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Seller: Aetna Life Insurance Company

Members with custom Doc Find sites can now search for providers on mobile. Some plans are still excluded.

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With Aetna Mobile, your health care is always at your fingertips.
You can look up the status of a claim while at your doctor's office. Forgot your Aetna ID card? No problem. Show the staff your virtual card right on your phone. And now, with our latest release, you can find urgent care centers and walk-in clinics quickly ― without even logging in. This feature uses your GPS function to help you no matter where you are ― at home or at work, while traveling for vacation or business. A map provides turn-by-turn directions.

Search our network to find the info you need ― without even logging in:
• Get driving directions (uses your GPS function)
• Call the office or facility
• View a map
• Transfer contact information to your address book

Searching on Aetna Mobile is easier and faster than ever. Type your search -- just like you do with your favorite search engine. You can also enter locations like “near me” or a zip code to use your smartphone’s GPS.

See your most recent claims. Get a detailed view of each one. Or search for medical, dental and pharmacy claims by member name or date.

View the front and back of your ID cards. That's handy if you forgot your card.

Depending on your plan, you can get an estimate of cost before you fill a prescription. Estimates are based on your coverage and benefits, whether you use Aetna Rx Home Delivery® or a local pharmacy.

If your plan offers a personal health record, you can view your Alerts & Reminders, Emergency Information and Medications. And share data with your health care team.

Aetna Mobile now comes with WorkAbility®. If you have Aetna Disability, you can view the status of your claims and the benefit payments issued on your disability claims.

View limits and balances for your deductible and coinsurance. View balances for your health expense funds.

If you are registered on Aetna Navigator, you can file complaints and appeals on Aetna Mobile. (Medicare members will continue to use the complaint and appeal forms on the Navigator public site.)

You must always sign in with your User Name and Password. No one but you can reach your personal data.

And once a year we need you to confirm your profile. If your app says it's time to update, log in to the secure site using your computer or mobile web. After you confirm, you can once again access your secure, personal info ― from your computer, Aetna mobile, and this app.

Can't access all the app's features?
If you have more than one Aetna plan or program, the app will prompt you to choose one. Choose your main account. This includes the claims of your current plan. (Some people have Aetna plans from previous jobs; those accounts show only old claims. Other people have financial accounts, such as a health savings account. This is not a main account.)

Is the health plan under your name? (Meaning you are the subscriber or primary account holder.) If so, you can access all the features your plan allows. If you are a dependent, you will have limited access, just like you do when using the secure site on a computer or via mobile web.

Aetna is one of the nation's leading diversified health care benefits companies, serving more than 35 million people with information and resources to help them make better informed decisions about their health care. For more information, see

The Aetna Mobile app is compatible with iPhone®, iPod® touch, and iPad® mobile digital devices. Requires iOS 4.0 or later.

Customer Reviews

  • Good mobile app

    by brionejo

    App works as advertised. I only wish the member card looked like the real card with all the dependents listed. Like being able to log in and search only for physicians and UC centers that are in my company's plan.

  • Works Fine

    by Bootsie $ Beans

    I just signed up for AETNA. I was introduced to the mob app. Downloaded on my i4, no issue. Checked each function and worked as expected.

  • Working fine

    by Droptotnd

    Looks like the app is working fine now. I am able to login.

  • Works well.

    by X Man in Vegas

    The APP has improved a lot. You get to see more info regarding a claim which is good. Would be great if you could print or email a particular claim.

  • Will be a Great App

    by Meggles121

    As I am the first to write a review, I am guessing this is a brand new app. There are some kinks to iron out, such as slowness and buttons not responding until after a few punches, but overall it is a pretty good app on its ways to being a great app once the glitches get fixed.

  • No issues so far

    by Love it! :-)

    The app hasn't given me any issues so far. Shows my ID card and enables me to search just fine. I gave it only 4 stars because it is very basic in its interface. Nothing special. But gets the job done.

  • User friendly. Easy to general account information

    by Bish LabTop

    This app is a handy and easy to use tool when I need to obtain current EOB, deductible, and coinsurance information for medical and dental accounts. HSA feature is nice too.

  • Limited

    by Moderation4Me

    Not as useful as the website but it is a convenient way to see recent claims.

  • Great

    by Brucito83

    Simple, good way to find a doctor or hospital that covers you.

  • Super app

    by David J. Anthony

    This app was invaluable while on vacation out of state. Was able to find urgent care and hospitals within seconds including the closest ones. Made a huge difference in the health and well being of my family on vacation.

  • Okay but could be better

    by SodsFive

    I like the fact that you can see the claim status very easily. However, why can't I see my pharmacy orders? I have to use the regular computer to check prescription status - wish they would add that feature on.

  • Manager-Projects

    by nyrajusa

    Aetna mobile app made so easy searching find a doc. Great Job! everyone for the new version...that made user friendly search. Hoping to see more new functionalities added.

  • Missing Products

    by EasyGoin'FL

    Too many products not available on the mobile app. Vision would be a great product to access on phone.

  • Waste of time

    by krshnr

    Couldn't get pass the sign up.

  • A step down from their website (and that bar was pretty low)

    by DisappointedAetnaMember

    Very slow, clunky, and an outdated interface. Very limited feature comparison with what you can do on their website.

  • Useless

    by Ripped"00F"

    This version does not even logging .. Errors out

  • Crap

    by foshs

    This app is a complete joke. Besides just being a horrible web page in an app, just give the "urgent care" tab a try.

  • Password problems

    by Coffeeaholic

    "Your password must contain one Capitol letter, one number" and one of the approved symbols...done, done and done! However the password is never good enough for the app. I tried this numerous times and keep getting the same response. Crazy irritating!

