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Want to make a difference? You can contribute to a growing source of world knowledge and learn some pretty cool stuff about genes and what makes people who they are!

23andMe’s mobile app offers great functionality to both current 23andMe customers and to others who want to learn about what we do. With 23andMe’s mobile app, you can:
- Answer interesting questions and see how your responses compare to others
- View 23andMe discoveries made through DNA research
- If you're genotyped, take a peek at your genetic results from anywhere -- your 23andMe data is now as mobile as you are!
- Earn points and badges for advancing research

Visit http://customercare.23andme.com for questions or further assistance.

Customer Reviews

  • Great company

    by Johnothan Layne

    Great results

  • Love it!

    by Eileenpaloalto

    I found the app super easy to use with digestible info about my results - thank you!

  • Missing Key Pieces

    by Hoosurnurse05

    I like the mobile access but there are some really frustrating aspects to the app--one of the biggest being that you cannot switch between different profiles that are linked to the same email within the app--you have to sign out and sign back in again. Under the medical section and carrier traits you don't get any specifics--just whether the variant is present or absent. No ancestry data is accessible. They are going in the right direction and I'm sure the app will evolve but I prefer the mobile version of the web page for now.

  • App is incomplete

    by Twinmd

    No ancestry info and only a bunch of questions (aids their database) to allow you to earn badges. Info on conditions is much less robust and there's no ancestry info. Just stick to the website

  • Great to have access on the go

    by HouseofMollari110108

    I really like features provided on the app, I just want more! The ancestry analysis is most interesting for me and you can't see it with this version. One other nitpick, on a iPhone 5 the questions page is badly formatted and cuts off the top of the text.

  • Needs a search function. Or at least I can't find it.

    by johnahou

    Needs a search function. Or at least I can't find it.

  • Functional, but could be better

    by Bad_DNA

    The app displays the 'badges' section, for questions I've answered. 1/2 star off for a bit of a waste in app real estate for this. Yes, I've answered a lot of questions in hopes that it will ever so slightly add to the statistical data collected with my genome sample. The Questions part is more powerful than most users may realize -- in that trends often start to get lumped to gene alleles only after researchers can see enough data to realize a statistical linkage. The Discoveries section is great for education, and the results section is the meat and potatoes for many. But I'd love for them to add in ancestry in some fashion (minus a half star) and revisit the relative importance of the badges/points vs real data presentation.

  • Love it

    by Czech Vlcak

    I love contributing to the research, but I've been waiting for more questions for more than two months

  • A good start, but lacking

    by Timfou

    I love the 23andMe service, and this app has potential. The data it does display is presented in a logical, easy-to-read format. It's missing at least three important features, however. 1) ancestry data should be displayed in the mobile app 2) there should be an easy way to switch between profiles associated with your account, and 3) you should be able to refresh reports without logging out and in again. Good mobile start to a great service. Keep going!

  • Zero stars

    by Baerbaerbaer100

    Lacks any functionality. Total nonsense. Uninstalled after 15 secs.

  • No QA team?

    by Brekfestmachine

    Looks like someone codes this app without ever running it on a device. Too frustrating to use.

  • Useless waste of time

    by Denver1601

    Does not effectively interface with the 23&me data base. I complained and asked what the problem was however the response was "The app is not designed to accurately interface with the main page"??? Why the heck bother?

  • This app is bad

    by Jeffrey Hazelwood

    I like 23 and me, but this app is bad. You cannot view your own dna results like ancestry, haplogroups or raw data using this app, so this app has no real purpose. Why did they bother?

  • Useless

    by Lovey Tiger

    Can't see full medical results. Can't see ancestry. Can't check email. Going to delete.

  • No ancestry info

    by by604

    Add ancestry information!

  • Don't waste your time

    by Snayzilla

    The website is very informative while the app is a waste of time to look at. This app has not been updated with new info for over a year and is not user friendly. If you're bored with life and enjoy answering survey questions then the app may be for for you.

  • No ancestry information; not useful.

    by ggiles

    Ancestry data is why I used 23andMe to begin with, and this app doesn't allow access to it, which is bizarre. Otherwise this app is pretty useless, and there's really no need to have this app "on the go". If you're hoping this app gives you access to all of your data, it doesn't — don't bother.

  • Going to delete

    by Chnnxsg

    This app provided an easy way to answer survey questions while waiting for my 23andMe results to come in. However, you can't see any ancestry data on the app, and even the medical related results are incomplete. Not a useful app after all. Sorry guys!

  • Don't bother

    by Stitchdeez

    This app is strictly for fueling their database of survey questions. Also the only info you can view is health related not genealogy. So if you're getting it for ancestry purposes, save your time.

  • Not impressed

    by Sinnammon

    Needs more functionality. Just a bunch of quizzes. Can't review your personal data.

  • Needs work

    by HABerg82

    It's not good. The product is amazing but the insights and results aren't packaged in a way that's intuitive or easy to consume. The mobile app is a reflection of the website, which is also disorganized, unintuitive and often inaccessible to non-scientists. Give it some time -- I'm sure this will improve.

  • Not the app you seek for anything fun

    by ecmanaut

    This app is about contributing back to 23andme by responding to surveys, not about exploring your data in meaningful or interesting ways. You also get some health related data, loosely tied to your own genetic marker set from the 23andme test you sent in, and some tiny articles about the output of survey-to-genetics research, such as how blue-vs-brown eye distribution is varying by country in parts of Europe. All the fun 23andme features remain the domain of the web site alone.

