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Languages: English

Seller: Boris Kreynin

bugs fixed

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15 Super Cars - Game about best super cars ever made!

Customer Reviews

  • Rashel

    by Rashelgac


  • Good!

    by Kiskok

    It's totally simple game.

  • Entertainment

    by Osocaballero

    Is good but need more pictures

  • Cool addicting app

    by xwrobelekx

    But it needs more pictures and dificulty levels

  • Dont understand

    by No nikname avalible

    Its addicting but on the sides it says nudity what the heck

  • PregProdder

    by Abu Dhabi Brown

    Good distraction and motivational tool to earn more money

  • Fun fun fun

    by Hector el pibe

    I Like

  • AsianBane

    by AsianBane

    It's alright, I thought there was 15 cars.

  • It hard but I like lol

    by YELNOC

    It a puzzle but it hard It good 4 cool cars when I get 18 it all under control And I will be Lucky

  • Fun! Fun! Fun!

    by DeJesuskbr

    Is nice! My wife like it a lote!

  • Why I'm here

    by Cesar Gomez

    I'm only here kuz the thing asked me to be...

  • Nice app relaxing

    by Sourag

    I like the app.initially I didn't like that much but once I completed one I started enjoying it.

  • Expected something different

    by Algroove

    I expected some car racing... But it's actually not that bad, a bit addictive too. Give it a try!

  • Confusion

    by Dive on

    I can't even get half the car together but its challenging and that's good enough for me especially since it's free

  • Great!

    by Sue's Songs

    Very addictive, I remember the plastic versions of these puzzles. Can't cheat and take theses apart. Lol, it's like Rubic's cube for the iphone!

  • Happy mood

    by Inanaya

    Love god

  • Good

    by Thomas Limerick

    It is really fun and surprisingly addictive but it says 15 super cars and it only gives you the option of four but because it's free it's worth it.

  • It's a tile puzzle game.

    by Twisted View

    And, ready for this? The puzzles are of… SUPER CARS.

  • Wha

    by TyTyCoool

    I hate this app

  • Pain

    by Splshht

    Puzzle is a pain

  • Dumb

    by tresonoberson

    Horrible wast of time

  • Worst game EVER!!!

    by Djc2011wd

    This "game" is just a stupid puzzle! There isn't 15 cars, just 4! It will just take up room on your screen, because you'll never play it. I could think of a lot more reasons, but they wouldn't fit on this page! never get this "game". It's a bunch of $!@#!!! P.S. Not worth it even for free!

  • ..........?!!

    by $h¡+!!

    Why did you put that there is nudity,and 15 in the title if it's just about puzzles of 4 cars?!!!! Its an OK app........... FALSE ADVERTISEMENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Boring

    by Memin penguin

    I expected some car racing

  • Only 4 cars

    by the greater rater 84

    There was supposed to be 15 cars not four. This game is really boring. By the way why is it rated 17+ when its just 4 pictures of cars that you solve a puzzle out of?!!

  • Pooor~

    by Chung333

    Dont waste ur time to download it,basically just 4 car pics...

  • Dont waste your time !

    by SaMaNtHaHeRe

    This is NOT a race car game. Its a STUPID PUZZLE ! and its only 4 !!! Not 15 !

  • Would have gotten a better review but...

    by Blayne Bradley

    This app would have gotten a better review but there are 2 things holding it back. 1. It won't let you save your progress on a puzzle. 2.it asks you to review it every 3 seconds.

  • Gay!!!!!!

    by J-mac001

    This is the gayest app in the world don't waste your time getting it

  • Don't get it!!!

    by Hlaos

    U can't even get into the whatever thing that say...

  • WARNING!!!!!!!!

    by DrakonSlayer67


  • Legal Information End User Software License Agreements Hardware Warranties iTunes Store Terms Sales

    by Bahaa1

    I rate it a 4. It was okay,but it says 15 super cars but they only give u 4 to choose from

  • Super dumb should be the name

    by Ice Cold Beer

    Rated for adults but total child's play for the gamer. Would have been fun you were six years old. Five stars for toddlers.

  • Hu

    by Jo Jo 89

    This asked if I was 17 what dang different does it do to fix a picture dont get it

  • Boring

    by Drifterboy

    All it is is 4 pics of cars that you un scramble

  • Not a car game it's a puzzle game.

    by LightestEvening

    Not a car game it's a puzzle game.

  • C8

    by Goodgameninja


  • No information

    by CFWinAZ

    With no information on this game, I downloaded it to check it out. This is basically a puzzle game. One of those that splits the picture into a certain number of squares and one is missing and you need to slide one piece at a time until all the pieces are in order. It takes pictures of cars for the puzzle. It is a decent game for free, but was listed as $ once. Not really worth paying for. Great pictures though!

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