  • Doesn't work

    by JEKDC

    Says system down

  • Useless

    by Burkej4

    You can't even register due to certificate errors. What a waste.

  • Please test your app before releasing to App Store

    by JNJuser

    Invalid certificates, do you folks test anything?

  • Just terrible

    by CAL4321

    Update: they fixed the bad card issue. Of course, they did it by having an app that web you try to log in it warns you that the site you are visiting is insecure and then no going any further. So Aetna app doesn't trust Aetna. Seems legit. I need it to just show me my insurance card. That's it. It took about 10 tries to login. Once I get into this dumpster fire if an app, it has the option to show the card. Ok, great. They have so much navigation crap on the screen it can't show the whole card at once. And what it does show is in like 5 point font with no way to zoom in. You had one job app... I pay you thousands of dollars a year for terrible care. The least you can do us spend some of that on an app that does the bare minimum of functions. This app is awful. Everyone involved in this mess should be sentenced to having Aetna as their insurance provider.

  • Invalid Server Certificate

    by chicagorich99

    Since last update, unable to login due to invalid server certificate. Not much use like this.

  • Frustrating

    by paynehmj

    This app is crap! Try and try again I can't log in to my account, despite the fact that I have absolutely no trouble on the actual website.

  • Invalid Server Certificates

    by Sub-zeroMK

    Cannot use it as it gives constant Invalid Server Certificate errors and won't go further.

  • Horrible

    by Jostster

    Can't even login. I just see the spinner then it goes away.

  • Do phonegap app please

    by wiltwitt

    Please write a proper app where button are big and responsive.… Fail!

  • Add Aetna pharmacy to the app!!

    by Butterflykisses91

    Can not access your medications through the app & therefor can't be used to order refills . It's basically only good to see your card info & find drs

  • Horrible and unusable

    by geobull

    When creating account it doesn't matter what password you enter the app will not accept it as valid. This makes the app unusable for a new Aetna member. Please fix this terrible experience.

  • Horrible application

    by Duffer's dad

    I am new to Aetna and was very excited to see an application that would contain all the information I needed. Unfortunately, I have been unable to register because it will not accept my password notwithstanding that the password is consistent with their instructions as to format. Further, there is no evidence of any way to contact anyone to try to figure out how to make it work. If I could've given this app zero stars I would have. They should be embarrassed.

  • Update broke it

    by Drwdr

    Can't click on claims to view details since the upgrade. You just get a pop up error message.

  • Limited

    by ArtemArcher

    This app has very limited features. It would be incredibly useful to have access to pharmacy benefits like reordering prescriptions from mail order, checking the status of an order, and estimating costs (and formulary status). Without these features, this app is not super useful.

  • Terrible

    by Mmom4321

    Worst update ever. Just updated and now app doesn't work. Nothing will load and everything says "error" or can't complete my request at this time. Can't use it at all now. So frustrating. Don't update! Keep your old version if its working fine!

  • What's new? "New features"!

    by Cyber Lizard

    A little more detail on "new features" would be great so that your users know what those fabulous new features are.

  • John

    by John Filip

    Need to be able to submit a claim from the app.

  • Good idea but....

    by Ruin123456

    The app is of no use. Great idea but is slow and the info available is either outdated or of no use.

  • Terribly outdated, doesn't remember login

    by astubbsnz

    Worst part is you have to re-login to the app.

  • What's the point?

    by AshleySMassey

    Claims links says "cannot process your request at this time". This is the latest update and already a glitch? Need prescription access, too. Not very functional!

  • Works but limited usefulness

    by Chris In Issaquah, WA

    About all the app does is allow you to show someone a copy of your insurance card. Several other 'features' are either not implemented or just swap you to a web interface. Prior to Aetna my insurance was from Group Health of Washington. The GHC app had many more features.

  • Bad!

    by b707man

    App does not work!

  • Lacking

    by cgyurkov

    Would be nice to order prescriptions. Still waiting for prescription functionality.

  • Lame

    by ElfynChyld

    Just uses a web view to load the Aetna mobile site. Not a native app is reality. And pretty much no functionality for managing your account/policy.

  • App lacking

    by RockAndIce

    This app provides minimal functionality with an ugly interface. It won't let you copy ID cards and it logs you out. Don't think it saves your user name either.

  • Not good...

    by niewie

    This app is not good. Not responsive, with a bad user interface. Looks like they tried to use web design in the app. Also no link to hsa account.

  • Doesnt Update

    by Randall Miller

    Not sure how it works - wont update! Just stuck for 2 days in the "installing" mode.

  • Terrible

    by Joseph Licausi

    Can't sign on

  • Error Message

    by Kevin Cole

    In search of a chiropractor that actually takes Aetna I called into the phone system. Unsuccessful. I then talked to a customer service rep. who emailed me a supposed list. I tried opening the attached form. Wait for it... Unsuccessful. I thought finally, all hail the technology of an app. I have tried to login to the system. I had to form a new name, create a password and then complete the levels of security steps and tried to finally log in. I received an error message. I went back through all the steps only to receive an entirely different error message. The big reveal... Unsuccessful. I am disgracing the #1 by giving this App 1 Star. Sorry #1. Sorry.

  • Very little content and not good user experience

    by Sathya Choppa

    Very little content and not good user experience

  • Sign-on doesn't work

    by Pissed reader

    Well. Enough said.

  • Need pharmacy tab

    by Samantha Fitzenrider

    Would be nice if you provided a pharmacy tab and approved medications list.

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