  • Just a sad app all around

    by robojack

    23 and Me is great but this app is not. First off its ugly and semi-janky. Second it's missing most of the data and functionality that you get with their website. Also missing all of the social features that can, again, be found on their website.

  • No Geneo Data, Just Medical

    by Billybobbrash

    It asks over 100 questions, some which have little to do with your DNA such as what prescriptions you use, your character (did you ever cheat in a relationship, etc.), your temper. I had to log in to the regular site to get the geneology data (which one can barely access on an iphone). Found that all the privacy options were defaulted to SHARE ALL INFORMATION with the public and with third party apps, etc. There were about 20 sharing option and every single one was defaulted to share!!!

  • Needs much improvement

    by Gerlyons

    If all you are concerned with is answering the survey questions or looking at you health reports/results, then is app is for you but if you want anything to do with ancestry then do not download. I have deleted it from all my devices.

  • Lame

    by iMallears

    This should give you access to discussion boards and e-mail. Instead you're just given more silly surveys to take and dopey badges.

  • Missing information

    by Captain Astro

    The app as a whole could really use some improvement. I never use it because it can't show you ALL of your results. To make matters worse their web site interface isn't formatted for mobile platforms so navigating it on an iPad or iPhone is a miserable experience. 23andMe really needs to update their mobile app or create a mobile compatible web site for their service. Right now their service is limited to desktop computers.

  • Near useless app

    by b3n77

    While the app pretends to let you enter in more health information and answer surveys, none of the data actually gets linked to your profile and remains in limbo, as 23andMe's customer support eventually admitted. (They themselves suggested not even using the app at all, so why make it?) A bad app from a useful service.

  • Too basic

    by applesoft01

    The app doesn't have many of the features that the 23andme website has. This app needs to be updated to make it more feature complete.

  • No ancestry

    by Pat_Track

    I don't see my ancestry on the results page, therefore this app is incomplete

  • BUG

    by ToddyP

    Questions freeze up at 401. Says "you need to answer more questions before we can show more questions."

  • Pointless

    by George Cressy

    This I wish this app was actually functional. I'd LOVE to be able to explore ancestry, rest of health risks, and relative finder as well as edit family tree on here. Zero stars. I hate having to login to nonmobile-optimized web page to actually see any relevant info.

  • Not a happy customer

    by Spiel4

    Miserable UX across the entire experience app is just the worst. Content alone isn't even enough to make me do this again.

  • Worthless lack and data and primitive UI

    by Superfly151

    Clearly it wasn't the same group of people who wrote the iPhone app versus the website. While the website is rich and data along with a sophisticated pleasurable user experience, the iPhone is primitive and feature vacant. When you fire up the iPhone app, the first thing you see is the entire screen with nothing but a badge that claims you wanted from downloading the app. Seriously? The last tab is the one that tells you something interesting about yourself, but it's nothing more than what you can see on the website, and presented in an email like manner. There are other apps in the iTunes app store that will import 23andMe data and provide a much more visually striking experience that tells you so much more. I suggest you skip downloading this app, give your money to one of those vendors, and happily dive into the rich world of genetics.

  • Not so great

    by karaona

    Where is the ancestry part? I want to tell my family what I was not if I have wet or dry ear wax!!! Add the ancestry part please! That's why most people did this

  • Buggy

    by Caroline Kramen

    Buggy and frustrating.


    by Giacinta1976

    Please add ANCESTRY results!!!!!!!

  • Pathetic

    by GlobalCop

    Why is this app so shallow. Fire your developers.

  • Hire a pro developer

    by cmezak

    23andMe obviously has data that I can't get anywhere else. I guess that's why they don't feel motivated to provide a well designed app. They should hire a professional designer and developer. This app stinks.

  • Great service, terrible app

    by Joey Anthony

    I highly recommend 23andMe. They provide a wealth of information at a reasonable price. However this app is just downright awful. Ignore it and just use their site.

  • Bad app

    by Grrrrrrrrrrrrreg

    They really need to improve this app and add features especially since the mobile version of the site is basically unusable.

  • Boo

    by Shelley Ledford

    Unable to check the DNA composition from this app makes this app useless to me. It is annoying to download the app bc the login will not work with my phone and then still not see what I wanted to check:(

  • What's the point

    by bacchus1310

    The App seems to fall flat. No real use once your results are in. I wouldn't waste your time. Unless they plan to make the results available in an update? HINT!

  • Lacking

    by Braviojk

    No ancestry data, no advanced reports, just the most basic health information.

  • No ancestor data

    by Bjaredsox

    See title

  • Don't Bother with the App

    by Maredudd

    As most other reviewers state, the Ancestry data is not available through this app which really makes useless for mobile purposes, at least for me. Additionally, the app doesn't seem to check for new or updated reports unless you log out and then log back in. Finally, there is no iPad native version so looking at the app on an iPad presents a mediocre interface. I recommend everyone try the service itself, just not the app.

  • Missing ancestry

    by SeeLance

    I'd be as happy with this app as I am with the overall 23andMe experience if only they added ancestry results, so I could examine them and share them while I'm away from my computer!

  • Missing ancestry

    by idreb

    Missing ancestry

  • Ancestry?

    by cupcakesanya

    A lot of content from the website and the ancestry function missing. Please fix!

  • Boring

    by Rotband

    Compared to what's available on the site, this app is boring, incomplete and not interesting. I do urge you though to do the test.

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