

    I am so happy that world services decided to release these ebooks. The problems I have are the fact that I need an Internet connection to read the book. That doesn't work for me since I have a wi-fi iPad that I carry to meetings. Which brings me to the other problem. This app is not optimized for iPad. Which makes it an eyesore when I am able to use it on wi-fi. I would really love to use this as my default big book and 12x12 reader. Please fix these issues. Fixing these two problems would be a 100% improvement for me and countless others. Other than that, thank you world services for making the ereader project happen. I look forward to the next updates.

  • Horrible application

    by Gobragh

    This application is a nightmare. Why AA would not sell the latest edition in the IBookstore is beyond me. Instead they make you go through the nightmare of installing this incredibly flawed application that was not created for the Ipad. You would think the AA organization would want to make this information easily available to a person in need, instead they have you jump through moronic hoops for a flawed application ending in frustration. Epic fail.

  • Wrong Approach to FULL Big Book

    by Kristin1958

    I can understand that AA is being protective of the access to its literature. WIth guidance, however, I believe that fully protected access could have been allowed to full versions of AA-aproved literature on a wider variety of devices, and in dozens of translations already published. Though I am a complete fanboy when it comes to the iPhone, I know many who have access to e-reader devices or programs (NOOK, Kindle, devices or software) that simply require the RELEASE of these books to those who need them. We need a full Big Book, not another e-reader.

  • Help!

    by Rchall78

    Every time I try to open the 12&12 the app crashes! Help!

  • Expectation too high

    by Robert Reilly

    This app barely functions on the I-Phone, does not take advantage of IPad's tools really disappointed after Grapevine ebook releases

  • You'r joking,right

    by Saltwatercowboy

    You people are a joke !!!!!!!!!!

  • Don't bother to load it.

    by Seaop1

    Thank God for the Serenity Prayer. The wisdom to know I can't change this app or make it work. GSO, please review your primary purpose and stick to it.

  • Progress that's in no way perfection

    by Bonsairick

    It worked 5 minutes. Then it crashed. And now I can't get past the Table of Contents, it goes belly-up every time. GSO can keep the money, that's not at all the point - the point is, what will the newcomer think when he/she pays for this book and then it doesn't work? We are not in the business of creating or distributing apps. That should be left to companies that develop apps as their primary purpose. Fortunately for me, I have numerous copies of the 12/12, however, the newcomer may be relying on this app to find out more about AA and to not have to carry a book around that has Alcoholics Anonymous emblazoned on it in gold foil and all over the dust jacket. For the new person's sake, this needs to be fixed fast. As for me, I'm deleting it and will just carry my hard copy.

  • eReader

    by Jbw1961

    Worked well for about a week or so I open the Big Book which I paid $6.00 for and all it does is crash on my iPhone 4s I uninstalled it and reinstalled it does the same thing. No wonder why I drank!

  • Horrible execution

    by iGreg

    This is a convoluted, buggy experience that is not made for the iPad - just iPhone and iPod Touch. It is not the only way to support AA. The best way to support AA is to not download this dog of an app and continue to use the many 1st and 2nd Editions of the Big Book which are out there as legitimate eBooks, until AA stops this madness and makes all copyrighted literature available as copyright-protected eBooks through existing eBook channels. This is a disaster.

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